Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gain 3 inches in 3 weeks!!!!

Sign me up, take my money, where's my pill? The fantasy many men have, who are searching for a larger penis, is just that, a fantasy. Like a good fiction novel it reads "I added 3 inches to my penis and all I had to do was take a pill", unfortunately these kind of stories will always be fiction. The fact of the matter is penis enlargement is very real, very possible and thousands of dedicated men, myself included, are making our penises longer and thicker everyday. My name is Mike Salvini (aka doublelongdaddy) and I added 4 inches to my penis.

Like many people I saw the spam, magazine endorsements, television spots and the myriad array of other advertisements promoting penis enlargement but in the same way most people react I thought it was impossible. So many men follow these promotions and buy these products only to be realize they didn't work. Losing their money is usually secondary to the disappointment they feel that their efforts were fruitless. This vicious cycle has cast a shadow on natural penis enlargement (NPE) as a whole. Sadly, many men will never find NPE due to the bad taste pill companies and the like have left in their mouths. It was not until recently that NPE left it's mark in the national media with a credible article by former GQ magazine writer, Peter Ruben called: Size Matters. This article took a serious, no nonsense look at natural penis enlargement and brought this largely unknown craft into the eyes of the general internet population.

What is Natural Penis Enlargement? If you try to look it up in Webster's you will be doing it in vain. In it's most simple definition, NPE is the use of exercises (stretches, squeezes among 100's of other practices) to lengthen and thicken the penis (see Not too many people know about this form of NPE exercise, largely because it is becomes pushed to the back of the search engines in favor of the wealthy pill companies. Many men will never know that they can enlarge their penis because they will never stumble upon it. For the lucky few a proverbial "fountain of penis" is realized and for minimal or no cost they are adding real inches of penis. Thanks to NPE I have almost earned my screen name, doublelongdaddy, starting with a 6.5 inch penis I now have 11".

One fallacy I often hear online is that natural penis enlargement will negatively effect erection quality, erection angle, straightness or other similar complications. This is a total misconception as NPE not only made my penis longer and thicker but it also improved the quality of my erections, improved my erection angle and gave me unlimited staying power during sex. As a matter of fact I have worked with many men who started NPE with a severe curve in their erection and with specialized exercise they soon realized a straighter penis, something not even possible with surgery!

It is really not that hard to grasp the mechanics of NPE (natural penis enlargement) but accepting it is another story. Humans have been enlarging parts of their bodies for centuries from the tribal lip and neck enlargement to the more recent ear lobe modification to accommodate larger jewelry. This is all easily accepted for the most part because it is visible, unmistakably evident and we see it everyday. The penis is another story for one simple reason, because it is a penis. The penis evokes insecurities, myths and envy. When the topic of penis is brought up most feel "dirty" talking about it and it becomes a resolution most silently suffer with. From the day I realized NPE worked it has been my personal quest to bring it to the public, let the world know, you do not have to suffer with a lack of size, just like improving every other body part, you can do the same with your penis. Through my 4 year, penile journey I have worked with hundreds of thousands of men and watched them take themselves to new lengths which ultimately changed their entire lives.

So what about the medical community? If you ask your family doctor or try to get advice on the vast sexuality sites I am sure you will get a giggle and a comment similar to, "The only way to increase the length/girth of your penis is through surgery." I can only say that ignorance is contagious. One only need to spend a few minutes on my forum reading the boundless testimonies to NPE to realize their just might be something to this. Accepting the views of a misinformed media and not educating yourself on the topic could be the only thing holding you back from realizing your full penis potential.

My story of enlargement has been an incredible one. Only using my hands and physical exercises I have close to doubled the size of my penis. During my time involved with NPE I have helped many guys do the same and it soon became my life's work. Today I work full time developing exercises, writing routines, answering inquiries, spreading public awareness about NPE and of course continuing my quest to add more size to my penis. I have ran my own penis enlargement forum and site for the past two years and just recently created the world first natural penis enlargement DVD. Working in the DVD medium, opposed to the web, enabled me to put together a program that is completely interactive, highly comprehensive and in complete high definition. I am hoping that bringing NPE away from peoples computers and into their living room will reach many men who otherwise would never know it existed. My ultimate dream is to make penis enlargement as acceptable and respectable as breast enlargement. Many men need this, and I feel it is my duty to bring it to them. Accepting your penis size is no longer necessary, natural penis enlargement is a reality and the world need to know.


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