Friday, March 24, 2006


In a laying position grip your soft penis with palms facing down, hands crossed over one another and using thumb and forefinger of both hands, grip penis shaft, just below the head, pulling upward w/both hands, stretching penis towards your chin.

Once you have stretched to your full capacity, hold this position, strong, and do 50, 1 second kegels. Release one hand and grip penis at extreme base. Now stretch the lower position and upper position together while doing the In this position do a kegel. (Take note of how your penis will pull back as the PC muscle flexes) Hold this Kegel for 5 seconds. Now still in the stretch position do a Reverse Kegel (as you make this change from a Kegel to a Reverse Kegel you will feel the PC Unflex) As you Reverse Kegel pull your stretch to accommodate the unflex, meaning just as when you Kegel the penis pulls back the penis in a Reverse Kegel will unflex allowing you to increase your stretch. Stretch this to your max for 5 seconds.

The entire time think this:

My penis is getting longer, this is incredible, I knew it was possible. I am longer with each stretch.

I want you to say this mantra:

(REPEAT THROUGHOUT EXERCISE) I am now open to change. I give myself the command to lengthen my penis and now I am getting longer with each stretch.


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