Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Penis Stretching and Girth Gain...intensity and belief

In my opinion, intensity and belief is key to gains in all parts of PE but I would like to concentrate of stretching and length in this thread. I literally work one to one with more than 100 guys at any given time. The biggest are of confusion is intensity and if any given person is stretching at their full potential. I see many guys making steady, quick and solid length gains then there are others who struggle with length gains. I have been studying the difference between the two groups and there are two major differences. One is physical while the other is mental. I will explore both areas in hopes to give some good advice on making length gains possible for everyone.

Intensity, being the physical quality of PE that I think gets lost in the web-translation, needs to be addressed and a clear understanding of how intense any given stretch needs to be should be defined. A couple of the most popular questions I get are, "How intense should the stretch be?" or "I am scared that I will hurt myself by stretching too hard, how do I know?."
I think these 2 questions encapsulate one underlying fear and that fear is injury. I think many men are just plain scared they will injure themselves so they hold back on intensity when stretching. I think these people view the penis as a very delicate, fragile, body part that can be easily damaged. This is simply not true. The penis is tougher than most think. Doing flaccid exercise (i.e.: stretching) it is extremely difficult to injure yourself. The amount of tension needed to rip you penis off is something Arnold would have problems achieving. This does not mean that newbies should jump into extreme pe immediately, but I do believe intensity needs to be increased each day until your max is found. Light stretching simply will not lengthen your penis. A fine line between injury and gains is not so clearly defined but getting yourself to this grey area of intensity is paramount to making length gains.

Point two is a mental based problem that I almost always find in the group that struggles with length gains. Belief is such an over used word that has become almost benign in PE. People say, including myself, believe in yourself and pe and you will gain. This is not clean enough. For the people who make incredible gains belief is something they already have so it is easy to give this benign advice to non-gainers, however, the ones who struggle with gains are left just as confused after this advice is given because BELIEVE IN YOURSELF is a language they do not understand.

Is belief important to making gains? YES, YES, YES! Belief is closely related to confidence and sometimes we need to pretend or act like we believe in order to eventually truly believe. I really think that most people who do not gain have a underlying doubt that pe does not work, that people who gain are the chosen few and they are somehow different then these people, and that PE is generally bullshit. I find this attitude is the countless messages I get from those who struggle. They tell me that they have this incredible workout, and it usually is, but they just don't think they can gain. It is so easy to set ourselves up to fail. If I approach sex, plagued with thoughts that I may not be able to get it up, I usually have problems. If I am right about something and I approach a debate with this egotistical attitude my ears become deaf and I will argue my point into the ground weather I am right or not never hearing the other point of view. I have always found it so easy to fail but I have always found it so difficult to succeed. I have had enough experience in life that I know positive pre-belief is paramount to being successful. So how should someone approach a stretch session and believe they will gain? It starts with realizing that the penis is a penis is a penis. Virtually a bag of flesh, blood and tissue not much different than your ears. I do not believe genetics plays any role in making gains even though is may play a role in individual size pre-pe. The first thing men need to practice is the belief that their penis is just like every other penis out there. Tough ligs, thick skin, thick tunica, etc. are all excuses we put in our way to set ourselves up to fail. I really do not think there is any real difference from penis to penis and it is important for you guys to believe the same way. Even if you do not believe, pretend to and it will eventually stick.

The next area or step in belief is visualization. Visualize is another over used word that needs to be explored and clearly defined. I think giving my own background is visualization may be the easiest to define this. I have a belief, weather you think it is true or not I DON'T CARE, but it is a strong belief for me. 99% of the men in the world are born with an average penis size with 2 inches. I think that the average penis scale is anywhere from 5 to 7 inches in length. Anything beyond or below this scale is rare. The many people we see online that are bigger than the scale are not the few exception but in fact the men that pe. The tell tale signs are there for us to see, vascular look, creeping hair up the shaft, glans scars, stretch marks, discoloration, we just find it difficult to think this many people could actually know about pe. Why is this so hard to believe? A number of reasons come to mind right off the bat; self insecurity, the popular media and their continuous denial of natural penis enlargement and how that affect us, the plastic surgery profession and their hopes to keep men in surgery. All these things contribute to our beliefs around PE's popularity. Another thing that happens is the men in porn closely guard this secret, the 1st thing they need or want is competition so it is imperative that they deny pe at all costs. In numerous interviews men in big dick porn, when asked about pe, deny its credibility. I say BULLSHIT! I am not blind, I see the marks and scars congruent with pe. I refuse to allow myself to be fooled. This is what we need to come to grips with and take to heart as a strict belief; the penis is almost always average anything beyond this is self created.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind the next step is finding a penis we want. Go online, search yourself into a frenzy, find a picture of your ideal penis and make it happen. Keep in mind the penis you find is more than likely created by the subject and you too can do the same. Study the picture, try to imagine it before the guy did pe, imagine him going through the enlargement process, and empathize with it. Picture yourself going through these exact steps. Keep a mental picture of this penis and the process the subject went through, see this on a daily basis before stretching.

Believing in yourself with the steps above require physical effort also. This brings us to the question on intensity. Again I will give my own method of having the best stretch session each and everyday. Recently my stretch sessions have looked like this:

DLD Basic Fulcrum Stretch Routine
BTC: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my legs and glutes as the fulcrum against the stretch. I do this in a standing position and get into different standing positions until the tension is most intense.

STRAIGHT DOWN: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my FOOT-LONG STRETCH to fulcrum the stretch. I do this in a seated position and use my foot to give maximum intensity.

STRAIGHT OUT: 50 seconds to right, left and center. I use my upper thigh to fulcrum the stretch. I do this in a seated position and I shift my position to make the fulcrum as intense as possible. The center stretch is an A-Stretch.

STRAIGHT UP: 50 seconds to right, left and center. See DLD Counter Stretches (using it to the front opposed to the back) to understand the right and left fulcrum. The center stretch is straight up with no fulcrum.

ROTARIES: I finish the routine with ROTARY STRETCH'S. I do one set down, one set straight out and one set straight up. I do 50 rotaries in each one of these directions.

You will find out quickly that you can easily achieve your maximum intensity by using manual fulcrums but there is a mental aspect to the intensity also. This may sound funny but it is my mental practice in my stretch sessions. When stretching BTC I imagine I am trying to reach the small of my back. I stretch with this in mind. My goal is to reach this area of my back. When I stretch downward I imagine reaching the floor with my glans. My ultimate goal is touching the ground and I stretch with the intensity to do this. When I stretch outward I imagine myself touching the the wall in front of me, my goal, at all costs, is touching the wall. When I stretch up my goal is to touch my chin, I imagine this and try my hardest to get there. Obviously I have not gotten there yet but this is the mental goal I have during each and every stretch and this is my key to maximum intensity. When I am visualizing these goals as I stretch my mind is focused on the goal and only that which translates to the strongest possible stretch. If I approach a stretch with fear of injury then my efforts are wasted on this anxiety. When I am able to center myself and visualize my goals it becomes the perfect compliment to intensity and gains happen.

I started out writing this piece to some of my one on one students but as I got deeper into it I wanted to share it with the group.


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