Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DMSO might cause increase in penis size!!

By Brock Landers:
Most meds' like the dht cream and adrogel are made to pass the skin and thats it..so it enters the blood stream..you want to go deep into the tunica..i'm not really sure how all this works but awhile back there was all talk about topical androgens where all the rage with PE because a guy who was a Doctor tried androgel while pe and saw dramatic growth. So if he was using testosterone then dht would be more powerful and it been said that dht is essential for penile growth through puberty and at birth.

There was even a bodybuilding supplement company called Avant Labs who where going to make a topical androgen + its delivery methods which was keep under wraps to grow the penis! It was going to be called HUNG but the fucking FDA stepped in and canned that idea along with allot of there other good bodybuilding pro hormones ... I did use a DHT precursor 5aa with a delivery gel called Gel# 3 it was suppose to be site specific so it wouldn’t go systemic(through ut the body) but i only used it for a little while with no results except a super hard and pulsating dick like i men it got hard with out even think of sexual thoughts just like when i was 14 or something and im young know at 22 i was scared about hair loss as im see some thinning.

I have also read that finasteride can up-regulate the androgen receptor and make it more sensitive to an androgen, i read that from a doctor/scientist and he said it would work for sure and he never even mention supplementing with pro-hormones or steroids.

know my theory is that after puberty your Androgen receptors in the penis down-regulate to some extend and are only used for maintenance of the reproductive organ , maybe thats why bodybuilders don;t see any penis growth when on huge steroids cycles . I also remember reading on a chart that using steroids while going through puberty will increase your penis size which must come back to the androgen receptors being very sensitive through puberty.


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