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Instructions for a Homemade Penis Enlargement Hanger

By Stillwantmore

I'm making this Penis Enlargement thread for those of you who dont want to buy a production model for whatever the reason. Who knows, maybe you live somewhere where you would have difficulty ordering via internet? Or, maybe youre like ATS...and youre just a tightwad S.O.B....LOL just kidding man! Ok, so first I will post the diagrams and, then the detailed instructions on how to make and use the hangers. Here's the first diagram.
Penis Enlargement

Diagram two of the Modified BIB hanger. This hanger is supposed to allow you to hang more weight more comfortably. If I remember correctly...past 15lbs. Of course a beginner wont have to worry about going that heavy for several months usually.
Penis Enlargement

Buy a couple feet of 1 1/2 inch (inside diameter) flexible pvc hose....the ideal type is the clear hosing with the braided white nylon in it...comes on the big roles in the plumbing department of hardware stores or any flexible tubing, a band clamp and an S-hook. very cheap.
Penis Enlargement

.Refer to the diagrams as you cut and make your hanger! It's much easier if you print out the diagrams!

Make a cut with a hand saw about 3-4 inches lengthwise (split it). Don't split it in half, just cut it down one side. Then cut off about 3 inches of pipe (across).

Imagine now that you unroll the tube. With nippers, scissors, saw, whatever, cut out one quadrant of the plastic. In other words, if unrolled, measure down one side 1 1/2 inch and measure over 1/2 way across (about 2.36 inches on a 1 1/2 in ID pipe). Cut out this part.

Wrap your penis with a protective covering; Theraband, cloth etc. Wrap the pvc around the penis with the head in the cut out part. Mark on the pvc the area which will directly impact the head if the pvc is pushed forward. Trace this area on the pvc. In other words trace the head on the pvc. Cut out this area. This cut should look like a flat U unless your penis head is weird. Sometimes a small V is more comfortable. Also mark the excess pvc on one side. The plastic needs to overlap only about 1/2 inch. Also mark the areas to the left and right of the head which might be in the way. Leave the pvc below the head; i.e., the pvc that the head rests on.

Bevel all edges and corners by sanding or grinding, especially the area of contact around the head. Also be sure to bevel the edges so they will slide easily across each other.

Drill a hole in the middle of the pvc which sticks out under the head and attach an S-hook. This is what you attach the weights to (after attaching the hanger to the penis).

Put on the protective covering, and wrap the tube around your penis again. Then put the band clamp on 1/4 to 1/2 inch behind the head. The band clamp can be attached to the pvc with a recessed screw.

Do not overtighten. Experiment with the pressure versus the amount of weight you want to hang. Make sure you have enough pressure to keep the hanger from slipping off.

This hanger will allow fairly heavy weights so be careful. With this hanger, a lot of weight is still on the area behind the head. Always check the head color and check for cold or numbness. I personally have never hung more than 15 lbs. for 20 minutes with this hanger.

If it doesn't work or feel right, just start over. The pvc is cheap.

I probably left out stuff, so if you don't understand, ask questions.


First description

Theraband is a rubber like material that comes in rolls 6 in wide by either 6 or 18 feet. It is used for resistance exercise in rehabilitation. It can be found at many medical supply houses or ordered off the web

The device is based on flexible pvc pipe (1 1/4 inch for me), but other rubber tubing can be used.

1.Split the pipe (straight) with a hand saw for several inches.

2.Then cut a piece off about 3 inches long.

3.Go ahead and wrap your penis with the Theraband, or cloth, or anything for protection and to gather the skin.

4.Put the pvc around your penis, overlap the cut sides and mark the areas which need to be removed; Give plenty of room for behind the top of the head. Only about 1 1/2 inch needs to wrap around the penis. The bottom of the head rests on the remainder.

5.Then drill a hole in the end of the remainder to insert a hook.

6.Either sand or grind down the edges of the cut sides so they will slide easily across each other. Also sand or grind down all corners and the edge which contacts the area around the head (Theraband first).

7.Place a band clamp around pvc with the screw on top. The band clamp can be attached to the pipe with a recessed screw for ease of attachment. Caution!! Experiment slowly with the pressure vs. weight. Do not overtighten!! This device still places a majority of the pressure on the head and you shouldn.t use much weight.

Second description

1.Buy a two or three foot piece of tubing so you will have plenty. Flexible Pvc or strong rubber at least 1 1/2 in diameter will do. It is very cheap.

2. First split the tubing length ways with a hand saw.

3.Then cut off about three inches of the pipe.

4.Wrap your penis for protection, and then wrap the tubing around your penis.

5.Mark a spot on each end, allowing for a 1/2 inch overlap or greater. Cut off the excess.

6.Next you want to cut out an area to allow the head to escape.

7.Measure down one side about 1 inch and then over about 1/2 the width of the total tube; a curved rectangle.(in other words imagine the tube laying out flat).

8. Cut out this area with a saw, or nippers etc. Wrap the tubing around your penis again with the cut ends on one side or the other and the head in the cut out rectangle.

9.Mark on the top of the tube the areas that would immediately impact the head.

10.Take off the tubing and cut out this area using strong scissors, nippers or a table grinder. The cut out area should be U shaped (unless your penis is weird). There should be 1 1/2 inches of tubing or more under the head.

11.Drill a hole in this part to attach an S hook, or string to attach the weights. Make sure the hook or string cannot pinch or interfere with the head.

12.Put a band clamp around the non-cutout portion of the tubing to attach. Follow the warnings above about problems. Make sure you wrap your penis with some protective material before attaching.


Sorry for my earlier post, Imagine your penis lying in a 3 inch trough (flexible pvc or rubber tubing) with the tip of the head at the far end. (You are looking down at the top side). Then just behind the head, another shorter (1 1/2-1 3/4 inch) upside down trough covers about 1 1/2 inch of the top of the penis.

The top, upside down trough slightly overlaps the bottom trough on one side (because there are not actually two troughs. The head then will only be 1/2 covered by pvc (the bottom) and the area behind the head will be in a tube. This is where the band clamp is placed. The U cut out is a tracing of the glans on the top back of the head. A U cut will give more comfort than a straight cut. Also it will be more comfortable to bevel (sand of grind) the edge of the U.

The pvc trough that the head lays in is where a hole can be drilled to insert an S-hook. The sides of this area can also be trimmed if the head is too large to fit in comfort.

The tubing is flexible enough to pry open the cut side in order to insert the wrapped penis.

Saying the head sticks through a hole was not accurate. Sorry

Penis Enlargement


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At 7:03 PM , Anonymous vacavfan said...

I think I have a cheaper,simpler, better idea.
1. buy four feet of air hose like used on an aquarium pump.
2. buy four feet of insulated electrical wire small enough to fit inside hose and work it inside hose. tie small knot in one end.
3. buy 3 or four stone beads with a wide enough hole to fit over hose.
4. slide two beads onto hose one all the way to end near knot. wrap hose around leg just below knee and run through beads twice. Pull tight around knee to secure hose to lower leg. Leave about 18 inches left over. Put another bead or two around remaing length ofn hose. Make loop by running hose back through bead. place loop around penis and adhust to create strain on penis. I designed this several months ago and have found it to be effective, comfortable, and very discreet. I can wear it anywhere anytime. Of course I am giving this design to the world for free but as I have fallen on some tough financial times I would gladly accept any donations.

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thank you i will be looking into it 2 try 2 further understand it. there are some links i googled up'design of a homemade penis extender' followed some search only 2 find a html page having paragraphs of incoherent unconnected stories. tis a shame people can do such. but thanks for you're not like them. am having my designs if i compile a really good one, ill post it here 4 others, thanks alot

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