Thursday, August 24, 2006

Updates of The Penis Study

Penis Enlargement is a wonderful physical process. With simple Penis Enlargement exercise men can greatly increase the size of their penis. Penis Enlargement, being an outward, physical thing leaves a large portion of the process out and this is the mental side of Penis Enlargement. This, to some, may sound silly but mental Penis Enlargement is just as important as enlargement itself. I have tackle many of these Penis Enlargement issues through many of my studies but non are greater than the Is Everything Really What it Seems. This Penis Enlargement study shed light on many penis issues. We looked at language, porn influence, racial myths among many other penis issues that bother many men. This was one of my first Penis Enlargement studies and it still stands as the cornerstone of the Penis Enlargement community as a psychological masterpiece.

Over the past year I have been working on part two of the Penis Enlargement study. Over the past 5 years since the first study many new issues have surfaced and part 2 will cover many of them. There is never a shortage of new men looking for Penis Enlargement and this means there is never a shortage of those who suffer from a distorted self-view. I have seen men reach 8 inches in Penis Enlargement from 5 inches but they still can not see their penis as being bigger. I have also seen many men with anxiety around other men's penises and the size they believe them to be. I mentioned in my first Penis Enlargement study that much of this is photographic illusion but we only skimmed the issue. In part 2 of this Penis Enlargement study will will get into the meat of this issue. We will show how photographic and video illusions are made. We will explore biological factors of penis size. We will cover adolescent issues concerning puberty. We will dig deep into the psychology of male penis issues and why they occur.

If any of you have been to my forums at you will find that I focus much of my efforts in Penis Enlargement psychological studies as I feel this is a critical part of male growth. I cover how physical growth without the mental component of Penis Enlargement will always produce unfavorable results. This is the reason these type of studies in Penis Enlargement are necessary.

We will trace the steps of cellular, religious, parental, social and pier influence builds the mind of the male, sexual psyche. Many of the problems men have with their penis derives from years of exposure to the latter details. Penis Enlargement, being a wonderful gift, will only get us so far. The deep rooted psychological issues need to be identified, explained and a new thought process needs to be instilled.

My collection of photography spans from pornographic to main stream media. We will venture into the advertising circles and how these subtle influences of size effect society as a whole.

I have seen much in Penis Enlargement and with the help of a few good men we will drop a mind-blowing exploration into the depth of the male phallus.

I am half way there and I have been working constantly on it. I hope this study to be released in the next month. From the looks of things it will be lengthly and extremely comprehensive. The last study got picked up by many sources and still remains the best look into size issues. Part 2 will pick up where I left off and bring Penis Enlargement to new levels.

DLD (Mike Salvini)

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