Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Fear of the Huge Penis

"The Fear of the Huge Penis" This sounds strange especially when this BLOG is all about penis enlargement but I think it is something that needs to be addressed. I think allot of men get into penis enlargement because they have a fear or anxiety about "The Huge Penis" Call it interest of obsession but some men will search the web for gigantic dicks and they tend to lose their perspective on what a NORMAL LARGE PENIS is.

II remember long before I was into penis enlargement I visited a site online, I can't remember exactly which but I do remember it was filled with pictures of men with unbelievably huge penis's. This instantly gave me anxiety. It was exciting to see, especially when women were having sex with these men but there was something strange. There were hundreds of pictures but no video on these men. This should have clued me in on the authenticity of these pictures but it did not.

When I got into penis enlargement I learned that the site I had so much anxiety over was completely fake. The photos were edited and this was the reason no video existed on these men. Soon after I started my own penis enlargement I became very interested in what average, small, big and huge penis's really looked like and how big they really were. Having a penis enlargement forum with thousands of men practicing penis enlargement allowed me to see many measured penis's as my forum has a section called "PICTURE PROOF" a place in the penis enlargement forum men could post pictures of their penis and the progress they were making with penis enlargement. These photos were usually taken with a ruler to show the exact size. I would become blown away sometimes by what I thought their measurement was when looking at their penis and the real measurement it was.

In the penis enlargement forum section for pictures men would usually post a few pictures of their unit without measurements and ask the members of the penis enlargement forum what size they guess they were. Threads were named things like "Guess my Size" These posts would get tons of responses and the size they guessed was usually well off. They would see a man with what looked to be an enormous penis making guesses of 8,9 even 10" and when the poster finally showed a measured picture the penis enlargement forum members would be blown away. The penis they believed to be so big was closer to 6 or 7"...needless to say, this brought much comfort for the men that thought they were small when really they were the same size as the poster.

I learned very quickly in penis enlargement that photos were deceptive. There was a huge need for a real study in penis enlargement on what average size was. Men also needed to learn how to measure their penis in penis enlargement. My penis enlargement forum ran many polls on size...some of these polls are ongoing and new data is always being added. These resources in penis enlargement allowed me to realize what penis size really was.

About 90% of the men in these polls fell into the 5.5-6 inch category in erect length and 4.75-5" of girth. about 5% were in the 7-8" range with girth of about 5.5", 3% fell below average length and girth and about 2% were 8.5 and above. This penis enlargement survey seems as though there was much room for error because of honest reasons but the survey was not a public survey where anyone could post, it was in a penis enlargement forum. Most men who get into penis enlargement have no real reason to lie on these surveys as they are in the forum (or site) for penis enlargement.

Armed with a better knowledge of averages in penis size and the hundreds of measured pictures I saw I was ready to look at the porn actors I thought were so massive. Don't get me wrong, there are a few actors (and I mean you could count them on your 10 fingers) that had a truly, unbelievably massive penis. Men like Mandingo and Shane Diesel sported units that were so huge most women would not enjoy them at all. The remainder of the men I saw in pornography fell into average and slightly above average in penis size. I was amazed as were the thousands of men in the penis enlargement forums.

Understanding much of the above it is easy to see that penis enlargement is not as hard as many would believe. With men knowing they would only have to make a 1" penis enlargement gain to become the size they desired, instead of the 4" gain they believed prior to penis enlargement. I think understand penis size on this level allows men to make wise decisions in penis enlargement with much less anxiety.

I went on to write many other studies in penis enlargement that further broadened the awareness on these issues. I think many come to me or my site for penis enlargement and I believe they get much more than penis enlargement after they make their gains. Mental penis enlargement, from my earlier posts, becomes just as powerful as any other penis enlargement tool. The mind grows with the penis and when all is said and done TRUE CONFIDENCE is realized.

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