Friday, July 20, 2007

The DLD Unabridged Stretch!

Actually Stretching the Ligs: The DLD Unabridged Stretch!

In most of our length gains we make we give credit to "ligament gains" opposed to the "tunica gains" The difference between the two is the Ligament (the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone) is easily stretched by simply stretch the penis in any direction while Tunica stretches require a specific position to make these stretches effective. The problem with this, seemingly 50/50 contribution to length, is that Tunica gains require much more effort and time. Even with incredible effort, and time, the Tunica is very slow to lengthen. Ligament stretches are quick to respond with gains as ligaments are VERY EASY to stretch and lengthen.

For most skillful PE men, the most effective ligament exercise is downward or BTC (behind the cheeks) stretches. This became widely accepted when Bib, the creator of the Bib Hanger, came out with his theory on length gains by means of the L.O.T. Theory. L.O.T., which stands for Loss Of Tug-back,dictates that length gains are determined by where the penis exits from the body and at what angle it performs a LOT test exercise. (LOT see: The particular number in LOT you find determines the type of exercises you should focus on. The biggest problem with LOT is that it is only theory. There is no proof of LOT being accurate but still many men dictate there stretching session by LOT theory. If LOT is not correct many people will have spent a lot of time dedicating stretching position to a theory that potentially is false.

I bring up LOT because I have slacked in my ligament exercises, in the past, due to LOT Theory. But I have gained most if not all my length gains to ligament stretching. Well, I was thinking about this recently and I decided to study ligament work more closely. Over the past few weeks I have been messing with an exercise that may change the way we make length gains. I started thinking why we would simply stretch the penis by gripping it at the top, which is the furthest point from the ligaments on the shaft. I started to wonder if there was a way of stretching the ligaments directly. A way of actually grabbing and stretching the ligaments directly.

After playing with the exercise (and my dick:)) I started to find a way of getting to the ligaments and stretching them. A stretch that is unbelievably powerful.The ligaments of the penis are located directly at the base of the penis and approximately an inch from the base to the pubic bone. Reaching this area takes a bit of practice particularly if you want to perform this exercise. Stretching the ligaments directly can be painful if not done from the proper point of stretch, finding this point is the cream of this exercise.

What I do is this; In a completely flaccid state I grab my penis at the mid-shaft. I work my way done the shaft with special attention to skin availability. When I reach the base of my penis I want a bit of skin to perform this exercise with the best possible tension and support. I start with a regular downward stretch (outward, left, right, it all works) I grip the penis, using a standard OK grip (thumb and forefinger) below the head and get into my maximum stretching effort. Using my other hand I grip my penis just below the hand that is stretching and increase the stretch with that hand, again stretching to my full potential. Once this position is secure I take my upper hand and bring it below the second hand and repeat the process. Depending on how long your flaccid penis can stretch will determine how many cycles you can do before reaching the base. Once I reach the base I reverse the process and work upward. The intensity show be as strong as it was going down the shaft. This process can be repeated as much as you are able as it will depend on how tired your hands get. I like to do an upward stretch for 5 cycles, a left stretch for 5 cycles, a right stretch for 5 cycles and a downward stretch for 5 cycles. To add more intensity, and possible gain potential, this exercise can be done using the BLASTERS scenario.

Why I think this works. Aside from the ligaments screaming at the end of this exercise it also covers much of basic PE stretching goals. First of all the stretch is continuous to the point of personal exhaustion. If you are like me, I can perform 5 cycles with excellent intensity before getting tired. This is because each hand is alternating allowing me a short, but re-cooperating, break in between each grip. Next, this exercise allows every point of stretch within each stretching position. For example, we know very little about the best possible point of stretch on the shaft but most of us follow the below the head potion. This stretch will cover every point on the shaft and if we gain better mid-shaft, low shaft or upper shaft it will be stretched. This stretch also addresses both ligament and tunica gain theories. I also like to think that different men may have different gain potentials based on where they stretch from on the shaft.

There may be many other benefits to this stretch and I think the men who try and use it will give input on it. I hope this helps and I can't wait to hear opinions.

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At 1:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been using a technique simular to this for about 5 years and nearly doubled my penis size, more in girth than length. I currently have 7 inch length and 6 inch circumference. I never took a "before" picture to match up with a "after" picture and I wish I had. But all in all, as you carry on throughout this program of stretching, keep telling yourself that even though you may not be the biggest and best, you ARE making a change... unlike most idiots out there who are stuck in their teenage ways!


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