Saturday, August 04, 2007

Normal Penis Size for Teens

Many young people wonder what average penis size is. Being in the penis enlargement business I have studied much about this. Young men worry about their penis size, they wonder if they are normal. With all of the misinformation found online about average penis size it is easy for men to become confused. I know for myself, when I was younger (a long time ago:)) I was very confused about average size. When I was fully grown, after going through puberty, I measured about 6" long and I had a girth of about 4.75". I often heard my friends talking about their penis saying they were 8,9 or even 10" and I believed many of them. Penis size to me was very murky. I never really knew what to believe.

When I was in school I remember the locker room. Growing up I heard allot about black men and their enormous penis's. Since I went to a predominately black school I believed there was a huge difference between myself and the other boys. But when I was in the shower rooms I remember being very much the same as them regarding penis size. This added to my confusion.

When I grew into my later teens I remember seeing a porno movie with the actor John Holmes and I was floored by his enormous penis size. He was so much bigger than anything I had ever seen and I started to think many men had this size. This was around the time I became very sexually active and another confusing issue began troubling me about penis size. It seemed that most girls I slept with always complimented me on my big penis size. This definitely improved my self confidence but it did little to give me a clear understanding of what average penis size really was. This was long before the internet so most of what I knew about penis size was hearsay.

When I first got on the internet I remember searching for information about penis size. I was met with tons of information about penis enlargement but little about average penis size. It's still this way today. I became very skilled with search engines and I was eventually able to find some relevant info concerning my questions. A few reputable sites I found had some very good surveys. I was not so much interested in the self measured surveys but ones where the men were measured by a second party. A couple of the penis size surveys were the Lifestyles Condom survey and the Kinsey Survey. Both of these surveys were second party conducted and the average penis size they posted was very similar to each other. I found out that average penis size was about 5.5" in length and 4.5" in girth. This, of course, boosted my confidence as I was slightly above average. It also started my journey into penis enlargement.

Soon after I learned about penis enlargement I became very interested in seeing if it really worked. I remember, after finding a basic penis enlargement exercise workout, starting my own penis enlargement efforts. After about a half of year I had made some incredible progress. I was measuring close to 2" above what I was before starting. To me penis enlargement was a miracle. Even though my penis size starting out in penis enlargement was slightly above average I was able to become way above average with some simple penis enlargement exercises.

Soon after all of my penis enlargement interested arose I found that there were many other men seeking out the same questions that plagued me growing up. They wondered what average penis size was. Many of them felt as though they had a small penis because of the misinformation they learned. These guys were desperate to make penis enlargement gains and they were willing to go to great lengths to do so.

With my incredible penis enlargement gains I ventured into developing my own penis enlargement exercises. This was a great success for me and many men online started to become interested in the penis enlargement exercises I was using. This sparked my inspiration to start my own penis enlargement site. My site became very successful and more than 100,000 men joined my free forum. I loved this, as I do today as I was able to help calm their insecurities about penis size and spread the awareness I had learned in my long quest for real answers on average penis size.

The funny thing I realized was that average penis size never really mattered as I was able to make my penis larger with penis enlargement. I wish I knew of this growing up but I only found out about it in my mid 30's. Being so involved in penis enlargement I am able to reach many men all over the world concerning penis size is truly wonderful.

So many of the men who come to my site are in their late teens, many still going through the tail end of puberty and all of them confused about average penis size. With the many articles I have written on penis enlargement and other penis issues I have been able to help so many become confident and secure with their penis size. It's strange, but all of my work in penis enlargement and the things I have learned really proves to many of these young men that they do not even need penis enlargement. This to me is the greatest success, even though it keeps me in the poor house. I view it as a success because penis enlargement is a huge commitment, it takes so much time, effort and dedication. It is something that many guys can not do and the men who realize they do not need to do it and become content with their penis size, well that makes me happy.

We have always been able to make our penis larger but when we can make our understanding of what penis size truly is this is the greatest enlargement of all.

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