Friday, March 30, 2007

Penis Enlargement and the Numbers Game

I have recently become very interested in how many men really do penis enlargement. I guess I have always only thought about my small circle of penis enlargement, the Matters of Size site and the few sites I visit. Maybe, combined, there are 200,000 men involved with penis enlargement at my level. Beyond this small circle of men who do penis enlargement there are many others. When I checked the world population at this point, about 7 Billion people, I really became interested who is into penis enlargement. I guess if half this number was men and half that number was men 18 or older I would guess that 90% have thought about their penis size. Maybe half of this number have actually searched out penis enlargement and out of that number maybe half have actually tried penis enlargement. this is about 600 Million men! A massive number. Even if only 1% of these men have gained using penis enlargement that would be 60 Million men world wide!

Now out of these 60 Million men that have tried penis enlargement maybe half have stuck with it to make actual penis enlargement gains. About 30 Million. I know from my site that the guys who stick with penis enlargement make an average gain of an inch in length and about the same in girth. Does this change the average size numbers? I think so. I also know that these statistics are not part of any survey outside of those within the penis enlargement community. The average male size being 5.5 x 4.75 you can rest assured that at least 30 million are above this size due to penis enlargement! This gives the whole penis enlargement thing allot of credibility.

I know many guys go through life believing that there are millions of men in the world with a massive penis but I think that this anxiety can be softened by realizing the numbers involved between world surveys and penis enlargement users.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Penis Enlargement and How We Started

Penis Enlargement is something that needs to be found, it is not something readily available, at least in the real sense of Penis Enlargement (meaning Penis Enlargement that works). I recently asked my members how they became interested in Penis Enlargement, what problems, if any, drove them to looking for the Penis Enlargement information.

I know for myself I was driven by the girl I was with. I thought she wanted me to have a bigger penis because of her past. My insecurity drove me to find Penis Enlargement. I was having erection problems but it was my need for a bigger penis that obsessed me into finding the Penis Enlargement information.

I guess many guys have the same issues. Some seem to look for Penis Enlargement because of the reaction from girls in their past. Other have a self image that they have a small penis. I think much of this is because of their predisposition to believe that average penis size is some huge number. I know from my experience with my own Son that average size is a fictitious number. Finding a good source of male sexuality information (online) is virtually impossible.

What makes Matters of Size different? To be blunt, me. I have been obsessed with this stuff my whole life and Penis Enlargement is only the result of my extensive obsession with my own sexuality. I guess my part in Penis Enlargement, asside from having the world's best Penis Enlargement program, is to relate my own experience and change to those who seek confidence in male sexuality.

I would love to hear some replies for those that follow this Penis Enlargement blog. Let us know what drove you to finding this Penis Enlargement information.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Concentration & Focus in Natural Penis Enlargement

This is something that is rarely touched on but I would like to give my experience with focus and Penis Enlargement as I believe it helped me quite a bit in my quest for a bigger penis. For instance when I was training for length using manual penis enlargement exercises, it was much different than when I was doing penis enlargement for girth.

Like any sport, art, job, or anything else worth the effort penis enlargement requires dedication of body and mind. During length I would close my eyes and really see the penis I wanted. I could visualize exactly where I wanted to be and my focus was 100% on this goal. My physical penis enlargement exercises benefitted greatly for this. Many wonder why I have made faster and better gains than the other folks who do penis enlargement and I can only think of one major difference, my belief.

Length in penis enlargement is done flaccid (soft) so there is no need to entertain sexual thoughts so the entire session can be dedicated to your mental penis enlargement focus. Imagine that with every stretch your penis is getting longer and longer. Imagine that you have found the very way to increase your penis size, imagine that you are special and you are gaining, you will make your penis enlargement goals! This very focus will be the most important part of your penis enlargement quest. Yes, you do need to do physical penis enlargement exercises but without the belief...focus...concentration, penis enlargement would be difficult, slow and more than likely, unsatisfying.

Penis enlargement girth is a much different mental animal. All focus shifts towards erotic thoughts...girth penis enlargement exercise is much like masturbation. I concentrate on 2 things, 1.) The Thickness I want and seeing a vivid visual picture of this and 2.) Erotic Thoughts, anything that will keep my penis in a erect to semi-erect condition. I guess I have always liked girth more when doing penis enlargement because it was highly almost seemed like cheating while doing the exercise-) Anyway, as I have stated girth penis enlargement is much different than length penis enlargement therefore I feel it imperative that when someone does penis enlargement they should separate the length from girth...maybe a morning length session and an Evening girth??? or any other way. This will allow you to stay focused on the particular exercise you are doing.

Remember, In penis enlargement, if you can see it, you can have it.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Psychology Behind thinking you have a Small Penis

In my experience in penis enlargement I have met many men who think their penis is small. I think this mental stigma happens very early in puberty. When boys reach puberty it is at different times. Some begin as early as 11 years old while some will not start until 16. This huge gap in development may be a major reason behind the small penis complex. I began puberty very early and my penis was bigger than any of the friends I had (that I actually saw their penis). I think that many young boys will compare themselves to their friends and if they are earlier in their development they start to think that they have a small penis. This premature belief is something that follows many men into adulthood.

Education is the best way to teach a youngster about puberty. The biggest problem with this is that a child usually have no one they can turn to to discuss their fears. Holding these emotions inside, like any negative feeling, manifest into a much bigger problem.

Being a father myself with a son that has just turned 13 I have noticed the subtle changes that bring on puberty. Being extremely open and honest with my child his entire life has allowed me the beautiful position to be his mentor. He is able to come to me with anything. He, just like many, worry about penis size, sexuality, negative thoughts, fears and many other hormone induced issues. Even though he has not started the physical changes of puberty I have been able to teach him what is going to happen. He has mentioned that he has seen one of his friends, who is a year older them him, naked. He said that the boy had a big penis. He initially compared himself to this and it caused him some stress. When he came to me with these issues I had the opportunity to educate him on male development. I was able to show him average size, the progression of puberty, what to expect and when to expect it.

I think that the internet has a huge hand in the "small penis" psychology. With many fake pictures, exaggerated test, tricky camera and video shots, and other internet falsehoods many young men are fooled into a state of mind that is untrue. This can and does effect their journey into adulthood. Even though they are average at around 5.5" in length they believe this is small compared to what they believe is really average.

Everywhere you look online, on tv, movies, magazines and other media outlets there is a general ignorance in penis size. Many sources lead children, adolescents and adults to believe that 7, 8, 9 inches and beyond is average. This plays very hard on the psyche and it causes many problems that really don't exist in reality. WHen I tell men that average size, being 90% of the world, is 5.5" in length they are blown away. I don't only tell them I show them. I have done numerous studies on the subject and have read virtually every documented study on penis size. WHen they explore my work they become educated and much of their anxieties disappear.

Although many men think they see many huge penis's online the reality is their are only a handful of actors who are huge. These porno actors work for many different sites and it makes it look as though there are 1000's of men. When my child wanted to know about penis size showed him the most "real" place to see the average man, The Nudist Colony. Seeing men in this situation gives the best view of true penis size. These men, usually, have no qualms about their bodies and are filmed without any tricks. Seeing this calmed many of my child's fears. It showed him a real situation with real men and real penis's. Most other sources online give a skewed perspective of penis size...a perspective that is false.

As I said, education is best.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Our Sexuality, why are we so ashamed?

Sex, it brings a multitude of thoughts, visions, emotions and desires. We are primal beings, we crave sex, we need it for survival but still many feel guilt when they explore their sexuality. Many men grow up being told that nudity is wrong, nakedness is evil, the penis is a dirty thing, and so on, many different suggestions that formed our outlook on sex and sexuality.

Why do we see every part of the body but our sexual organs as being somehow different. Looking at someone's hand and looking at their penis are 2 very drastically different this right? In the society we live in, yes. We have become very confused about our bodies, we look at ourselves with a shame that is untrue and unjustly acquired.

I see so many men who feel guilt about penis enlargement. They feel as though focus on improving their penis is somehow a sin. This is a sin that society has created but many men still buy into. What is so different about these parts of our bodies? Is it because this is where we create life? Is it because we see these parts as too holy? It is strange and kind of silly but still we feel this way.

What is so different about running, lifting weights, or any other self improvement than penis enlargement? Be honest with yourself and you will see my point.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Starting Penis Enlargement to Soon

Age in penis enlargement is more than a law when trying to join a penis enlargement site, it has mental and physical repercussions. When a child is going through puberty, starting anywhere from 11 to 14, the penis is just starting to grow. There are many things going on in a young man's life that he should be concerned with penis enlargement. By 18 the penis has most likely grown to it's max size. This can go up to 21 years old in some cases. Being concerned with size too soon may be a hasty concern. Yes, average penis size is around 5.5" of length but some men can grow beyond this. Be it rare, 8" of length may happen. In most cases, above average is closer to 6-6.5" and in less cases 7". You may be one of the lucky few and penis enlargement may be a hasty decision.

Mentally, until around 18 years of age, a child has more important things to obsess over without making the penis one of them. After adulthood and when the man is sure puberty has ended he may decide to enlarge his penis. This is when I believe it is safe for someone to start penis enlargement. For myself, I did not start penis enlargement until the age of 32. I was always above average, about 6.5" but after realizing penis enlargement worked I wanted to become larger. This was a design I made long after childhood.

Physically it may or may not effect growth for the good or bad. I have never been able to study this as I only work with men over the age of 18. I am sure many younger men are doing penis enlargement but isolated cases will never give true penis enlargement stats. A large cross section of men would be needed to see if penis enlargement effects growth during puberty.

Penis ENlargement will be here. It will never be inaccessible, too many men have gotten involved for it to every be inaccessible. Wait until you feel you have grown and got the most out of your childhood before even thinking about your penis. You will know when you are ready.