Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Increase Stretching Power Using Your Feet!

I was thinking of a solution for those guys whose arms get tired while stretching their penis. Doing penis enlargement can be hard on the arms and in many cases men have problems getting enough intensity while stretching their penis. Penis enlargement offers some solutions using items like the Power Assist or even the new DLD Sock Stretches but I was thinking of a way that would require nothing more than the body.

Laying in my bed the other night I was doing some downward stretches just to keep in shape when I decided to use the heal of my foot as a fulcrum. It not only added, what seemed like an endless amount of strength, but it took the pressure off my arms and allowed me to hold the stretch for an extended amount of time. The another thing I noticed is that doing the exercise while erect allowed me to enhance another theory I have in penis enlargement, The 100%+ Theory. This theory is mainly focused at girth but I realized that the same applies to length. When the penis is 100% hard and you are able to bring your girth beyond this point it allows for beyond maximum expansion, essentially creating new girth growth faster than if you were training below the 100% erect mark. When training length at 100% any expansion beyond that maximum length will manifest faster, new length. The problem in penis enlargement up until now is getting enough power to stretch the penis in an erect state but using the heal of the foot allows for the needed force to stretch beyond the 100% mark allowing for faster growth.

I will create a step by step exercise with illustration in the Am and post it here on the penis enlargement BLOG board.


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