Friday, October 24, 2008

Does He Do Penis Enlargement?


Before getting into penis enlargement I never knew anything could be done about the size of your penis. I was just like most men, you got what you got. It never really bothered me because I thought I could not do anything about it so I just accepted it. I really did not need to do penis enlargement as I had a good size penis at about 6.5". My girth was decent but nothing special. The only penis enlargement I had ever heard of was the penis pumps I would see in the back of adult magazines but that just seemed like a hoax. I would see guys like John Holmes and be blown away but I figured he was just lucky. I never dreamed that there was an actual penis enlargement method that worked until I found natural penis enlargement. After I did penis enlargement for a few months I was quick to see that it actually worked. I was blown away, I could not believe that something so incredible actually worked. I remember thinking to myself that my penis was getting larger but I did not tell my girlfriend I was doing it. I wanted to hear her say something first. At about my 4th month, on the way home from work one day, she said those magic words..."Is your penis still growing?" I was floored, I knew now, for sure, that penis enlargement was real and it did work. Soon after this I became very involved with the whole penis enlargement sub-culture and started to become educated to what was really going on. I guess when you really think about it penis enlargement just makes sense. The penis does not have any bones (besides a boner:)) and when stretching the penis to make it longer I compared to how people stretch their ears for piercing's or how a surgeon would expand the tissue to create room for an operation. It just made sense, if you pull it, it will get longer. Girth was a bit more difficult to understand but I soon got the concept down and when I started to become thicker I was tickled. I always wanted a thicker penis but as I said, I thought I was born with what I had and there was no way to change it.

Soon after my penis enlargement gave me some incredible gains I started wondering about people like John Holmes. I wondered if he did penis enlargement, I wondered if every large man did penis enlargement. It is hard to tell because most men who gain from penis enlargement never tell anyone how they did it. It is a secret that most men covet. I knew that many porn stars pumped but I also knew that this was only a temporary gain. After the swelling goes down so does the girth. When I started to look at the more modern porn actors like Mandingo, Lex Steel and other legends I started to see things that made me believe they did do penis enlargement. When I took a close look at Mandingo I could see scars about the head of his penis, these scars, as subtle as they are, are a sure sign of hanging. Hanging, in penis enlargement, is a process of hanging weights off the penis to become longer. I also knew that length was not the only thing that proved penis enlargement. I started to see signs on the girth of these guys. Stretch marks about the shaft where the penis became thicker gave clues to their involvement in penis enlargement also. It was quickly becoming evident to me that I had tapped into an age old secret that men have been using, in secret, for many years.

Long before I knew about penis enlargement my best friend used to talk about this family he knew growing up. He stated that the son and uncle in this family were unusually large. He said that he asked them why their penis's were so much larger than his own. He said that the uncle said that it was from being "Strapped." At such a young age I can imagine what he thought of. When he told me this story I had not even heard about penis enlargement. It was about 2 years before I started penis enlargement but I started to become curious about what they were telling him. Was there something that could make the penis larger? I was curious and obsessed. I remember coming home that evening and getting online. This was years ago and penis enlargement was really in it's infancy. I knew that penis enlargement had been around since my friends youth when he heard these things but I was not too sure about who knew and what was available education wise. The whole penis enlargement thing, when searched for, only returned results that were geared towards pumping and pills, which were a new item on the market. I eventually came on to a site that talked about natural penis enlargement. The penis enlargement they talked about was all exercise. There were not a lot of penis enlargement exercises back then but I could see there was something to it. I must have spent days looking in to this. Before long I found a penis enlargement forum that was all about natural penis enlargement and there were a bunch of members who were posting about making their penis bigger through natural penis enlargement.

It was not long until I became involved on this penis enlargement forum and started to really explore this new world I never knew existed. Back then men did not make huge gains. Guys who gained an inch in 2 years were happy, I was confused. Who the hell would spend two years in penis enlargement for an inch? It made no sense but I also saw a potential for change and improvement. The basic penis enlargement exercises that were available back then were limited. I think we had 4 or 5 exercises to choose from but the exercises were ages old. Basically jelqing and basic stretching were the 2 things that could give you gains. I embraced these penis enlargement exercises and went full force into seeing where they could take me. When I started to notice that they actually worked I became innovative.

Long before Matters of Size was a penis enlargement website I was experimenting with new ways to make penis enlargement better. With a background in physics I could just see that there was much more that could be done in penis enlargement to make the penis larger faster. At the time there was very few men who took penis enlargement from what it was and started to create what it is. A few guys came out with some new penis enlargement exercise but not many. I could not stop creating new penis enlargement exercises. It seemed like every day a new idea would come into my mind and I would create a new penis enlargement exercise. The cool thing was that I was not the only one who was benefitting from this, there were 100's of guys using my penis enlargement exercises making record gains. It was a very inspirational time. The whole penis enlargement scene went from 5 exercises to 10 times that. Along side many of the pioneers in penis enlargement I created new and more powerful penis enlargement exercises that not only explained my record gains but allowed other guys to benefit from it. Penis enlargement had moved into a culture of it's own and no one one could really deny it's power.

I made a 2" gain in length in just under 6 months. At the time this was a fantasy in penis enlargement. No one was making these gains. As I said, making an inch gain was genius then. It was not long before men started to use the penis enlargement exercises I was creating and things really started to change. Guys were making gains like never before. I remember when I created DLD Blasters, a length exercise, and the thread I posted became the biggest thread the penis enlargement forum ever saw. Guys were gaining that never gained and other that had gained were taking on my length. It was awesome.

Today things are much different in penis enlargement. On my site alone there has been more than 100 new exercises created. Not only penis enlargement exercise but new ways of doing penis enlargement. Things like clamping, ballooning, fulcrum work, external penis enlargement equipment, so many different avenues penis enlargement has taken. Today is a great time to become involved with penis enlargement because the speed and efficiency of the exercise has been exponentially improved. It seems as though everyday a new innovation in penis enlargement becomes available. The other cool thing is that now there are millions of men involved with penis enlargement helping give advice and perspective to so many.

It is tough now to tell if someone is natural or if they are doing penis enlargement. I know that my penis could never be what it is without penis enlargement but I am forthcoming in my gains...many men may never say.


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