Friday, October 10, 2008


Sorry everyone but I have been sick for two weeks and I am finally shaking in now. Feel much better and hope to be here and on the boards daily. Penis enlargement. When you become involved with penis enlargement it becomes a sport of motivation and discipline. This statement worked 2 ways for me but it solved the huge mess when you are into penis enlargement.

Many say that my obsession was evident in the first penis enlargement and they certainly were correct. When I found out penis enlargement actually works (about 6 months in) I became very obsessed with penis enlargement, I mean how would in feel to get a free corvette, house, or a large amount of cash AWESOME and this was my very beginnings into the penis enlargement, aside from adding inched to my dick and girth to the same. I was truly a fantasy come true and it did not cost a dime... Incredible. But with a self induced miracle that feels good emotionally or psychologically one can soon become obsessed.

As I gained inches from penis enlargement my entire psyche slipped into a mode THAT MOSTLY THOUGHT ABOUT penis enlargement. I have a unique affliction and gift to when I see something works that I love I that I will become obsessed and do everything and anything to get what I want and rise the top... If I lose at something it does not stop me, it makes me even more determine. I can't stand failure and will not settle for it. With this incredible gift I also become crippled mentally from failure and becoming obsessed with that. It truly is a two side coin called Obsessive Compulsive. When things are good they are incredible, when they are disabling.

The point is , penis enlargement was no different. I only cared about penis enlargement, whatever I did the word 'penis enlargement ' became tied to. With my constant thinking and learning and YES doing the penis enlargement program I was following gave me unbelievable gains. When I realized penis enlargement was real I entered the classic state of mania and in this mind state I knew I could gain, I gained 2" in length and this was in the first year of my training. 7 or 6th months My girth exploded and I was truly amazed. I had a couple very blurry pictures of my penis before penis enlargement but these were to hard to make a visual picture of before and after but seeing how large my penis now was so persolly unbelievable I dove head first in the penis enlargement pond. The is, I became truly addicted to penis enlargement and I did it so often it was starting to affect other parts of life. IT IS WRONG TO BECOME CONSUMED WITH PENIS ENLARGEMENT.period. Putting in 10 hours a day, for me, gained me two inches in size length but with all my research I KNOW that can produce similar gains with a much shorter routine. �

Understand me, there are many exceptions to this theory but there are too many cases reflect time plays little role in�a 45 minute session and a 10 hour session.
This can be seen in the pictures forum at MOS and many of these cases reflect my exact thought.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on penis enlargement and how it can be used to break your penis enlargement obsessions of hours into under an hour a day,,,some even use 15 minutes and make decent gains. You need to set apart a time of day in the form of a schedule and when you are done with your workout get on with the rest of your life. Putting things in order has has always aided someone getting tasks done quickly and with increased victory. There is something special about mastering this skill and seeing miracles happen in front of your eyes. penis enlargement is no Different. When anyone has so much to do in one day he is smart to write them down and check them off when they accomplish their goals, it builds confidence and proves success. Answer this question, how much faster will you accomplish finding a lost watch if your room was organized or a mess. GET ORGANIZED, MOTIVATED and GAING



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