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Is Everything Really What it Seems, Part 2: The Most In Depth Penis Enlargement Study Ever


I know I promised this study a while ago but too much was happening for me to get it together. I decided to start posting the data and I think many will be impressed with the background work I have done. I have been working on this study for 3 years+ and it has helped me get a new perspective on size and the surrounding psychology. As before it will be posted in parts over the next few weeks. It is quite a large study and I want to break it up into a sort of series. This is the prologue to the study. I hope this one has as much success as the first. I will be conducting similar interviews with different nationalities as in the first and I will also be doing in depth size analysis of all of the new actors in film. I hope you enjoy:

Is Everything Really What it Seems, Part 2

How can you continue to see the world as reality if the self that is determining it to be real is intangible? A question all of us need to ask ourselves and the answer is as independent as our DNA makeup. So we ask ourselves; What is reality? We all have a major role in the change of our reality because reality is the actions we take, not the eventualities we ponder. Even when mathematics proves a possibility it does not become a reality until we experience it, therefore we create our own realities. The world, being possible time lines of perceptibility's, offers endless realities, endless options, endless avenues that when chosen our reality become real.

Consider this, the smallest level of consciousness is the cell therefore changes in reality can be determined on a cellular level. This is very difficult for us to grasp as we have a predisposition on what our reality should be and thinking we can change this on a cellular level becomes difficult to comprehend. We, in turn, become addicted to the way we choose to see ourselves. Just like any other addiction we need to feed the craving, a craving that makes us who we are.

When we look in the mirror are we truly seeing who we are, or is this a reflection of the way we see ourselves mentally? Consider this; We have never truly observed ourselves, yes there are mirrors, video, pictures and so forth but we have never viewed ourselves through another persons eyes. In effect, we must trust the judgments of those around us. Believe it or not our cells are influenced by our emotions and our emotions influence our cells. Emotion is simply feelings in motion. Our visual concept may already be established but we truly do not know if this is a reality.

What is our influence on the world around us? Do our thought and emotions affect the rest of the living world? When we fully understand this, enlightenment is inevitable. The only way we will ever be great to ourselves is not by what we do to our bodies but what we do to our minds and this is where reality is born. We literally can be anyone we choose, we can have any reality we want and it all comes from the depths of our thoughts. When we make up our minds that we want something we have to formulate a picture of what we want and be so concentrated on it, so focused on it, have so much of our awareness of it that we lose track of ourselves, we lose track of time, we lose track of our identity, and the moment we become so involved with that experience it becomes the only picture we are able to see as real, good or bad. When actions are finally applied to these thoughts reality is born and the physical means to accomplish our mental visions falls into place.

We manifest our reality. Science has proven that an electron can be in two places at the same time and we still struggle with accepting the true power of our minds. We are much more than we think we are, and we can do much more than even that. We are here to be creators therefore it is our duty to create. When we can acknowledge our intense power over our emotions, our accomplishments and even our future, we have become cognizant.

Life is similar to quantum physics as quantum Physics is a physics of possibilities. We are constantly faced with endless possibilities, endless choices, endless experiences but we usually choose to remain with what we have believe we deserve. Don't just take this at face value, test it out and see if it is true.

I believe a large part of why everyone does not make gains in penis enlargement is the lack of belief that it can happen. This repetitive, comfortable, safe reality prevents many from seeing what they truly want. These men do not realize how easy it is to get once we decide it to be. A positive emotional state, a controlled effort and the ability to see ourselves as we wish to be will lead us to what we truly desire. Remember, if you can't control your emotional state you are addicted to it and addiction is repetitive actions that lead to the same results or even a decline in results. Therefore, if one becomes addicted to a positive emotional state the repetitive actions that follow will drive you towards your goals.

I have strived to create the art of mental penis enlargement so men could see themselves, mentally, as they truly are. A poor visual reflection is usually one of habit, one of a skewed reality, a reflection that only shows what we believe ourselves to be. In penis enlargement this is ever present because we have a clear mental picture of our penis, one established by years and years of collective thoughts and visual reflections. Those that suffer from a negative self-view will see their penis with a skewed vision a reality created by their compounded thoughts. For instance, if a man who has had a 6" penis for 30 years pursues penis enlargement and he makes a 2" gain he may still see his penis as six inches although the reality is he really has eight inches of penis. Even though the physical changes have happened the mental changes have not, therefore he can't visually see the changes. Even though he has the capacity to change this view he still chooses to see this negative image of himself.

Penis self view is worthy of volumes but one study could never encapsulate every part. I plan on provoking your thoughts and maybe relieving some fears in this new study. So many years ago I wrote an article on Penis Dysmorphic Disorder or P.D.D. It describes an illness some men may experience about their penis. It is built on illusion after illusion, but like the victims we are we buy into each illusion with complete belief and it somehow alludes an endless cycle of thought provoking actions that leave us mentally paralyzed. P.D.D., similar Body Dysmorphic Disorder, is a pathological preoccupation with an imagined or slight physical defect of one's body to the point of causing significant stress or behavioral impairment. With men and their penis this type of pathological preoccupation leads to poor relationships, lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts, calamitous demeanor and many other destructive behavioral impairments. Even though a man may have an 8" penis he sees it as much smaller.

When you look at this illustration below it shows how easily the mind can be fooled by illusion. This is akin to the endless cycle of our own self-view and the illusions we choose to see, illusions we ultimately agree with.

From MOS

Even when we know that what we are seeing is an illusion we still find it difficult to know why it is happening. When we look at this next image of an animated dots we know it is not changing color in reality but it is impossible for us to see it any other way than changing color. If we are so easily fooled by such a simple illusion of blinking lights imagine how much false negative views influence our self-view. Thoughts that influence our life in ways science is just finding out.

From MOS

[B]Do our thoughts truly effect the world?[/B] In this next illustration we see the thought process in all it's glory. It may be difficult to comprehend or even believe but this was a real scientific study. The incredible process of Science and Psychology working hand in hand.

From MOS

Considering that our bodies are 98% water imagine what our thoughts can do to us. Illusions are everywhere, in our minds, in our vision, in our world. We spend most of our lives in a dream world. Even though we are awake we still are confused by a cloud of imaginary smoke that keeps us from truly being awake. This is not something we can change with any single study although I wish this were possible. This is not something we can change by medicine or any other scientific advancement, this is something we can only change when we decide to awaken from the dream world and take charge of our destinies. Exploring this psychological issue of penis size illusions that is are the root of our cellular make-up will be a mind blowing experience and I hope all of you become inspired to change your thoughts, change your realities and get everything in PE or life, for that matter. I hope this study ultimately brings new ideas, new hopes, new enlightenment to the minds of those who wish to excel in their lives and capture every dream they ever desired.

Before we start the formal study I would like to give some history on the penis and penis enlargement:

Penis Enlargement History...Thousands of years of obsession:

Penis Enlargement dates back many centuries. Many early cave drawings portray male figures with oversized erections. In early art we can find statues, painting, wind-chimes, dildos, monuments and temples of leaders or gods with large penises. Gods were depicted with unusually large penises. This can be found in almost every culture. The Romans and the Egyptians worshiped penis God's. Geb, a God in Egyptian history was portrayed as a statue with a huge penis pointing towards the heavens. Priapus, the Roman God who held his oversized penis with pride. King Dihythia of Senegal, was depicted of sitting on a throne with his massive penis as many women kneeled before him waiting eagerly to touch his mighty Penis.

Penis Enlargement can be found in post Christianity. Ancient men stretched their penis using rocks as weights. Many cultures would sacrificed the use of their penis as a gift to the God's. After years of hanging heavy weight off their penises they would grow to unwieldy length but this would render them completely unusable.

Penis exercises can be found in ancient times. With time honored and adamantly protected secrets, penis exercises were passed down from father to son. Some sources say the lengths of 12" or more were common. Many sources believe that enlargement originated in the Middle East. When children reached the age of 14 leaders of their tribe would teach them secret penile enlargement techniques to prepare them for sexual relationships. The earliest known penis enlargement exercise was called the Jelq, a term still used today. The jelq is a simple exercise where blood was squeezed from the base of the penis upward towards the head but the effect is uncanny. Just as in early cultures, today men still use this exercise to naturally enlarge their penis.

Many of these ancient penis enlargement exercises were lost in time. It is believed that a select few cultures still practices these exercises into the 18th and 19th century. It was not until the advent of the internet that these exercises became available to the masses. Today, if you search for the term penis enlargement, you will find more than 8 million results. It is safe to say the secret is out.

Early penis enlargement was not subject to only exercise. Herbs that are common today in many penis enlargement pills were also used thousands of years ago. Early civilizations used these herbs to enlarge their penises and to make their erections last longer. Many of the same herbs found in many sexual aides in modern times originated by our ancestors.

It was not until the 1970's that modern devices became available to men for enlargement. The penis enlargement pump, made famous by John Homes, created a new obsession from ancient times, the reality of making the penis bigger.

Throughout history men have adorned their penises with sheath coverings that mimicked the massive phallus. In almost every recorded culture the penis was at the focal point of art. Placentarius, seen in the picture below, is portrayed with a massive, uncircumcised penis. This piece of art was used as a tray for food.

From MOS

Next we see the fertility God, Priapus, with a massive penis. He appears to be weighing his penis against a basket of fruit, which was commonly depicted in art of the God.

From MOS

In this next painting we see Adam and Eve being banished from the garden of Eden. In this painting from the 1400's the penis was in plain view. In the years to follow Christian leaders demanded that the penis not be shown in art. This lead to the covering of all phalluses in Michelangelo's most famous work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Upon close inspection we see that the genatalia of each image was carefully covered with loin clothes. This was not repaired until recently during a restoration project.

From MOS

From MOS

Tomorrow, PART 1: Growing Up with a Penis

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