Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Penis Enlargement and Motivation


Penis Enlargement and Motivation
In penis enlargement there is one problem many men fall into, keeping inspired and motivated. Over time enlargement can become a drag to some. They are doing their enlargement routine each day and things begin to feel more like a pain in the ass then a motivated. With a loss of motivation your inspiration goes down the tube. Your penis enlargement soon becomes so dull that you quit and lose out on the big penis you desire. It should also be said that penis enlargement gains depend on your attitude during your penis enlargement workouts.

Keeping penis enlargement in the positive lane will take some adjustments but I am sure, in no time, you will begin to look forward to your penis enlargement efforts. There are many methods to keep penis enlargement interesting and I will try to explain a few.

CHANGING YOUR ROUTINE THROUGHOUT THE WEEK: This is a great way to keep penis enlargement more exciting and keep you in the game. This type of penis enlargement training may even benefit your gains. I do not mean changing the entire workout but liberal changes will help you develop the best penis enlargement routine for you.

BREAKING YOUR ROUTINE UP: I liked to divide my penis enlargement routine into two sessions. For me penis enlargement required strict concentration. When I made this change to my penis enlargement routines I really was able to put my all into each session. I did length in the AM and girth in the PM. Doing this for my penis enlargement efforts was allow me to give every bit of thought to the area I was training. If I was doing length in the AM I could concentrate only on length. Doing all my penis enlargement exercises at once made things difficult to keep my mind on. I would rush to get done and when I was training length all I could think about the girth I had to do directly after my penis enlargement length session. When I broke it up into 2 sessions I found that I could totally concentrate on the area I was training. Lets take length as an example, with no thoughts about having to do girth after I was able to focus on the area I was training. I could feel my ligaments stretching. I could see my penis stretch and imagine it was the length I wanted. I was able to stretch with so much more intensity that I definitely gained much faster and penis enlargement seemed so much better. When the night came I did penis enlargement again but this time it was girth. Girth in penis enlargement requires more of a sexual state of mind than the non-sexual state I would stretch in. (in penis enlargement it is best to stretch while completely flaccid (soft) The two did not go together and girth exercise required a complete change of mind state. Understanding that penis enlargement has these two different emotional needs will help you make faster gains. When I did my girth I would be in a sexual mood and keeping my penis erect enough to accomplish a good penis enlargement was crucial to getting my girth as thick as I could.

DAYS OFF: You may even want to divide you penis enlargement by the days off, if you take days off. Lets say you do your penis enlargement 5 days a week and take off the weekend. You could try to insert these days off between your entire week. Say Monday on, Tuesday on, Wednesday off, Thursday on, Friday on, Saturday off, Sunday on. This will give you breathers and penis enlargement will be much more fun, it will have you looking forward to your penis enlargement instead of the opposite.

MANTRAS and AFFIRMATIONS: Keeping your focus in penis enlargement can be difficult and it could turn into a drag. To improve concentration, focus and inspiration saying a mantra to yourself may be the key to your penis enlargement efforts. You can create anything you want but keep the penis enlargement mantra positive. You could do this right before your workouts, during your workouts and throughout the day. I guaranty your penis enlargement will stay positive and fruitful. You could try something like this:


This is just a quick affirmation but you could build off it and as I said you could write your own. Keep it short and sweet. Do not use words or phrases like "I DON'T WANT TO BE SMALL" or "MY WORKOUTS ARE NEVER BAD" These seemingly positive statements are actually self defeating. The thing about penis enlargement that is vital is believing it works. Penis enlargement only gets better with a positive state of mind.

KEEPING GIRTH FUN: As I stated earlier penis enlargement is divided by girth and length. Since I believe penis enlargement requires focus I made my girth sessions not only easy to concentrate on but fun. I use porn to stay up for the job. If I have the house to myself I will put on some sexy video and my girth session goes from work to play. Another thing men complain about in penis enlargement is premature ejaculation but this type of girth routine will teach you restraint and help you last much longer in bed.

If I have no privacy I will train in the bathroom. Early in my penis enlargement I had to train at my job. I would use the bathroom that no one really went to to get my penis enlargement done as I could not train at home. Since there was no video in the bathroom I would keep a folder with sexy pictures and tape them on the wall around me. I could look at them when I needed to become erect and close my eyes when I needed to be less erect. In penis enlargement there are many girth exercises and some require a more erect penis then others. This was brilliant for my penis enlargement efforts and allowed me to train mobile. Penis enlargement on the road:)

In all of these methods there are wonderful tips to keep things interesting and fun. If penis enlargement isn't enjoyable it is easy to give up but when it is something you look forward to you will find greater gains and much more motivation.


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