Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Penis Enlargement and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Some know that I have suffered with OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for most of my life. In penis enlargement, when dealing with something so obsessive as the penis it is easy for OCD to attach itself to the users penis enlargement program. When I first got into penis enlargement it went well for a while but soon my OCD attacked with ferocious intensity. My penis enlargement went from a relaxed, enjoyable hobby to a complete obsessive mess. The problem with OCD is when the person finally realized they are obsessed it is too late to make an easy fix. The whole point of penis enlargement is to make the penis larger but it should not run your life. Setting aside a healthy time that you do your penis enlargement but after the session is done, penis enlargement should be done until the next session.

For me, letting penis enlargement be a hobby quickly changed into penis enlargement all day every day. I thought about it constantly. I think once I realized penis enlargement worked I became obsessed at the miracle is created. I could make my dick as big as I wanted and it was so incredible that I started thinking about it all the time. In my daily life penis enlargement would dictate where I went, what I did, my sex life, my family life, my work, every conceivable area of my life. It is strange too because the more I dwelled on penis enlargement the smaller I looked in the mirror. I measured much larger than I ever was but my OCD would not allow me to see it. It did not matter how long I would look or how much I would obsessively measure, it just appeared smaller. This is something that is called a perceived defect. Many women suffer with this in weight loss. They will lose tons of weight but when they look at themselves they only see the image of a fat woman. It is a very sad illness.

It is vital that you understand that penis enlargement works. It will make your penis larger, no question about it. If you keep things in check and don't dwell on penis enlargement throughout the day you will gain in a happy way, seeing all you have created. If you allow penis enlargement to take over your life it will be a much different story. For me, when I was obsessed over penis enlargement, I allowed it to interfere with my relationship with my girlfriend. I became insecure about my "perceived defect." I started thinking that she was thinking the way I was thinking. I saw my penis enlargement, which she found highly arousing, go from good to bad. I started to measure obsessively. I would avoid sex. When I did have sex it needed to be in the righgt light with the right position. It became such a clinical, nonsexual event. I quickly watched my relationship crumble at the hands of penis enlargement. The miracle knowledge that gave me a much larger penis became a curse and just like my relationship with my girlfriend all other areas of my life fell victim to OCD.

As terrible and sad as OCD is there is ways to combat this. You will never get rid of it completely but you can go to war with it and keep it under control. I have always felt that a little OCD was great as it allowed me to really get into something but once it started manifesting itself it was almost impossible to stop it. As I said, penis enlargement is a very tempting area for OCD to attach itself so it is wise to keep it in check before this happens. Do you penis enlargement the same way you would brush your teeth. It is a daily habit that happens at a fixed time and after it is done you mind should attend to the other functions and people in your life. If you have allowed OCD to become a part of your penis enlargement then it is time to take some action.

For me it was difficult but I followed some steps that allowed me to finally keep penis enlargement where it belongs. First and most importantly is the one step rule. If I was going to measure my penis I had one chance to do it. I would measure and whatever the measurement was I would accept it and put the ruler down. If I looked at my penis in the mirror, whatever I saw was what I saw. I had one chance and after I saw, good or bad, I would look away and accept it. This is very hard for a person with OCD as we feel the need to check and recheck these types of things until it feels right. The problem with this is two-fold. First is that you never get the results you want so you will check and re-check, sometimes for hours. With the one step rule this is not permitted. Eventually the obsession became less and less. Today I still battle with this. Sometimes I see my penis in the mirror and it looks tiny...I want to look at it, measure it, until I see what I want but I have become so strong with myself that I just laugh and walk away. It sucks sometimes, especially when you are active in penis enlargement, but it is necessary. Denying the compulsion of checking eventually starves the obsessive monster and it becomes less and less until you have your life back.

Remember, penis enlargement is a glorious thing. It will make dreams come true you never imagined could...just keep it in check.


Here is a very helpful site that will help you identify and tackle this issue: OCD Help

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