Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Penis Enlargement Updates

It has been close to 2 years since I have retired from active penis enlargement and I recently decided to come out of retirement and start penis enlargement again. My time off after 6 years of straight penis enlargement came when I decided the huge gains I made surpassed my any goals I ever had in penis enlargement. Since that time my work in penis enlargement has been in exercise development and psychological issues surrounding male sexuality. I love both of these areas of penis enlargement but I feel as though I will further my influence on other men if I begin a new program. My goals in penis enlargement this time are not too much in size gains. I would like to see a 1/2" increase in girth and possibly another 1/2" in length. This does not sound like a lot compared to most guys who do penis enlargement but I have already made record gains in my last tour of penis enlargement.


I am excited about restarting penis enlargement because of how many new innovations that have happened to the penis enlargement world over the past 2 years. There are so many new penis enlargement exercises and theories that I truly look forward to trying. I also think many of you will be interested in my new penis enlargement routine. As for my first 6 years in penis enlargement I changed my routine 5 times. The 5 changes translated to the distinctive 5 Phases of the Matters of Size Members Program. My changes in my penis enlargement routines over those years included more than 20 exercise changes that progressively increased the intensity of my penis enlargement efforts allowing me to make consistent penis size gains over the 6 years I trained. In penis enlargement it is important to keep the gains going by changing to a more intense routine as gains slow. The Matters of Size Program and DVD show my program changes on video which gives the user the best chances at making huge penis enlargement gains. Since the Matters of Size Program has been based on the 5 phases I am really looking forward to adding Phase 6, which will be my newest penis enlargement routine.

I also believe that my direct involvement with penis enlargement will allow me to gain a better perspective on the latest trends and enable me to create better exercises and new theories. It is a very exciting time in modern penis enlargement and being a part of it will truly be a privilege.


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