Friday, October 31, 2008

So why do we want a bigger penis: Penis Enlargement Relativity

I know many of you are waiting for the next installment of penis enlargement justification but I think there is a time we need to stop and ask "what is penis enlargement all about?" I wonder what guys really want in penis enlargement and if they realize what they are getting themselves into.

Penis enlargement is a huge commitment and can be filled with many pitfalls physically and mentally. After working with some men in penis enlargement for quite sometime I have seen a very scary trend that could make penis enlargement hell for those that fall victim to it. Mentally penis enlargement can be challenging. The biggest mental issue with penis enlargement is what I refer to as PDD (penis dysmorphic disorder). This issue is similar to Body Dysmorphic Disorder as the way a fat person that loses weight they have trouble seeing the weight loss. Illusions of what ones body looks like to them and the real picture that the rest of the world sees. In penis enlargement this happens with the penis. Some men make genius gains but have difficulty seeing it. I dealt with this myself and this is why I become concerned about the issue often.

This is a real issue because it can cause a man to become closed off and obsessive. This effects relationships, work and free time. Many guys who allow this disorder to become a part of their penis enlargement will suffer many of the above problems. It is best to keep penis enlargement in a contained time period and when you are done doing your penis enlargement, you are done for the day. Try to think of things other than penis enlargement. Try to stay focused on the task at hand be it sex or work.

Other problems men have in penis enlargement is staying motivated as the changes in penis enlargement are not quick. It takes hard work, a good penis enlargement routine and the ability to stay motivated each day. The gains do come. The average penis enlargement person gains about .5" of length and about .25" in girth. The gains usually follow this trend as you go further into penis enlargement. So it is not an overnight proposition, penis enlargement takes effort and belief. This belief needs to stay strong and patient as penis enlargement gains happen.

Physically penis enlargement can be demanding. It can also be an adjustment to fitting penis enlargement into each day. Men must also become cautious not to progress too quickly. In penis enlargement, the basic routine can be used infinitely if you are gaining. You want your exercise to be intense but build up to this stage slowly. Pain in penis enlargement is not present even if pulling on your penis sounds painful. There is a period where it will feel strange down there but you will become used to it.

Stay motivated and keep your mind in the moment.


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