Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Penis Enlargement Made SImple

There is basically 8 steps to making penis enlargement easy and effective. I will give a basic list of the these steps and elaborate on each point.

1. Prepare for penis enlargement.
2. Take initial measurements without complete accuracy.
3. Find, study and learn a basic penis enlargement routine.
4. Create a realistic goal for the short term and an ultimate goal for the long.
5. Create a schedule that you will follow on a daily basis without fail.
6. Master your penis enlargement routine, gain all you can with that routine and advance to new routines.
7. Have complete, unwavering belief in yourself and your penis enlargement gains.
8. Never allow your penis enlargement work interfere with any other part of your life.

1. Prepare for penis enlargement.

You will need to have an assortment of tools the help with your penis enlargement. Get to the store and purchse these items as they will be necessary in you penis enlargement quest.

Vaseline or any other lubricant you prefer.
Baby Powder
A Blank Notebook
An Ace Bandage
A washcloth

2. Take initial measurements without complete accuracy.

Taking accurate measurement prior to starting penis enlargement is so important. There is no reason to start penis enlargement and assume your measurement as if you gain and have no clue where you started you will never see progress. I suggest getting a journal that you keep basic notes and measurements as you progress in penis enlargement. So many times I have heard guys, who have been into penis enlargement for months, say that they "think" they gained size but they are not sure because they never took solid initial measurements. Here is the proper way to make complete measurements. You will need a hard ruler and a tape measure.

a) Measuring Erect Length: Now, regardless of what you have ever believed about erect penis length, the actual way to measure does not start at where the skin meets the penis, it is where the pubic bone starts to the extreme tip of the penis. Get yourself 100% erect. Once you have become fully erect take your ruler and firmly press it against your pubic bone (located at the base of the penis just above your shaft) and measure to the tip of your penis head. Be sure to take note to where you are placing your ruler as you will want to measure this way each time you check for new length gains. If you place the ruler directly at the center you will be able to mimic this measurement with ease. Write down your measurement in your journal.

b) Measuring your erect thickness: The measurement of thickness or girth is done with a soft measuring tape. In a complete erect state take your measuring tape and wrap in gently around your mid shaft. You will not want to wrap too tightly as this will press into the flesh of your penis and give a false reading. Gently take this measurement and add the data to your journal.

c) Measuring Flaccid Stretched Length: In penis enlargement the first place length gains show up is in a flaccid, stretched state. This will give you the most accurate data to the length you will be gaining. Since erection quality varies, this measurement will always be correct as no erection is required. When you are completely soft take your ruler and firmly press it against your pubic bone (located at the base of the penis just above your shaft) and measure to the tip of your penis head. Be sure to take note to where you are placing your ruler as you will want to measure this way each time you check for new length gains. If you place the ruler directly at the center you will be able to mimic this measurement with ease. Write down your measurement in your journal.

Flaccid length and girth are really something to ignore at this point. Making accurate measurements is impossible as the state of the flaccid penis is ever changing based on weather, temperature, and even mental state. As your erect length gains your flaccid length will follow suit in a relative manner, as will girth.

Now you have accurate measurement and you can progress to the next phase of your take your ruler and firmly press it against your pubic bone (located at the base of the penis just above your shaft) and measure to the tip of your penis head. Be sure to take note to where you are placing your ruler as you will want to measure this way each time you check for new length gains. If you place the ruler directly at the center you will be able to mimic this measurement with ease. Write down your measurement in your journal. Now you can move forward to the next phase of your penis enlargement journey.

3. Find, study and learn a basic penis enlargement routine.

I suggest you buy a membership to my penis enlargement website. This membership, that cost less than $50 for a lifetime access, will show you the proper routines to make you path the penis enlargement much easier. If you can not afford this but still want to progress in penis enlargement I will post the first phase of the Matters of Size workouts.:

Phase One Routine
(Sample Times may be changed to fit your schedule)

6:30AM: Warm-up

Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each listed below

1) Pulling straight down: Once at maximum stretch hold for 30 seconds

2) Pulling straight down to the right: Once at maximum stretch hold for 30 seconds

3) Pulling straight down to the left: Once at maximum stretch hold for 30 seconds

4) Pulling straight up: Once at maximum stretch hold for 30 seconds

5) Cranking Rotary: Once at maximum stretch hold straight in front of you crank or rotate your penis for 30 cranks.


Basic Jelqing
For First 2 weeks 300 2 Second Jelqs

For rest of Phase One 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

1:00PM PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Before Bed: Testicle Health Massage

During phase one a very important part of you program will be the Warm-up. During this process you will be preparing your penis for exercise. It is important to warm up in order to loosen the ligaments and increase good blood flow. There are many different ways to accomplish this here are a few:

Heating Pad: A conventional heating pad works very well for warm-up. You can pick one up for under $14.00 and they create the perfect heating supply for warm-up. Wrap your penis in the heating pad, plug it in, set a comfortable temperature and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Hot Wrap: A hot wrap is a quicker, less expensive way to warm-up. With a standard washcloth fill you sink or tub with hot water. Soak washcloth until hot and wrap penis. Re-soak rag as it cools. This process should be done for about 5 minutes.

Oil rub Warm-up: With some basic baby oil heat in hot water or microwave very quickly (making sure it is not burning hot) when desired heat is reached work this oil into your penis in a deep massage. This massage should last 5 minutes.

Hot Tub, Shower or Bath: A warm-up can also be done in one of the previously mentioned places. If time allows a nice 10 minute soak really loosens things up and prepares you for exercise.

Now your penis is properly prepared for exercise.

Basic Stretching
After your warm-up in a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. This routine will change drastically over your entire program but for now we will be sticking with some rudimentary basics to prepare your self for Phase 2. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands grip your penis just below the head.

Basic Jelqing
Jelqing will become the building block for your gains. This method will help you build up strength and durability in your penis bringing you closer to the 2nd phase. With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The idea with this basic Jelq session is to prepare your penis for Phase two.

After your jelqing and stretching routine a warm down will aid in faster recovery and a more comfortable finish. Simply repeat the above warm-ups. Those using Vaseline or another oil based product may find that a wash-up with hot water and a washcloth may be an ample warm-down. For those with more time and privacy I used to do a heating pad wrap for an hour after my Jelq and stretch...this is not necessary for optimum growth only an added comfort.

PC Muscle Fitness/Kegels
DO NOT SKIP THIS...This may be the most important part of your workout.
This routine can be done on your morning drive, in class, in bed, pretty much anywhere. The benefits of doing these are a huge part of the Matters of Size program. In later phases of your program a mature, developed PC muscle will be paramount to future gains.

What is a kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To feel this muscle movement simply stop and start the flow of urine. This isolation of the PC muscle is a kegel.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?
Kegeling provides many benefits in addition to being very important to Phase 2

� Stronger Erections
� Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
� Larger head size
� Further ejaculatory Distance
� Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
� It can prevent prolapsed of pelvic organs
� It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

Testicle Health
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

Follow, learn and master these techniques as they will build the proper foundation to making gains.

4. Create a realistic goal for the short term and an ultimate goal for the long.

Many guys get into penis enlargement with the hopes of creating a 10" penis, and there is nothing wrong with this. What is important is setting up priorities. Lets say you are 6" right now and want 10" in the end. You will want to keep this ultimate goal in mind but set much smaller goals to get to tis size. penis enlargement does not give you inches like magic, it gives you inches with patience, mastering, and belief in the penis enlargement program you are using. 10" is feasible but getting there is an inch at a time. Expecting too much from penis enlargement will only discourage you. Having an ultimate goal and smaller progressive goals will get you to where you want to be with complete motivation.

5. Create a schedule that you will follow on a daily basis without fail.

So many men tell me that they have no time for penis enlargement. I can understand that people have very busy schedules but come on folks, you can't imagine 45 minutes a day to a huge penis? If you are like many you spend a couple hours watching TV. You may also lay in bed at night reading, whatever it is, there is time for your penis enlargement. If you can't find the time penis enlargement is not for you. I have programs that enlarge your penis when you go to the bathroom. I have created 100's of routines that are made to fit the user schedule. I have told men to either get up earlier or go to bed later. Whatever it take, do it or leave.

6. Master your penis enlargement routine, gain all you can with that routine and advance to new routines.

It is very important to gain all you can from a workout before progressing to the next. In my first 6 months I stayed with the newbie program (the program listed above) and during this time I gained 2". I only advanced when I gaied all I could. Again, joining the Matters of Size members site will show you, step by step how to advance as you gain.

7. Have complete, unwavering belief in yourself and your penis enlargement gains.

If you come into penis enlargement with disbelief you will exit it with nothing. Making the penis bigger is more of a mental thing than physical. It is important to think to yourself that pulling on the penis, or squeezing the erectile tissue will lengthen and thicken the is basic and easy. The problem with this is the disbelief many hold in their minds and these thoughts are poison that will cauterize the gains of penis enlargement. See what you want, fell it, act as if you already have it and accept the gift. If you understand these steps and follow them you will gain anything you choose.

8. Never allow your penis enlargement work interfere with any other part of your life.

penis enlargement is a manly thing. It is something that we do in a set time frame. After you are done with your routine get on with you day. DO not allow yourself to become obsessed over it. The more you obsess over it the longer it will take. In addition to this, thinking about penis enlargement all day will interfere with your relationships all day long. Do penis enlargement for you. Make gains in penis enlargement but most important keep penis enlargement in it's place.


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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hanging Weights, and Stretchers The NEW SCHOOL

Hanging Weights and Stretchers. Old School Vs. New School

I have used weight hanging as a functional (it works) form of Penis Enlargement for years now. My routines have always been on again, off again, but I still have made excellent length increases. 2 inches total so far. I�m back into hanging again after recently discovering a line of vacuum hanger and stretcher devices called the MV Hanger and MV EXT.

Back in the day, 1999 when I was first introduced to hanging weights via an internet Penis Enlargement forum, there was no such thing as MV Hanger. The only thing we weight hangers had access to were home made hangers under guidance of a forum member who went by the screen name BIB. BIB, his hangers were excellent for what they were at the time. A comfortable�well as comfortable as could be had�way to attach a weight or weights to the penis for an amount of time to induce a stretch which over time produces length gains. Why hang weights in the first place though? Well, the main reason that made the most sense for me, was the fact that with weight hanging, a man can maintain a stretch on the penis for many minutes vs. many seconds. A weight hanger does not get tired of pulling on a penis�.but a hand does.

Fast forward a couple or few years�it has been years since BIB started making a production model hanger�but when his products became available, a revolution took place in the area of weight hanging. Now, a man no longer had to do any guess work to make himself a working hanger. Now, he just had to buy one, learn how to use it, and the rest was up to his daily schedule, and commitment to his weight hanging routine.

The only issue: well, despite the advance in hanging design with BIBs products, they were still a compression device. Meaning, the penis had an outside force squeezing down on it, and cutting off blood flow to the glans. This has always been a limiting factor with these devices. To INCLUDE stretchers like the JES, and similar clones which use a noose, or strap attachment point. They all cut off blood flow to the glans, and therefore, wear time for the sake of long term penis HEALTH and erection function is limited to very short intervals. With the hangers it used to be 15-20 minutes MAX time before the hanger needed to be removed. With the stretchers of OLD (which are still being sold), an hour or so at most is the norm for wear time. Despite manufacturer claims of being able to wear their device (to attain results in a respectable time frame) for 8-12 hours daily.

NOW, fast forward several more years. The MV Hanger arrives! Finally, devices which allow a man to hang for hours at a time vs. only minutes. Another key benefit of the MV Hanger design, is that it can also be used as a stretcher. Using a simple bungee cord, or latex band with an ankle cuff �such as for kite boarding, or so called Love Cuffs. The cuff I describe is a simple, adjustable nylon ankle cuff with a metal hook for attaching leashes and bungees in our application. The one I own is made by Dakine which can be found via an internet search.

Back to MV Hanger, and a little more explanation. How is it possible to hang, or stretch for HOURS at a time vs. only minutes like with past hangers and stretchers? Well, mainly due to the revolutionary vacuum attachment design the MV Hanger uses. Imagine a tube similar in design to a penis pump. Now, cut that tube down to maybe 3 inches in length and reduce the diameter. You now have what resembles a short penis pump tube. There�s a hook permanently attached to the polycarbonate tube at the front of the tube, and a hose with a coupler for a hand pump attachment. A silicone sleeve fits over the bottom of the tube, and folds down over the flaccid penis. The penis is inserted into the tube with the sleeve folded up over the tube at first. Penis is inserted all the way into the tube, with the glans up against the front wall. The sleeve is now folded down over the penis, to form a seal. Hand pump is attached to the hose, and just enough vacuum is applied to complete the attachment. You are now ready to hang weights, or stretch. Because this MV Hanger attaches via vacuum, there is no compression on the penis. Blood flow is not reduced, nor restricted like with past products. Because blood flow is maintained with the MV hanger, and MV EXT Stretcher products, virtually limitless wear time is possible after a couple weeks of short wear times to acclimate the penis to vacuum training. The penis is pulled on like with past products but most of the pull is on the front of the penis, and glans. Due to the glans being interconnected with the inner penis, and other connective tissues, an excellent, length producing stretch is easily achieved.

Due to the unique design of the MV Hanger, it is now possible to buy ONE device, and have both a weight hanger, and penis stretcher all in one, unless of course a man does not want to hang weights at all, then perhaps he may buy the MV EXT Stretcher. I would still suggest buying the MV Hanger due to being able to use it as a strapped stretcher, which allows more tension than in a regular stretcher setup. Many, many thanks go out to the makers of the MV Hanger, and MV EXT Stretcher for continuing the Penis Enlargement revolution by giving men ONE MORE tool with which to produce permanent penis enlargement results. Hats off to you guys!


Yahoo: alexthegreat2kk


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Many Small Penises have you Encountered?

How Many Small Penises have you Encountered?�

This is a serious question and I think it is important for all you guys who are feeling down about their size should take to heart. Over the years I have seen quite a few penis's due to my involvement with penis enlargement. In addition, just like many of you, I have seen many penis's in porn and such. You would expect that a.) Since I have the largest penis enlargement in the world, with more than 100,000 members and growing every second, I would have seen a ton of small guys. and b.) My own experience, just like your own with natural porn, I must have seen a ton of small guys there. The truth is, I have seen very few small men.

Just to emphasize what average penis size is I will say it again. Length on average is 5.5", girth on average is 4.7". With that said, out of the millions of images I have come across less than 1% (a estimate) were small. Really think about this, how many have you seen? I mean, a woman, on average, has close to 10 partners in her time. Out of their partners it is nearly impossible for them to come across this. Strange but true. Some of you may be saying that you measure less than this but I challenge you to remeasure correctly and you will see that you are more than likely average or above.

When properly measuring length it is important that you follow this procedure as this is the medical procedure used in determining size. Take a solid ruler and while erect push the ruler firmly against your pubic bone and take the measurement to the extreme tip of your penis. Many guys think that a length measurement is where the skin starts to the tip but this is not true. If a 500 pound man has a 10" penis and 8" are covered in fat, he still has a ten inch penis. The same applies to you.

Some may still think they fall short and you guys are not alone. The reason penis enlargement is so successful at Matters of Size is because no matter what size you are it does not matter as you can now make it as big as you wish (within reason). Most men, again on average,gain an inch in length and .5" in girth very quickly. Even if you measure 4.5" you will still be able to become average quickly. If you see that you are average or above, well, you got a head start.

Men are more similar, sexually, than most would believe. The penis, regardless of silly stereotypes, is within the average range. At my penis enlargement forum practically every man who has posted a picture is average or above. This is not meant to make smaller men feel badly, it is simply a fact, just as penis enlargement will make you bigger.

Remember these thoughts when you are feeling down about penis size. Ignore a woman's comments about her past...they are as accurate as the pussy sizes you have encountered. Ignore silly stereotypes like race, body size, or any other difference in men...stereotypes are stereotypes because there is no truth to their accurancy...they are built from fear and insecurity.

See life through new eyes of clarity. �Allow yourself to be happy and enjoy this infinite place we dwell...


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Modern Phalloplasty: Procedures, and Results.

Most men are familiar with the concept of making their penis bigger. Usually, it�s through an unwanted email with outrageous claims such as add 3-5 inches in WEEKS!. There has been a literal explosion in the exposure to penis related advertising in the print, audio, and visual media within the last few years. T.V. commercials featuring Bob, countless pills, products, etc. Even subtle, and not so subtle size matters type advertising not even related to the penis is out there, and messes with the minds of every man exposed to it, and makes him think of his penis in one way or another. The purpose of this blog entry is not to tackle the �does size matter, or not� argument, rather to enlighten men about the advances made in the last several years in the area of Phalloplasty.

Many of us have heard the horror stories, and/or seen images of botched operations. A man goes in to have his most prized possession enlarged, only to come out smaller, or horribly disfigured. Fortunately, this is NOT the norm contrary to what the media may want you to believe. There are still a few quacks out there who for whatever the reasons are still practicing, and disfiguring men. There are also, and in greater number doctors practicing in this specialized field who know what they are doing, and care about the end result, and making their patients happy.

THIS is the focus of this blog entry. To share modern procedures that are available, and to describe them in detail. Phalloplasty is an elective procedure. Meaning, its not necessary to perform, but can be performed. It is in the category of plastic surgery, and thanks to financing options now available through companies such as Capital One (Capital One Health Care Financing) can be very affordable, and is no longer out of reach for most men with decent or better credit. Payments can be as low as $116 a month!

No Outbound Links Please

First, we�ll start with the most practiced procedures:

  • Penis Widening:

Penis Widening is making the penis thicker, or more girthy. There are two procedures for doing this.

1) Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafting (using Alloderm �)

2) Autologolous Dermal Grafting

Alloderm (Borrowed from

Core technology: AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue supplied by US AATB-compliant tissue banks utilizing the standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) requirements. Since AlloDerm is regarded as minimally processed and not significantly changed in structure from the natural material, the FDA has classified it as banked human tissue.

In other words, donated tissue that has been sterilized, and stripped of identifying cellular compounds which would make your body reject it. What�s left is basically an empty matrix of tissue ready for implantation, or grafting. In a matter of weeks your body begins to make it your own tissue. With Alloderm widening, typical first procedure result is an increase from ?� up to 1�. That may not sound like much, but I encourage you to make a paper cylinder measuring 5� in girth, and then one measuring 6� in girth. Compare the two visually, and based on how they feel in the hand. Big difference!

The doctor makes a curvilinear incision in the infra-pubic region at the base of the penis that approximately 2 inches in length and a second incision usually made approximately 5 mm proximal to the glans (the head) of the penis. This incision in necessary in order to insert the AlloDerm/Dermal grafting below the skin inside the front part of the penis for the girth enhancement procedure. Extreme precaution is taken to avoid major blood vessels and nerves. (From

Typical cost for Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafting: $13,000

Autologolous Dermal Grafting: This option uses the patients� own dermal tissue for the procedure. Performed the same as with Alloderm. Typical first procedure result is an increase from 1� up to 2�. Why the big difference? Alloderm comes in sheets, and requires more material to achieve a similar result to Dermal Grafting. Also, Alloderm costs more due to its processed, and patented nature.

Typical cost for Autologolous Dermal Grafting $12,000

  • Penis Lengthening:

Penis Lengthening is making the penis longer. The penis is held in place partially by the suspensory ligament. This ligament connects the upper base of the penis to the pubic bone. An incision is made in the skin of the pubic area above the base of the penis, and the ligament is severed, and the penis is allowed to advance forward of the body. Contrary to popular misconception, the penis does not flop downward, or around uncontrollably when erect post operation. Erection angle usually lowers, but not dramatically. 10-15% lower erection angle is typical. Typical result is an increase in length from 1� to 2� post operation with potential for more if proper post operation physiotherapy is followed. This includes the use of a vacuum weight hanger typically. Typical cost for lengthening $7,000

  • Glanular Enhancement:

Glanular Enhancement is making the glans (head) of the penis larger. This is done by inserting either Alloderm, or a Dermal Graft under the �ridge� area of the glans. Patients can expect up to a 30% increase in glans size from this procedure. With Alloderm the cost is typically $7,000. With Dermal Graft $6,000. Again the price difference is due to the higher cost of Alloderm.

  • Reconstruction Of Other Phalloplasty Surgeries:

As mentioned earlier, there are unfortunately some doctors practicing who should not be. Once in a while they botch a procedure, and corrective surgery is required. The smart men find another surgeon. The corrective surgery can sometimes only require repair, but most of the time complete reconstruction is required. With a widening procedure that needs correction, the tissue which was implanted is removed, and replaced. With lengthening surgery that needs correction, the suspensory ligament was usually not cut enough, and is severed more completely. Any other corrective procedure that needs to be done is assessed, and the patient is informed of what needs to be done. Cost depends on procedures required. Unfortunately, it may mean starting completely from ground zero.

I hope this blog entry has been informative, and enlightening. Maybe some misconceptions you may have had have now been resolved.

For more information about Phalloplasty, and a complementary consultation:

866 786 1048

On Yahoo: alexthegreat2kk

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Motivational Series: Part One: THE POWER


Part 1
Motivational Series by DLD
The power everyone holds, a power you have always had, a power of creation! You may have noticed many people who go through life that have one good thing after another come to them (I am one of these people) and have said, how do they do this? Perhaps it is a friend who just makes an abundance of money, maybe a co-worker who climbs the latter of success as if they owned it, maybe a person at the gym who effortlessly gets the body they want. There are so many examples that I could BLOG for days on these examples. It is a power , that we all possess, but these people no how to use it.

The funny thing is that this power is working in everyones lives whether bad or good, knowing or not. The thoughts they have, the things they see, the belief they have in these things and the ability to have these things whenever they choose. It is as if they are a huge magnet for whatever they desire and in many ways they are.

Each atom in our bodies has polarity, each atom is magnetic. Now considering all matter is made up of atoms (including the air you breath) allows us to get an understanding of how we are able to bring the things we want to ourselves through our attraction to these things.

I will give you a few personal example to help you better understand me. I had gained a lot of weight at one point in my life. Those that know me or have seen me in videos can vouch for this. I was fat and out of shape. This was not what I wanted, I wanted the perfect body. I wanted to shed every bit of fat from myself. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to be happy with my weight. Now before I even started a diet or exercise I had a picture of myself in my head. To give you the full understand of my process I will speak in the present tense and this is something any one of you can do and create the body you have always wanted.

In the mirror: I have a perfect body. Look at how muscular I am. I am lean and healthy. I exercise with complete dedication. I have lost more than 100 pounds. I am so proud of you. I get whatever I want and I have gotten the perfect body. I feel so happy and grateful now that I have this wonderful body. closing my eyes: Wow I feel so incredible when the girls look at me, I know that I look so sexy. I can attract anyone I chose (of course Jen is the one I attract:)) I have such a perfect presence that everytime I walk in a room everybody sees me and thinks I have a perfect body. I accomplish, create, attract and get anything I desire.

Even though the perfect body had not yet happened, in my mind it did. This self affirmation speech was one that I did over and over to the point that I was able to see that image in the mirror before the weight started to drop off.

I then would affirm the visualization with outward affirmation from people in the world. My affirmation was something like this: Everyday people get perfect bodies. Millions of people create the health they want. So many people walk around with a perfect physique. The world is full of those who get what they want everyday by believing it. The planet is packed with millions of men and women who are making positive changes all the time. At this moment there are millions of people looking at themselves and they have a beautiful body.

This is a very important part of the process because it allows me to create visual support from others who have done just what I desired. It allowed me to feel how they feel, see what they see, experience their incredible happiness. Wanting something needs to accompany feeling it. This combination sets those atoms in motion attracting everything you want with each positive thought.

I also realized that I needed to become a child again and explore an imagination land. A place where I could pretend I was the perfect bodied man I envisioned. Things like talking out loud saying, wow I lost 5 pounds today, I am a master of creating a perfect body. Perhaps I would pretend I was in a gym and flexing in front of the mirror. Squinting helped me combine the visions of reality with those of inner reality. I was playing fun games presenting and playing out many situations that were based around my getting a perfect body. At first this, and perhaps other things you will read in this article, will weird or embarrassing but it is important to push through that and truly believe the things I am telling you.

I started this quest at 260 pounds (or there about). I am 5' 10" so it was a bit too much :) As my mental affirmations continued I started the physical parts of my diet. I first decided that I would fast for 28 days. During this period my food intake was extremely limited. I started my day with a small bowl of raisin brand, a banana at lunch, raisin brand at night. I would occasionally allow myself a non-fat yogurt. I took no supplements. I drank more than 2 gallons of water a day. And 45 minutes before bed I took two tablespoon of sugar (something a diabetic would not want to so.) I will explain the sugar in the exercise paragraph. This was my daily regiment for 28 days, no excuses.

Next was my exercise training. I kept it very simple. I would wake at about 6:00 AM and eat my breakfast (emphasis on fast) and do some basic stretches to loosen up. I ran 2 miles. At first I could walk 1 mile but with everyday the walks became more brisk until I was jogging. This took about a week to become used to. After my run I would do a very quick muscle workout. Basically 50 pushups, 50 abdominal crunches, 50 shoulder presses against a wall. I also had a long weight bar. I had no weights so I used a full paint can on each side. I did 3 sets of 10 shoulder presses above the head style, 3 sets of 10 biceps curls 3 sets of 8 lunges and 3 sets of 8 squats. I covered all muscle groups. This took about 30 minutes.

I then would relax and do my meditations as written above. After that I would have my lunch and go on with my day. I was staying with my friend doing some video work but that was mainly in the evening so I kept myself busy doing jobs around his house. It was important to keep motion. I would cleanup the workshop, do yard work, wash the car, etc. Any job I saw I would do my best to do it. This kept me occupied until dinner. After dinner I would usually relax and watch a movie. It is very important to keep this fun.

Approximately 45 minutes before bed I would make a sugar water with 2 tablespoons of real sugar. I then would take a brisk 15 minute walk around the block (big block in Florida). My theory behind the sugar was very simple. I wanted instant energy to do my walk and the sugar gave me that. I also wanted to be able to sleep when I got home and the sugar helped this too. When the body takes in a simple sugar the glycemic index is elevated for a short period. During the elevation I had great energy to walk. Eventually the glycemic index sharply crashed below a normal level for a period of time and this is when I felt tired enough to sleep. It worked like a charm.

The next day came and I did the same thing. My thoughts were predominately positive. When a doubt would present itself I automatically replaced it with a positive one. My mind was focused on one thing, getting a perfect body quickly.

I lost about 2-3 pounds daily. Sometimes I would gain one but it would be dropped off the next day by 2 pounds. At the end of my fasting period I had lost more than 70 pounds! I weighed in at 189 pounds. I was becoming! Over the next couple of months I eventually weighed 140 pounds with not one bit of fat on my body. In about 3 months I had lost 120 pounds. The man and the picture matched.

This experience may sound farfetched but it was witnesses by thousands, if not millions of people. I had done an interview for one of my sites where my weight was obviously very high. You could see it, I may have looked more than 260. This interview was on a beech. I will provide some pictures. 3 short months later I did a interview on Europe's Channel 4 where my body was 100% different. I was slim, fully muscular and had what I believed to be a perfect body. Needless to say many people came to me for help in this. I had even created a site exclusively showing this type of mental/physical connection. A site that teaches how to acquire anything you want. I have yet to release it but I have a picture in my mind and I already know when I drop it it will be massively successful...To me it is already!

I can also give an example of how my ability to attract the things I desire worked in another way, a way that is continuing to grow as I type this. I started a mens sexual health and exercise site called Matters of Size. I launched it in 2002-2003. Before I had even had the site I knew it was a success. In it's humble beginnings I faced adversities that would have made many toss in the towel. At points I would even have a doubt creep up but I knew that I could replace it with a positive one and I did so. My forum membership started with about 25 members. This was not a great following as other, similar sites had much more members. Again, I did not even acknowledge these places. The place I had created in my head had already become the biggest site, of it's kind, in the world. Over the next few months thousands of men started becoming members. The forum was filled with positive men who were contributing incredible information to the forum. Many of the men experts in their field. It was, again, becoming. This is a important word to hold in the mind.

5 years later, today, I have the biggest Men's Sexual Health Forum in the world. The forum has more than 120,000 members! Everyday this number grows and grows and it will continue to following the picture I have in my mind. It is not imaginary even though for a long time I pretended.

Einstein said "If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales; if you want them to be really smart, read them more fairy tales" I want you to burn this quote in your mind and remember that you will always be a child, never let that go. It is not a mistake that this quote came from Einstein, his fairy tales manifested the greatest discover in physics, RELATIVITY. There are many quotes from Einstein. Here is a good site that lists many of them: After reading these quotes you will know, without a doubt, that Einstein practiced many of the concepts of this article. He became the image he had always held in his head...HE BECAME!

I have written much on this topic over the years but I really never put it down in an academic way that will teach you how to do what I do, what thousands do, make every desire a reality. I will outline the steps you will take and after reading and learning this article it will change your life forever. You will become the master of your universe. Whether it is money, success, health, relationships, anything, you will know how to make these things a reality.

A very incredible part of this process are things that seem coincidental but believe me when I say they are not coincidences. As you practice these methods and learn them your mind will become open to many signs all around you. Have you ever thought about a song that you love and when you turned on the radio it was there? Have you ever had writers cramp and out of nowhere someone says exactly what you needed to break the cramp? Have you ever wanted someone to come into your life and they came? Have you ever thought about you family and they call? These are not coincidences, these are you creating the visions of your thoughts. You are universal, your consciously belongs to you and you alone. You are the master of your universe and in that infinite place you create everything in your life.

Part 2, Capturing a Thought

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