Monday, March 31, 2008

Discovering and Loving You

For so many men in the world self worth comes from the outside. They judge themselves on many physical levels that only make their self worth dwindle. Men compare themselves to other men who are considered "perfect" by societies views and make their own potential perfection inaccessible.

I learn more and more every day and since I am in the penis enlargement business, I meet many men. It seems that men judge themselves on a sexual level before anything else. When seeing themselves naked they truly do not see themselves. They see the pains and disappointments of the past. They see a distorted view of most parts of their body but many see their penis as the biggest problem.

There is millions of inquiries on penis enlargement every week. Men are searching for a way to make themselves more manly and penis enlargement seems like the logical place to start. After all a big penis makes a man the best he can be, doesn't it? I mean, if a man does penis enlargement and creates a massive penis his life, however fucked up it is, will become all better, right? No!

Imagine a woman with serious issues and a low self opinion. She has always had small breasts and she gets the chance to make them bigger, as big as she likes. In her mind every problem she has will be corrected as soon as her breasts are large. Her problems span from losing her job and having her bills become un-payable to an awful, abusive relationship with her current boyfriend and thinking she is fat. So many problems but she really thinks that larger breasts will fix everything. She gets the breasts she has always wanted and she is extremely happy. She goes home and rides this wave of happiness until it starts to break apart. She realizes her breasts will not pay the bills or get her a respectable job. Her abusive boyfriend enjoys her breasts also but the underlying relationship she has with him soon surfaces and becomes bad once again. She thought having bigger breasts would make her body look better. Even though she has a very beautiful body she still sees herself as fat, even with the new breasts. See my point?

It is easier for men to see their own penis issues by using females as an example. With men the same line of thought becomes ever present, especially after they find penis enlargement. I have worked with so many men who have problems with their relationships, confidence, the way their face looks, their lack of muscle, their baldness, almost any outward problem...the penis being at the top of the list. Their hopes, when they speak with me, is that penis enlargement will change all of this. After they see that penis enlargement truly works and they are getting the penis size they have always wanted they become disillusioned because penis enlargement or a larger penis has not cured the rest of their problems.

I am not trying to discourage any man from doing penis enlargement, on the contrary. ONE of their outward problems is their penis and they have found a way to change that. They have found a solution and it really works. I have always told men in penis enlargement that when they start making penis gains to ride that wave of happiness and let it flow into all parts of their lives. Not in the sense that it will cure their other problems but using the wave of happiness to believe they can begin to work on other parts of themselves.

Any outward issue can be changed, it is very easy and seeing the steps they have taken in penis enlargement they can use to change, for the better, their other problems. The steps look something like this:
Asking for a bigger penis, trusting and having faith to the point that they can see themselves with it before it even happens and allowing themselves to manifest it for real. Keeping these steps in mind it becomes evident that problems are really not problems, they are opportunities to learn and better yourself.

Again, making outward changes is incredible and the confidence, happiness and pride they receive from these changes is awesome but the inside needs to change also. When you are able to make positive changes inside while changing outside the result is complete happiness.

I want to get into the topic of this post now. What does "Discovering and Loving You" mean? My description of this is seeing yourself as perfect in all ways and seeing the miracle of the life you have within. Perfection, to most, will seem like something that is not attainable. We are taught that we need to accept the imperfections in our lives because, in many cases, they can't be changed...Is this wise? Does acceptance denote the accompanying negative feelings? When you think of your problems, that seem unchangeable, does acceptance make anything better?

My Son told me that everything is perfect because everything in this moment is a creation of God, therefore it must be perfect. Recognizing that we posses a spiritual life within ourselves one must see this as perfect. With the spirit within you can create anything you want, including your penis. Think about this way, you see a picture in your mind, the picture only exists in your mind, it has taken no physical manifestation yet. You become inspired and grab a sketch pad and draw this picture in your mind...what has just happened? A miracle has happened, you created something out of nothing and it is real, it is now on your wall, see?

Lets say that art is something you are good at and you create many beautiful pictures that you love. This is something that comes from within therefore you love yourself with completeness as the artist within. It feels good and it is real, these pictures started with a thought, a simple vision and you, as an artist, created a reality that is like nothing in the world.

The example above is only one way to love yourself but if you really look deep inside you will see many things that you love about yourself. You will see the perfect life within you and it is easy to see that this is where loving yourself begins. The happiness you feel when you see these qualities you posses is unavoidable.

Make a list of all the good things you are. Maybe you are a great Dad, a loving man, an awesome tennis player, a great auto mechanic, a great writer, and the lists goes on. Sit down and really search yourself only seeing the positive qualities and write them down. Carry this list with you everywhere and add to it as you grow in self love and become happier and happier. Use this list to boost your spirits when you feel that you are judging yourself. Read this list before you sleep and when you awake. You will soon grow INSIDE and with this inside growth your outside will change, it will have no choice.

I was one of the men who got into penis enlargement because of my inner self loathing. When I saw that penis enlargement really worked I was convinced that it would heal so many issues. It did not, as a matter of fact many of my issues became worse. Even after I gained a lot of penis size I still saw my penis as it was before I started. This only confirmed other problems in my life and my discouragement made self-love almost impossible. It was only when I started to see who I truly am inside that I was able to see my penis enlargement changes. The more I loved myself the bigger my penis appeared. This became the backbone of my life. If I could create a bigger penis and truly feel and see it, I could change anything.

From nothing I have created the biggest penis enlargement site in the world. I knew this was going to happen long before it did. I became an awesome artist and I create so many works of art that I love, they hang on my walls and I love to look at them. I make hip hop beats and they are incredible, I start with just a inspirational thought and as I sit there making the beat I see creation in process...pure perfection. I surround myself with the good qualities I have within and the outward manifestation of these qualities, whether they be a painting or helping a man make his penis and mind bigger. It is very hard for me to see myself, physically, as anything more than perfect and completely happy.

I carry a list in my pocket along with a little stone my Son gave me. Every-time I see it I am reminded of the good parts of myself. As I feel happier and happier the bad just disappears. It sounds so simple and that is because it is. Believe me, as you make changes in your life and begin to see your own inner perfection things like penis enlargement become as easy as boiling an egg.

Some may be sitting there thinking that your problems are too big to change and I am here to say that if you believe this they will be too big to change. By the same token, if you are sitting there thinking that you have opportunities and believing you can change or make the most of them, they will become easy to change.

Enter penis enlargement from within. Make your penis bigger before you even start penis enlargement. See your penis as the way you want it. Embrace this vision and allow yourself to feel it, feel it deep from within. The rest of penis enlargement is easy, just do it. I like to tell men that anything they want is on the ground in front of them, they only need to pick it up.


You can not Love Anything Until You Love Yourself!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Penis Enlargement and Fears of Injury

If any of you have been into penis enlargement for a while and have visited the various penis enlargement forums you probably heard many new users of the danger of manual penis enlargement. On the Matters of Size penis enlargement forums it is one of the most popular questions from newbies getting involved with penis enlargement for the first time. Some of the fears include loss of erection angle, suffering erection quality, premature ejaculation, and just straight up injury. First let me quiet your fears as it has been very rare that I have seen men injure themselves or suffer any of the above problems.

My reason for starting penis enlargement (aside from the hopes of a larger penis) was to increase my erection strength. I was taking some medications at the time that made getting solid erections difficult. After I read some information on natural penis enlargement I decided to give it a go. If you have read my total experience in penis enlargement you already know that the enlargement worked very nicely. As for the erection problems I had before starting penis enlargement, well this is where I saw the power of penis enlargement first. Within my first week or two my erection strength went up to full capacity. I was getting better erections than I did as an 18 year old! This was the first part of penis enlargement that got my committed to the other promises of penis enlargement.

Some of the promises that were ahead of me included quite the opposite of the injuries guys feared. Pre-mature ejaculation never became an issue. As a matter of fact, after some time in penis enlargement I was able to last a very long time. I also was able to get a erection very quickly after orgasm. Some nights I would have sex 4 times in a row! This was a bonus, so much so that it was never like this before penis enlargement (even as a teen). Today I can masturbate and orgasm 3-4 times in a hour period suffering no erection strength. I do not do this everyday but maybe once or twice a month I give it a go and it never ceases to amaze me.

My erection angle was the second thing I noticed to improve after starting penis enlargement. With the help of the penis enlargement exercises and a solid pelvic floor muscle routine my angle increased more and more. At times it would almost touch my belly button straight up at 12:00! This was another thing that amazed me that was completely the opposite of mens fear of losing their angle due to penis enlargement. With penis enlargement surgery loss of erection angle is almost inevitable. Due to how the penis enlargement surgery is done (clipping the suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone) erection angle is a huge side effect. Not to mention many others. But, my experience in penis enlargement has only proven to make these things a great improvement.

The penis enlargement exercises that are a staple at Matters of Size may seem weird or scary at first but in many ways they are as safe as masturbation. The basic penis enlargement techniques, jelqing and stretching, are easy to do and quite safe. The risk involved is about that of rough masturbation of sex...kind of a turn on:) The bonus to all this penis enlargement is actual penis enlargement!

I have injured my penis during my active penis enlargement work. This injury was not due to penis enlargement as it was an injury I got while measuring my penis. The ruler I used somehow slipped or I was using too much pressure (not sure) but I got a small tear in my frenulum, the piece of skin that is at the base of the penis head and connects to the shaft on the underside of your penis. This took about 2 weeks to completely heal but today there is no problems whatsoever. Needless to say I measure with much more care now:)

I am only one guy and I think it is a good idea for you to join my forums to read about other penis enlargement users experience. The forums, as many know, are free. There are thousands of guys there and thousands of threads to look through. Read up and research before you start any penis enlargement program but it is not as scary as it sounds.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Locker Room Anxiety: Penis Enlargement Help

I recently, as I have on many occasions, heard a man talking about anxiety over his flaccid penis size in the changing room. This is something that most men, who are into bodybuilding, swimming, gym class, etc. have to deal with quite often. I remember way before penis enlargement I attended school in a mostly black school (I guess this is why I have so much knowledge on black and white penis size being not much different.) but after daily gym we all shared a large shower room and locker room. Of course, just like most men, I was curious to the penis size of other men. When I would compare myself I was quite a matter of fact I never really noticed anyone that was noticeably larger. I bring up the black/white thing because a.) it is what I grew up with and b.) it is the biggest sexual misconception in race difference. It wasn't until years later when I owned a gym in a predominately white area that I saw white men nude. Again, the difference was not too noticeable. Actually in all my experience in these situations I remember 5 penis's that stick out (figuratively) to me. One was an old white dude that had a very long flaccid penis. two were noticeably smaller than any I have seen but since I learned about growers (men who have a small flaccid size but a big erect size) and growers (being the opposite) I never paid that too much mine. And finally one black or spanish (can't remember) that was as long as I am flaccid. The rest I only remember as normal, the same.

In penis enlargement I have seen many men in flaccid state. Some bigger than others but I always take the fluffing factor into the whole deal. Fluffing is when a man gets himself semi-erect before taking a picture or even entering the changing room. I always thought how wonderful it would be to be in that state always:) Again, in penis enlargement, I have seen many erect penis's with very little variation in size. SOme thicker some longer but only by small increments. Of course their are many men who are larger or smaller at the high and low end of the average spectrum but, predominately, most are equal.

Being in a situation where you are surrounded by other naked men can play some serious tricks on a guy. Most men, by nature, when seeing other naked men, immediately compare themselves and see the other man as larger. Recently my Son came to me saying how he saw one of his friends penis's and it was huge. After we had a long discussion siting many of the things in this BLOG he had a new perspective. One day weeks later he was out with this friend, a girl and another boy. Kids do this thing called "pantsing" where when the unsuspecting boy has his pants pulled down. In this case they were shorts and it was the girl who did the pantsing. When he saw the boy, who he thought was huge, again he was amazed to see that he was not as big as he thought. As a matter of fact he was similar if not smaller them him. All this came about with some simple shifts in self perspective.

In my many years in penis enlargement I have taught men how to optimize their penis size and and lessen the "turtling" effect. See any of my posts on this BLOG or other sites (, concerning penis enlargement and increasing flaccid size. I am more interested in the mental perspective men may have.

The fact is, you are more than likely, very normal and similar to 90% of the men out there. Actually encountering the other 10% is unlikely. The ones that have I can hear sighing right now:) Something my Mother always taught me that has stuck is that people are more concerned with their own insecurities than looking at mine. Be assured that even if men may poke fun it is purely out of their own fears and insecurities. My advice is to learn to fluff:)

And if you are below average does it really matter? I mean, does it really matter now that you have found penis enlargement? With penis enlargement you can make your penios as large as you want, with your mind you can make it as small as you want. The trick is getting both on a positive track. Change your thoughts and become a big man inside and out.


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Penis Enlargement: Do Adult Actors Use It?

Penis enlargement has been around, most likely, since the stone age. I can imagine early forms of penis enlargement, some cave man hanging a rock off his penis or tying it to a tree branch and hanging. The thing I do know is they must of know about penis enlargement to some degree. I imagine that modern, manual, penis enlargement started a few thousand years ago. It is said to have originated in the Middle East where, at the age of around 13, the father would teach his son how to enlarge his penis. Rumor says that these boys would gain up to a 14" penis using the penis enlargement methods. This, of course, is silly but I have no doubt that the penis enlargement teachings are true. Coming up through the millenniums penis enlargement survived in it's manual form. WHen I say manual penis enlargement I mean penis enlargement done by hand.

Today penis enlargement has come a long way thanks to the internet. Before the internet came along penis enlargement was something you could read about in adds in the back of magazines. It was always a penis enlargement pump and it usually featured some 70's actor. You never really heard about manual penis enlargement. I think that it was a widely practiced art but it was kept secret by the privileged that knew about it through family tradition or in the confidence of friends. It was really not that hard to keep penis enlargement secret as there was no "mass" way to find out about it. Since the dawn of the internet there are no secrets. You can find out about manual penis enlargement by doing a search online. With a little bit of time and research getting past the commercial penis enlargement bullshit many men fall upon penis enlargement sites like this one and a few others that openly teach manual penis enlargement methods.

For many of us we watch porn and this is pretty much the only time we really see an erect penis other than our own. In this light many guys see these men as being huge. Some of them are even massive, almost unbelievable. Watching porn and having knowledge of penis enlargement makes many of us wonder just how many of these guys do penis enlargement. In some guys it is obvious that they do as there are tell tale signs of natural penis enlargement. Penis enlargement signs include a muscular, veiny appearance due to increased girth and blood flow. Slight penis, discoloration as this happens post-penis enlargement workout. Fluid retention due to penis enlargement pumping. Small white stretch marks from penis enlargement stretching. Hair that appears to be growing a bit above the shaft due to a lengthened penis. In some cases I have seen guys doing penis enlargement movements during sex. Things like dry jelqing or hand clamping at the base and some other discreet movements. In many ways it is obvious that many of these men know about penis enlargement. The gentleman who models on the front page of the main Matters of Size site, Raul from Bang Bros., is an avid pumper and a few other guys from the same studio know about penis enlargement too as I taught them a few things.

The thing I really want to know is do people like Mandingo, Lex Steel or any of the other massive actors do penis enlargement. If so where did they start, size-wise and how long did it take to get to the massive size they have. Also, what penis enlargement methods did they use. Looking at Mandingo there is some slight scaring at the head of his penis which may mean he knows about penis enlargement hanging but it is hard to know for sure.

I think that if many of these men do know about penis enlargement they probably keep it within the circles of the people they work with. I have created more than 200 penis enlargement exercises but I can't help wonder if they know something we don's????

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Monday, March 03, 2008

New Penis Enlargement Stretch: DLD DOUBLE ROTARY

OK, this is the newest stretch I have been working on. Not sure if anyone has tried this but it is crazy intense. I tried to shoot a movie on my phone but it takes to hands to do the stretch and every time I tried to balance the phone just right it fell over. I have a better camcorder that I will set up tonight to show the stretch, I will also illustrate it. The stretch is quite simple but it is very powerful.

Double Rotary Stretch

This stretch is performed in a completely flaccid state. I like laying down in bed while doing it as it is much more comfortable. You can do the standing, it is up to you. Take one hard and grip your penis just below the head using an OK grip. This grip and position is identical to basic Rotary Stretches.��Pull your penis straight out. Using your other hand grip your penis at the base using an OK grip. If you are long enough you can grip it with a complete fist grip (this is what I do.) Now, do the Rotary stretch as if you were operating a hand drill. The top hand is rotating clockwise while the bottom is rotating counter clockwise. I go for as long as I can until my hands get tired, rest for a bit and go again a few more times. It is a very intense stretch. You can also change the penis position with this stretch as you can with the normal Rotary Stretches, ie: up, to the left, to the right, down.

If I were to set up sets for a routine I would do something like this:

1 set of 30 rotations upward.
1 set of 30 rotations downward.
1 set of 30 rotations to the left.
1 set of 30 rotations to the right.
1 set of 30 rotations straight out.

It is a solid length routine ass is but you can still incorporate other stretches into the mix if you want.



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