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How can I increase my flaccid penis size?

For many men flaccid penis size is more important than erect. �Although general penis enlargement will increase your flaccid penis size there are some things you can do that will help speed the process. �Fluctuation�in penis size, while soft, is obvious during weather changes, mental and emotional issues, diet, exercise and other environmental reasons. �Men would love to have their best flaccid size all the time so we will explore this.

The penis can be trained to hang low and long despite the various mental and environmental. �This can be done in several ways. Buying a Vimax Extender is the best way to accomplish this but not everyone can swing the cost so there are other methods. �

If you are sitting for most of the day you can use the Lazy Ass Stretches. �This is where the flaccid penis is stretched through the legs and when you have it at a maximum stretch you simply sit on it. �You can adjust your seated position to increase resistance. �

Another method is called Uncle Jims Strapping Method. This is where a ACE Bandage is used to hold the flaccid penis in it's extended state for 30-60 minutes at a time. �You pull your flaccid penis straight out and start to wrap the ACE Bandage at the extreme base and wrap as you go up. �The goal is to get the penis to it's most extended state and using the wrap to keep it extended. �After �this time you simply unwrap your penis, massage back good circulation, re-strap and go about your day remembering to reset every hour of so. �

There is also something called Lock Hanging. �Here is a illustration and instructions

As I said earlier, general penis enlargement will increase your flaccid size as your erect size grows. As a matter of fact the first place men see gains is in flaccid size. I found that using the above ideas in conjunction with general penis enlargement gave me flaccid gains at record speeds.

Diet is also important to a good flaccid size. Andrew John of said, "Food not only gives you the fuel that keeps your body going all day long, but it is also what keeps you fit. The daily nutrients that food gives you help to keep you healthy and well nourished. Not to mention that food can be very enjoyable and a real pleasure in life. Without food we would not stay in good physical shape or happy.

What you might not know about food is that it can also control the size of your penis. It is true that a healthy diet can keep your blood flowing, even in your groin area. Not many people are aware of this because they don�t understand what your diet can truly do for your body. The main components of food are called vasodilators which work by relaxing the muscles that make up all of your blood vessels. Foods that include these are vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. Also, foods such as salmon, eggs, milk, tuna, and liver also contain vasodilators." (SOURCE)

In addition to diet exercise is also good not only for good circulation to the penis but you will also lose fat which will allow more of your penis to show. Most overweight men can lose up to 3" of penis in their fat pads (fat at pelvic bone.) Losing weight and getting in shape will allow your penis to hang lower and longer plus giving a visual WOW when the fat pad is gone.

Penis enlargement can leave the penis dry and turtling after an intense session. I found that this is where a warm-down is good in penis enlargement. There are a few different ways to do a warm-down. I will give you 2, one longer than the other. When I have time I like to use the heating pad method. I apply about a dime sized dollop of hydrocortisone cream or ointment to my penis. I massage it in until my penis is nice and moist. After my penis is relaxed and moist I wrap an electric heating pad around my penis and keep it there as long as I can. This obviously requires a lot of privacy but it is the best method. If time and privacy do not allow this try a simple wash cloth warm down. This takes about five minutes. Again, apply the hydrocortisone to your penis, but use the ointment so it will not be washed away during warm-down. Rub it in until it has absorbed. Take a wash cloth and soak it in warm to hot water (nothing that will burn you.) Wrap penis and repeat every minute for 5 minutes.

Why Hydrocortisone? The benefits of this cream are many. In penis enlargement it serves 2 very important purposes. First it works as a moisturizer. As I said, penis enlargement can leave the skin dry and H.C. will keep this from happening. It also eliminates any itchiness you many experience in penis enlargement. After I stretch I know my penis feels itchy due to the broken down tissue and stretched skin. H.C. eliminates all of this.

Training the penis to stay extended is simply that, training. After a short time you will notice your penis no longer turtles. There is nothing better than a low, long hanging penis and these are the ways to do it.


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