Monday, April 20, 2009


A very popular penis enlargement question is, Does penis enlargement work at any age? This is a great question and one I have a few answers to. First and most importantly, Yes, penis enlargement works at any age. My next thought is How early can one start penis enlargement? I think at the onset of puberty is a great time to start penis enlargement and it is the time that penis enlargement gains may come the quickest since it is in it's natural state of growth. Taking advantage of these growth hormones through penis enlargement exercise could prove to be the fastest way to gain. In my own experience, long before penis enlargement, I did a "kind of" penis enlargement unknowingly (this could explain why I had an above average starting size in penis enlargement.) I used to have a habit of pulling on my penis. I did it constantly and was always yelled at by my parents to "keep my hands out of my pants" Well, I didn't and I think that is where I got the extra inch of penis from. I believe if I did a solid penis enlargement program, while going through puberty, I would have gained much more...Thank God I found penis enlargement.

Now, on the upper end of the age meter we have men in their senior years inquiring if penis enlargement would work for them. I can't tell you how many guys I have as customers who are above 65. Out of all of my customers, one older fellow (75) made some of the best gains anyone has made. He started at 4.5 and is now over 8"....Simply incredible! Plus, the exercises will help older guys with blood flow to that area, keeping you with hard erections. My answer to age limits in penis enlargement is there are none.

I started penis enlargement at about 6" x 4.75" and I was 32. I went on to gain 4" in length and 2" of girth. Age is really no factor at all in penis enlargement. My only advice is to not become too obsessed with it. Realize it does work, do the exercises and live on with your day. The gain will come. Especially younger guys, penis size is not that important, make sure you live ALL areas of your life to the fullest.


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