Monday, June 29, 2009

New Penis Enlargement Device: The Length Master by Matters of Size

This is a brand new penis enlargement stretcher device called the Length Master. In penis enlargement there are 3 "most" effective length exercises being hanging, power assisted stretches and the hot new stretch Bundles. Hanging is a very quick way to make length gains and the Length Master has an ingenious penis hanging device. When removed from the power assist the hanger is easily and painlessly attached to the penis. The Length Master hanger is extremely comfortable and able to handle a lot of weight. The comfort and grip is made from leather suede which offers unmatched grip with no pinching or pain. As you move up into heavier weights I suggest you also pre-wrap your penis (which is easy and can be watched on my free forum). I set the attachment bolts far from the penis allowing for almost no apparent stress points as much of the stress is taken evenly across the device...Simply ingenious. As the hanger is on it also gives enough space so that the penis can be stretched using the hangers edges as mini-handlebars. When the hanging device is reconnected to the power assist stretcher the user can use this combined device to do the all new Power Assisted Bundled Stretches. This is easily understood at the length potential by watching this comical video:

As you can see, when the penis is comfortably strapped into the length master he can pretty much do the stretching that the man is in the video. This would be extreme but it can be done, on a lighter level, to produce the fastest possible penis enlargement length gains. When the penis (in flaccid state) is bundled, or twisted, it can be stretched producing much faster length gains than if it were not bundled. This will be the biggest thing in future penis enlargement as I believe this stretch, using the Length Master will deliver length gains faster than any other method.

When the hanging/bundled device is disattached from the Length Master it is custom designed Power Assist with some suped up modifications from the other Power Assist. This version sports arched arms in the natural curve of your legs so it's "point" of center is a full inch lower than the Power Assist 1. These arched arms also serve to enhance the strength of the outer arms. WIth this modified version strength is increased by more than 100%! Another thing you will notice is solid 1 piece ash. VERY SRONG! The surface is hand sanded to a silky smooth finish. The wood is then treated, dried and finished. It is a marval just in it's appearance. You could have this in your living room and it would pass for art.

It is a true PE'ers dream, and INVESTMENT with a price of $180.00 with shipping! This price seems big at first but when you add up the product list you can see the price sore and this is why I am only selling 20 pieces. The lucky 20 will be the voice for if we make a permanent production run.

It can be ordered by PAYPAL only. Send payment of $169.00 + $10 shipping to

If you do not win one of the 20 I will promptly refund your money. I truly hope to make this a permanent MOS installment.


Did I say it was lined with powerful magnetics!?

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