Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penis Enlargement Size Increase Averages

I think one of the most popular questions, in penis enlargement, I am asked is how much penis size can I gain and how long will it take. When I first started penis enlargement I really was not looking for increased penis size, even though I would take it, but my main focus was getting harder erections. This was probably why I gained so much as I was not focused on the how and when of the gains I was more focused on the exercises and motivation to do the penis enlargement work. Within my first 120 days I gained 2" in length and a considerable amount of girth. Up until that point I was fairly ignorant to penis enlargement in general. I had a couple exercises that I found that I was following but as far as communication with other men who were doing penis enlargement I knew nothing. When I first found out what average gains were when I finally found a forum that was focusing on penis enlargement I was blown away. Men were making gains of about 1/2" in a year or more doing penis enlargement. If I had not seen the gains I was making first hand I would have never ever started penis enlargement. 1/2" was something I saw in weeks and my initial 2" gain came in 6 months. I found out quickly that there was little if any work done in original penis enlargement exercises. I knew, up to this point, that I had a handful of exercises I created and it was obvious that these exercises were the reason I gained so much.

Soon after I started to share my exercises with the forum I was on other men started to make the same, measurable, gains. This through a huge curve in the average growth rate and cycle. Still, to this day, there has been only a few who have worked hard enough to get the gains I have made (4" in length and 2" in girth) but things were changing. The main exercise that aided in the gains I made was the DLD Blasters. This exercise became a staple in every man's toolbox in penis enlargement. Things started to change for the masses in the penis enlargement world.

To this day the average gains have and are still increasing. To the starting guys who wonder what they can gain and how long it will take, well this has come closer to my gains and time frame. I would say that the average gains and time men can expect changes looks something like this. 1 inch in length and .5" in girth in a 6 month period. If you are following the Matters of Size routines closely and stay motivated you will realize at least these gains. In many cases men will surpass these penis enlargement averages. I think that someone who joins the Matters of Size penis enlargement site and follows through with each Phase they will see gains that are similar to my own. You see, the Matters of Size penis enlargement program follows the same exercises and routines I used to make the gains I have. The world's most powerful, effective penis enlargement program is MOS. We offer a 200% money back guaranty and in 10 years we have never given a refund putting the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program in the 100% success rate.


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