Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The TRUE story on Male Enhancement Pills or Penis Enlargement Pills

I have been in the penis enlargement business for about a decade and if there were a pill that would produce REAL penis enlargement gains every man would be taking them and the average sized penis would be much larger than it currently is. What do penis enlargement pills do? Basically they increase blood flow to the penis and allow for better erections. Many of the pill users may see this as a penis enlargement gain when really all it is is a better erection. The pills also, due to increased blood flow, allow for a better hanging penis while flaccid. Again, this is not a gain but an enhancement of sorts, your best potential. Penis enlargement pills do serve a purpose in natural penis enlargement when used to supplement girth work. For some men keeping a good erection level during girth work is difficult and the penis enlargement pills will help in the girth work. Our penis enlargement pills formula is identical to the other 100 pills on the market but our price is much lower. The reason I decided to create a penis enlargement pill is because VIAGRA was becoming too expensive to take on a daily basis for girth work.

Think about penis enlargement pills like this. You would not walk into a gym and ask for a muscle supplement that you could take, without doing any training, that would give you muscle. You would never expect this but when you take the muscle supplement in addition to a good workout then you will make faster gains. Taking a penis enlargement pill without training is the same logic, you will never make gains, you will simply have better potential to make gains IF you trained.

Taking a penis enlargement pill is a wise decision if you are training with it. If you take it alone you will simply be wasting you money. IN NO WAY do you need to take a supplement to make gains. If you do the exercises as I have put them forth you will make gains.


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