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    Electic Stimulation For Penis Enlargement

    A few years ago I bought electrical stimulation device that promised to help gain muscle. It definitely worked the muscles but left 1 muscle on my arm twitchy for month! I did not use it much after that its really more for those who have trouble using their muscles. It really kills the development of the brain->muscle connection since the contractions are all being done by electrical currents (so I have read anyway).

    That being said I saw this machine in another room where it has been sitting for years and decided to try it out again. I had this feeling I didn't really give it a long enough test to know if it would work or not. Tried it on my legs *then* I remembered a post I read here once about someone that was developing an electric stimulation Penis Enlargement tool cratchch .........while sitting in my chair I tucked one of the small electrical stim pads under my balls and held another one on the head. I used water mixed with a glycerin based lube to get a good connection between the pads and my skin as the slightly thicker than water solution is much better than just water. I felt a strong current mostly through the lig of my penis then down through to my balls! I did this for about 10 minutes or so changing the settings for current intensity and pulse rate. At first I did not think it did anything but its been 2 days now and it feels a little more "pumped" for lack of a better word and the skin feels a bit weird but looks fine.

    The reason I stopped after 10 minutes is that I remembered from school the science teacher telling us that electrical currents can cause temporary sterility and until I have a way to check myself for this I am a bit weary to do something that can cause sterility. I am not really wanting the kids but I want to be in working order :clank:

    Just curious about what you all have been doing and if this is something that is stored in anyones Penis Enlargement tool box.

    short story: I've purchased a ctc-xl3000(in transit via usps), thinking about getting an extender and some type of homegym plus supplements to workout with. I am home alot and have been making money with my computer but I have to be at or at least near my comp every waking moment or least I feel like I do (I even sleep near my comp ). Point is I have some money and want to do something for myself. Mind+Body+Spirit+Penis <-humor

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    Re: Electic Stimulation For Penis Enlargement

    Do the pulses of electricity give you an erection, any stimulation??

    I've seen vids of guys hook up clamps to their genitals from some form of ac current transformer. The pulses of electricity would take them from flaccid to erect to ejaculation within one minute.

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    Re: Electic Stimulation For Penis Enlargement

    This is what I used

    Switch #3 controls the "mode". The first mode ramps the intensity up and then shuts off the other mode creates quick on/off pulses. For the first mode knob #1 controls the amount of "ramp up" time and knob #2 controls the off time. For the second mode knob #4 controls the pulse rate. Knob #5 is a timer that prevents the unit from being used for more than 60 minutes without resetting the timer. The remaining knobs #5 - #9 control the current intensity for the 4 sets of pads... a "set of pads" is 2 pads so if fully connected there are 8 pads 2 for each set.

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    Re: Electic Stimulation For Penis Enlargement

    I get an erection but I do that without the electric stim. As for ejac... nay I dont think this machine would do that for me at least not on its own but I have not tried to use it that way. The first mode that ramps up does have a very intense feeling but its confusing its a mixture of pain and pleasure.

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    Re: Electic Stimulation For Penis Enlargement

    Sounds like a good scene in the next Frankenstein monster movie. I can just see it now. Zaaap! SPROINGGGGG! Quick, get the ruler!

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