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    Ballstretching time-schedule

    So, I'm curious as to how long it actually takes to stretch the balls. Ive only just recently started, so i'm gonna use this thread as a sort of progress-thread to the ball-stretching.

    Here's my story so far:
    I first entered the world of ball-stretching through the split-steel rings found at most sex-shops a few years ago. At the time it was more of a toy for sexual play really. The ring was far to small (34mm inner) and with sharp edges, making it uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour or so.

    As the years went by my interest in ball stretching started growing. I tried using metal-rings, o-rings and leather stretchers, but none of them were comfortable. The solid rings where ok, but even using rings that i could barely squeeze my balls into, the rings sometimes fell of.

    So i went back to researching the split-steel clamps, and discovered the secretleather ones. After some careful measurement i ordered myself a 38mm one and where astonished as to how comfortable it was. But alas, i found that 38mm where a bit on the large side. It could stay on for days but would the suddenly fall off. So.. i got myself a 36mm one.

    So, heres how I'm currently stretching. I'm not doing any hand-stretching or pumping exercises or any of that. The only thing i do is wear the one ring, in loose pants, and lotion up every twice a day. Been wearing the 36mm one 24/7 for a week now and for most of the part i forget i even have it on.

    As I already have a second ring available I plan to put that on above the first ring when I've stretch enough with the first ring. Although I might be able to fit on both rings now, I am not going to as I fear that would be uncomfortable. No point of pushing it , eh? So I'm gonna wait. How long? 2 weeks, a month? half a year?

    Honestly I have no idea how long this is gonna take. But ill keep you posted...

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    Re: Ballstretching time-schedule

    Good thread, Size1. I know there are some other people on here who are interested in ball stretching, and some who have actually done it with good success. Hopefully they will chime in with their thoughts.
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    Re: Ballstretching time-schedule

    Scrotum stretching is easy as pie. You will see results very quickly. Don't take it too far though and end up with a sack down to your knees!
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    Re: Ballstretching time-schedule

    Stretching in the Bathmate is very useful for testicle enlargement. Great intro hope to see this one make progress.

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    Re: Ballstretching time-schedule

    Quote Originally Posted by doublelongdaddy View Post
    Scrotum stretching is easy as pie. You will see results very quickly. Don't take it too far though and end up with a sack down to your knees!
    Haven't really set myself a goal yet, but i don't wanna take it as far as that.

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