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Thread: Frenulum Tying!

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    Re: Frenulum Tying!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pichu View Post
    How much is the tie itself supposed to hurt? Iím in my fourth or fifth day of tying and Iíve been feeling almost zero pain, almost no discomfort even. The worst Iíve felt basically amounts to a bad itch, so today I untied to see what progress is being made and all Iím seeing is the skin being torn where the knot is rubbing around.

    Which leads me to my second question. Obviously my tie probably isnít tight enough. However whenever I tie a surgeons knot, the second half hitch keeps undoing itself and itís really stupid because I can cinch it real tight so that the pain almost brings me to my knees, but then if I tie it off a few seconds later it all feels fine again. What other knots are good and secure but are still able to be reasonably untied so I can check my progress every three days or so?
    Hi, can I ask why you need to keep undoing the knot to check the progress. In mt experience if it needed to be retied because the original was loose just put another tie in alongside and tie it tight. In all cases of retying I applied numbing cream to deaden the area. That way you can tighten the knot as tight as you can without pain. By the time the cream has worn off, you have forgotten you put a new tie in. When it comes to which knot to use, I did a standard knot with doubled polyester cotton, it worked fine. Depending on what you've used to tie, it may be too big a knot?

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    Re: Frenulum Tying!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrJ View Post
    Hi, can I ask why you need to keep undoing the knot to check the progress.
    Depending on what you've used to tie, it may be too big a knot?
    You know what it might actually be that my knot is too long. Iíll try losing a throw and see what happens.

    I donít untie a lot. I just did it my second day and yesterday because I was curious as to how they compared to other progress images I saw. It should be done in nine or ten days so Iíll only need two or three untie-checks. In any case, I use that time to retighten.

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