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    June 2017, Let's talk penis growth!

    I hope you or somebody out there can read this and shed some light or give some advice. Of course increasing the size of the penis is what I been trying to do. I approach it with diet and nutrition. I eat healthy as in vegetarian and nutrition I take are L argine every morning and I take blue green algae. I also do heavy lift training and after those 3 things I do my penis excercises witch include 5minute warming up 10 minute stretching , kegels (flexing the PC muscle, my warm up) and 10 minutes of jelqing and then I cool down with a shower. However after that I just rest, my shit turtles up and idk if I'm maximing the results. I think it was called the ADS or penis pump what else can I do to get this thing rolling, hopefully I can get a response. I'm aware there are other thing to approach this, but I am there's other pointers to get the most of the day not just sessions. I take L-argine to increase the levels of hgH, it's an amino acid that produces nitric oxide in the body promotes vasolidation and hopefully speeds up penis enlargement I also include stem cell nutrition with blue green age (spirulina) that will release more stem cells other wise. When stem cells and hgH are at their peak levels we turn to penis excercise! Yet there is a 2nd step in boosting hgH and that's strength training. So after all this I then do my penis excerise that takes me about 40 minutes. I do this 5x a week. The whole excersise costs me about 2 1/2 hours (a lot of time) I workout for an hour and a half and then I start my penis excercise + any additional time. This will be my 4th week. In 10 weeks It's said to notice 1-2 inch and 16 weeks 3-4 inch. I'll keep you guys posted for if this forum does work. It's a cool thing to have bc I too am searching for ways to better this area of my body, which will pour confidence in all parts of my life so let's talk!
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    Re: June 2017, Let's talk penis growth!

    Kudos to your enthusiasm and dedication! There's a wealth of information/tips/tools/techniques within these threads, but you may want to start by reading Mike's SRT and Newbie posts...long reads but very rich in detail and reasoning.

    Best of luck and welcome

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    Re: June 2017, Let's talk penis growth!

    Welcome Reddragonnn! I like your enthusiasm too! It is always good to see someone come out of the gate with such motivation, this is great! I suggest you create a progress thread listing your size now, your goal size, what routine you will be using and pictures and videos if you desire. is where you will want to keep it. You will get a lot of action and help with a progress thread and it will help us keep you in the game. I wish you the best on this endeavor and I will be here everyday to check up on you.

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