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  21. what length do you guys have your extender set at?
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  28. A few questions about the fastsize... Any insight is appreciated!
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  31. half an hour sessions on extreme stretch or all day sessions on a weaker stretch?
  32. noose or strap
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  36. sucker
  37. Different Way to add Length - Read if you've PLATEAUED like I had!
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  39. cold head
  40. fastsize and turkey neck
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  43. Modified VacExtender
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  45. testicle eating fastisze machine
  46. FastSize and the Vasectomy
  47. Stats
  48. SizeGenetics Extender 61% Off! Now with 16 way Comfort System! Only $165.00!
  49. differences?
  50. does it work?
  51. Penis extender VS manual stretching
  52. SizeGenetics extender or Vimax extender?
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  54. voucher and pics
  55. How do I get the stretch right?
  56. Sizegenetics spare parts and rods?????
  57. Biker's hang (padlock) VS sizegenetics for ADS
  58. SizeGenetics Extender
  59. considering Andropenis vs. SizeGenetics
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  61. Part Missing, Can't Find Spare
  62. Size Genetics Extender HOW TO VIDEO
  63. SizeGenetics Extender
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  65. Correct me if wrong, isn't sizegenetics just ANDROPENIS rebaged ?
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  67. Is the fastsize more of a weight lifting style or cardio!!!
  68. ?'s useing fastsize - will i still gain with & hour stretch each day?
  69. painful skin around the head after a workout session!
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  76. Wearing extender upright
  77. wearing extenders with foreskin pulled back or pushed in front (not circumcised)
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  82. A simple guestion about force and tension
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  85. Is it posible to use this device without telling the wife??
  86. Head Sore with Extender
  87. One Question
  88. Concealable ADS
  89. Gains without compressing the springs?
  90. The foam ring is total crap, the strap quality isn't as good as expected.
  91. I did some needlework!
  92. SizeGenetics Does it come in different sizes
  93. My solution for the head slippage issue
  94. Extender while heating?
  95. Noose plastic strap slides through the retainers underneath
  96. New keys/wrenches for Size Genetics
  97. Sitting with the ADS
  98. Ebay extenders. vs double noose
  99. For Sale: 4 New Extender Straps Spare
  100. how to order w/o credit card?
  101. Half of my glans is red after using the extender!!
  102. How far to stretch using Extender?
  103. QUICK! Few questions before I order my SizeGenetics please!
  104. which angle is best to wear extender? straight down your leg or upwards towards your
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  107. So..Whats the Verdict?
  108. Little history of my penis extender use and question.
  109. losing girth
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  111. I am streching one inch(almost)above my original size.
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  114. Blood in the opening of the uretha!help!
  115. Vac-Mod that goes with extender????
  116. Which is better?
  117. I need 4cm bars for my Fastsize, but their closed???????
  118. Need tips on avoiding ice cold cock head plz
  119. Article: SizeGenetics Penis Extenders
  120. Article: SizeGenetics Penis Extenders
  121. routine
  122. little blood from my extender from the glans but i can't stop now!
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  124. Article: SizeGenetics Penis Extenders
  125. Your honest opinions on the SizeGenetics Extender?
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  127. Article: SizeGenetics Penis Extenders
  128. wanna be on the wagon too, extender has been purchased!
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  132. How many hours before changing springs?
  133. newb question: cheaper alternative for Sizegenetics?
  134. SizeGenitics & Pump Combination Routine
  135. Questions about Size Genetics. (Numbing)
  136. SG while You are drunk?
  137. Girth before lenth?upward,downward?
  138. Dealing with the foreskin
  139. A couple problems
  140. straps
  141. Sizegenetics question! (DLD)
  142. Comfort strap is garbage
  143. Added longer rods today AGAIN!
  144. SizeGenetics Backorder...
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  146. Hanging then ADS
  147. velcro
  148. Help please
  149. Sleeping with the SizeGenetics.
  150. SizeGenetics Attachment Modification Velcro Strap by J1L
  151. A couple of quetions
  152. does it work?
  153. best way to wear?
  154. Size Genetics length?
  155. help putting on SG for good stretch
  156. Scientifically, How is the SG device supposed to fix cogenital curvature and peyronie
  157. How Many Hours per Day should I were the SizeGenetics Extender? I Want a 8inch Penis
  158. Fears of adding more roads...!!!! i want dld opinion..and if someone knows tnx.
  159. Another Velcro product by 3M
  160. Measure of Gram Resistance for Size Genetics Extender
  161. Help with the SizeGenetics device
  162. Got my extender yesterday, but...
  163. how long does it take it to get sizegenetics?
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  165. sizegenetics and curves
  166. Still not sure how it can be worn...
  167. Slight problem?
  168. Extender Tension
  169. Size Genetics maintenance!
  170. Days off and gains/diminishing returns
  171. Anyone interested in selling their Size Genetics?
  172. looking for some advice from experianced p.e,rs
  173. Changing Attachments
  174. sizegenetics extender minimum length?
  175. Modification to make it easier to put the end piece on?
  176. Uncomfy On the sac
  177. How to put on extender properly?
  178. do u guys have similar problem?
  179. Modern straps and oppinion.
  180. 1st day with SG
  181. *****sadly... The size genetics doesnt work for everybody!! ** video for proof **
  182. Taking a break
  183. Sizegenetics website down?
  184. Male Edge or SizeGenetics Extender?
  185. help using the device
  186. Credit Card Bill
  187. Liniment on ligs?
  188. Base rods starting to bend?
  189. Where am i supposed to feel the stretch?
  190. size, weight, and address written when I order size genetics??
  191. just got gains and i must stop!!!!
  192. help putting on
  193. Head postion
  194. Velcro Strap?
  195. Weird Session today
  196. Can someone clue me in on what I am doing wrong?
  197. Glans issue?
  198. An hour per day?
  199. SG + BM = Blister?
  200. Size Genetic Comfort strap
  201. How can you wear an extender 6 hours a day?
  202. Penis Extender Max Base-Length stretch length? MaleEdge/SizeGenetics?
  203. Question about freezing glans
  204. I Call Bullshit
  205. Pressure and Time as factors of growth in Extender Devices
  206. SG Questions
  207. Size Genetics Support - Answer time?
  208. Good session today
  209. when to extend rods?
  210. The SG is breaking on me
  211. Penis "twitch" while wearing extender
  212. do you gain grith and length off sizegenetics
  213. Size Genetics Recurring Cost
  214. Hours Per Week?
  215. Skin pulling upwards into the SG
  216. when do erect start to match flaccid gains?
  217. Re: SizeGenetics Extender....$165.00! originally $425.00
  218. Tried to add more rods today....
  219. SG help
  220. Stretching Length
  221. New Approach 2011
  222. what is the right way to attach the extender??
  223. Additional 5% off SG
  224. Awesome Extender Head-piece hang :)))
  225. woooooo
  226. Can you split up hours throughout the day?
  227. SG vs other extenders
  228. just ordered my SG extender
  229. Best way to get head gains?
  230. Whats a good stretch point?
  231. tunica in sizegenetics?
  232. aiming's strapping system.
  233. A better alternative to the SG............. MAXIMUM RESULTS IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  234. SG ordered
  235. size genetics question.
  236. Has anyone seen gains from an extender?
  237. grower vs shower?
  238. Back with a vengance!
  239. How do you put your extender on? Noose first or head piece first?
  240. how does SG do for EQ?
  241. Few questions about extender
  242. Velcro Question
  243. Having trouble adding more rods
  244. Medical Studies, Traction (Stretching Devices Like Size Genetics) WORKS!
  245. Are there any stretches i can add to my program?
  246. More Time Vs More Rods
  247. SG issue
  248. Custom Attachment Question
  249. Shipping...and extra 5% discount
  250. getting semi erect in stretcher