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  1. Thanks a lot
  2. Let's get some posts going!!
  3. WHEW! Day one of all day hanging!
  4. Different Method of hanging
  5. My 'Gear'.
  6. Who else hangs weights?
  7. A.T.S. needs ....
  8. How to make Homemade BIB hangers...AND a wealth of Hanging Knowledge...look here!
  9. stillwantmore
  10. First real hang session...
  11. Question Regarding Tunica Hanging
  12. Stillwantmore...IGerman Stallion I need some help
  13. Another Essential, MUST READ thread if you use a Production model BIB hanger!!!
  14. Is it true Bib / Bigger is out of Business?
  15. My Chair set up for my BTC hanging.
  16. Hanger IN ACTION!
  17. Hanger Arrived!
  18. BIB's PE History, "Hanging Guru", creator of BIB hangers, Great read!1
  19. Stretch in one lig..
  20. BIB hanger Blasphemy, I'll surely go to Hell for doing this! BIB devotees beware!!
  21. How high do you go on BTC???????
  22. Hanging?
  23. Question about hanging
  24. SO hanging question
  25. stillwantmore
  26. Weights
  27. Wear can i buy a hanger?
  28. problem with hanging
  29. How's everyone's hanging going?
  30. Hanger setup
  31. I'm Hanging for The 1st Time and I Love it!
  32. How long should i hang for?
  33. Is it ok to hang standing up?
  34. the next step?
  35. Hung by the Pond!
  36. Tunica And Ligament Hanging?
  37. HeatFor Hanging
  38. SS4Jelqs' Under the Desk Pulley/Fulcrum set up!!
  39. hang time...
  40. How long should a noob hang for?/When to up the weight level??
  41. Warning!
  42. Hanging Beyond Fatigue
  43. Hanging w/o weights
  44. My modified Bib: "Leatherman"
  45. Hanging Heavier Weights
  46. Weight Is Irrelevent
  47. BIB troubles
  48. New to PE
  49. Captn's Wench: PE Device
  50. Pressure on the head
  51. My Head Gets Cold
  52. DLD's Pyramid Stretch Sets (SHOCK ROUTINE)
  53. Aircast Ankle Brace Hanging
  54. A Must Have For BTC Hangers!
  55. i'm a noob and I give
  56. Excellent ligament stretch
  57. New to hanging!
  58. BIB as ADS
  59. Any Advice
  60. hanging
  61. Buying Weights
  62. Tunica hanging
  63. Straight down vs. BTC
  64. Must See! - BigWillie Hanging The Wesson Old Bottle!
  65. The ulitimate Hanging
  66. Reverse Fatigue Theory
  67. My Approach to hanging and fatigue, what's worked for me so far.....
  68. i have just started the newbie routine and...
  69. Hanging and Edging Combo
  70. Can you get a hanger from a sexshop or a website?
  71. Supra and Stillwantmore's 6 Month Hang Off!
  72. BIB Product Guide, Wrapping Example, Homemade Hangers, Sample Hanging Routine, ETC.
  73. Full Size (Regular) Production BIB hanger (Like New Cond.) $79.99, SHIPPED!!
  74. Anyone order a BIB hanger
  75. v-hanging
  76. New Turkey Neck Buster Hanging
  77. Just ordered BIB Starter!
  78. Bib Starter is the Supreme Hanger
  79. hey Red
  80. all the tunica hangers
  81. Hanging low
  82. New BIB Hanger Owners, OR Guys Considering Buying a BIB, Notes...
  83. Hanging For Head Size (Bigger Glans)
  84. Link To New Chatroom
  85. Supra...
  86. AFB Hanger VS Captin Wrench
  87. Supra Help please
  88. I'm having a little trouble with this 'Theraband' stuff!
  89. Where to buy Thera-band, locally?
  90. new at hanging
  91. Another idea to avoid hanger pinching.
  92. Bib hanger and bib starter pics
  93. any hardgainers try hanging then grow like crazy?
  94. Hanging 101 + Sample Routine
  95. Captains Wench and Clamp Question
  96. Which direction should I hang?
  97. My Captin Wench
  98. just got bibstarter
  99. Been Hanging for a Month
  100. bibstarter weights in UK
  101. First night hanging, I have some questions
  102. how much weight
  103. Whats this.. bib ordered and maybe more gains?
  104. Hard core hanging
  105. Trouble fitting into the BIB Starter.....
  106. Please post some digiphotos of your hanging setups..
  107. Fluid Build Up?
  108. rule of thumb for tunica hanging
  109. I think youŽll like it!
  110. Being stretched inside the hanger
  111. Somebody Please Help!!!
  112. plateau, hanging now?
  113. Hanging over 20 minutes
  114. The BIB looks great!!
  115. Stretched Out
  116. How intense are YOUR hanging sets??
  117. Hanging Theory
  118. Hanging for lig pops
  119. Swelling and hanging?
  120. DIY $10 Stretcher Wears Down The Leg
  121. The amount of time you hang on a daily basis
  122. First hang session
  123. Hanging Question
  124. Wow...my first ever real hang session completed :)
  125. How many guys apply Bib Lot's Theory
  126. ?? for RED.
  127. New to hanging question
  128. Hanging questions...
  129. Beginner Hanging Routine
  130. Hanging Past Fatigue
  131. Hanging 60min+ at one season / good or bad ?
  132. Today was the first!!!!!
  133. Why does hanging add base girth?
  134. Crazy Idea
  135. Whoever gets back to me first can buy my hanger!
  136. Thinking of starting hanging, advice plz
  137. Why do most hangers have?
  138. Hangers chime in
  139. Time or weight?
  140. New Design Idea (lessen Glans Pressure)
  141. My First Experience With Hanging
  142. Ideal Hanging Time,generell hanging question
  143. Getting back into "the game" of hanging....
  144. One year at 15Lbs and I'm going for 20Lbs
  145. Very good "classic" thread from BIB
  146. Is this normal?
  147. Somebody build me a hanger of the future
  148. Selling Bib Hanger
  149. Removing Weights Pain
  150. Donut effect from hanging?
  151. pro's and con's to hanging
  152. If you have a BIB hanger, you might want to hang onto it .....
  153. crazy hanging idea
  154. OT community service message
  155. Anyone selling a bib starter lol?
  156. AVATARS must be PG rated! Everyone Please Read
  157. Man...props to you
  158. gains
  159. "Swim cap" style hangers...
  160. Should I Pay Attention To The L.O.T. Theory?
  161. All Day Hanging, Next Big Thing For Length?
  162. Stretching skin
  163. The GRIP?
  164. hanging????
  165. Should I get a BIB hanger?
  166. Adh With Golf Weights
  167. side effects
  168. bib
  169. Placement of hanger
  170. Where do I get golf weights online?
  171. Better than golf weights?
  172. Example of a Home Made, Modified BIB Hanger. (PICS of Hanger/Hanging With It)
  173. Does everybody combines jelqing with hanging?
  174. cold head
  175. P.E.T.E Hanger is it any good?
  176. Suggestion for the Captn's Wench
  177. Is Hanging For Many Hours Neccessary?
  178. Hanging without ADS?
  179. Hanging after manual work?
  180. Im back on a mission!!!
  181. Two thumbs way up for Hard Core hanging! Check this out guys!
  182. Popoular/best hangers
  183. I'm gonna pee in my pants
  184. Results?
  185. Hanging- results,time,how's
  186. has any1 experimented with hanging tub stretches?
  187. Would like to discuss a theory on measuring/hanging
  188. SWM hanging guide/Making the most of your time through heavy hanging.
  189. Is this the proper feeling of a stretched tunica?
  190. When is it too soon to hang?
  191. Something I've been doing recently!!!
  192. Good weight which most can gain
  193. Just made me a Captn's Wench...
  194. warm up before hanging?
  195. No ejac cause of hanging?
  196. Torn Gel Cushion On BIB
  197. want to BUY a hanger, NOT make one
  198. MoS is proud to make the Bib Hanger available to our members
  199. hanging decreasing girth?
  200. POLL for those who use or used Bib hangers
  201. I'm hanging right now...
  202. Question for Bib
  203. Ball Hanging
  204. Hanging every other day?
  205. Bib, can you please explain the LOT theory
  206. hanging altering erection quality/ability
  207. Hard core hanging...BIB????
  208. receiving my BIB hanger order
  209. Need help with the bib starter
  210. Hanging Question...
  211. Newbie's First Hang !!?
  212. BIB Starter for Sale! Never used!
  213. hanging and scarring
  214. Damn pancake pinching!
  215. Hanger newbie looking for...
  216. WOW, Hanging!!!!
  217. Kind of a Hanging Boo-Boo Question
  218. Weights Hitting the Floor... Results?
  219. Hanging and Tunica?
  220. hanger help
  221. Making a Cap wench...sort of
  222. www.BIBHANGERS.com Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards!!!
  223. Anyone know where to grab this stuff in Canada?
  224. Correlation ? for hanging Vets.......
  225. Hanging A-stretch with pvc pipe? OK to do?
  226. Couple questions from a hanging newbie to the Pros
  227. Bib hanger shipping box size!!!
  228. I live in canada and can't find grippers or velcro!
  229. Joined the fun
  230. Seated hanging question
  231. Bib, I have a question for you?
  232. New hanger, just started
  233. Hanging with a low LOT
  234. scary and serious problem i'm having with hanging
  235. farfegnugan
  236. Started Hanging Straight Down Again
  237. Base Girth and Hanging question
  238. UT2K4 server online gaming
  239. bib?
  240. Supplies for making a BIB-Hanger??
  241. Starter vs Original (BIB)
  242. The risks of hanging...
  243. Ordered Starter
  244. Consecutive days hanging question
  245. Bib Hanger + ADH (Question to Bib)
  246. question: be4 u put on the hanger do u stretch the flaccid penis?
  247. Capn Wench
  248. Is it worth getting a bib hanger?
  249. Question for Bib: Fatigue vs. Skin Stretch
  250. LOT Changed: Good or Bad?