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  1. Everyone's nationalities ......
  2. Weapons Of Mass Destruction.....
  3. Stange News Part 1
  4. Strange News Part 2
  5. Strange News Part 3
  6. Jokes - Get as dirty as you can
  7. 100 Manly Rules
  8. Advice On Women Anyone?
  9. Signs You've Had Enough Time Online:
  10. We Hate DLD Thread
  11. What if YOUR penis was detachable?
  12. Your favorite lyrics and why?
  13. Favourite pornstar?
  14. My Wife Keeps My Penis When I Die!
  15. How about this tattoo?
  16. Build Your Own SUPERHERO
  17. Members list and avatars
  18. Movie/star
  19. Plagued by those damned "Messenger Service" messages?? READ THIS!
  20. Are there any Canadians here?
  21. DLD for Minister!!
  22. how many of you have a woman in your life
  23. Id Rather Leave Mos After This
  24. Growing Hair faster
  25. Would you "do" a midget chick?
  26. Penthouse Mag closing its' doors?
  27. What if you had TWO penises??
  28. American Sports
  29. Sick Father! Wtf!
  30. Eminem is SHOOK
  31. Iraqi War
  32. Scan Your PENIS
  33. soixante-six returns
  34. And now for the burning question...
  35. The Rules of the Stripper....
  36. stoners and winos? Any ya'll out there?
  37. Ontario, Canada members : need input
  38. Sigh, why do men lie??
  39. The Penis Museum is For Sale
  40. Oh, So YOU wanna be a Porn Star do ya?? READ THIS!
  41. Man Cuts Off Own Penis to Cure Sex Addiction
  42. Where has Jen been?
  43. Girls Gone Wild On South Beach with Jaz
  44. Matrix Part Three?
  45. Nailed to a board....FREAKY
  46. bangboat
  47. An Interesting quote from a very well known male porn star....
  48. SMILEY EDUCATION...How and when to use them...This may take a while
  49. Neptunes Jacking Beats?
  50. What if Michael Jackson Stopped Getting the Sugeries in '83?
  51. Really, Really weird coincidence??? Hmm DLD??? ;)
  52. Barbie getting her FREAK ON!!! Funny as ...MUST SEE!!!
  53. New News in the Jam Master Jay Case
  54. Wife steals $25million lottery winnings, kicks husband out of the house
  55. Well I'm out for tonight
  56. Bumping Into PE People In The Street
  57. Body Modification
  58. Show off your Tattoos here!!
  59. Helloween
  60. Paying For Cable
  61. Lets all get MoS tatoos
  62. Swift Justice? Priest done in prison
  63. Russsell Simmons trying to sell Phat Farm to Tommy Hilfiger
  64. Well
  65. Dear Penis Cartoon
  66. Can someone explain this to me?
  67. "Put it back!"
  68. What kind of music do YOU listen to?
  69. Do any of you shoot (guns) ?
  70. "You da man!....NO...YOU da man!"
  71. Do you have a name for your "buddy"?
  72. Funny Shit!!!
  73. Another strange dream I had last night.
  74. What do you have in your PE box?
  75. Grooming your privates...What is the deal?
  76. Dirty Mind Test...
  77. Throw a fit at your wedding reception...become a national celebrity? WTF??
  78. "When good anal goes bad"
  79. Spanking Party this weekend in Palm Springs!!
  80. What happens if a man sticks his penis in a pot of warm water and slowly turns up....
  81. Free webspace providers?
  82. Can someone donate their penis when they die?
  83. Can you find what is wrong with this picture
  84. Another cool illusion
  85. Ouch
  86. Forget PE I'm gonna sell shit on eBay...
  87. Read the facts.
  88. Stillwantmore
  89. Nacho Vidal
  90. Can you stick your cock in your own ass?
  91. Most embarrassing moment?
  92. Abortion Doctor Murderer Put To Death
  93. Funny Ass Prank Call
  94. Check Out DLD's Song when He was a Rocker...
  95. Motivation Quotes
  96. Dld?
  97. I think I'm in lo...lo..love!
  98. I can once again focus on PE
  99. The rapper NECRO
  100. 11 foot tall black man with huge penis
  101. What happened to the old emoticoms?
  102. The Legend of Torgan Jaenert
  103. Why you should wear a cup!
  104. To post or not?
  105. What is really being said in this Bible Verse? Were these Egyptians hung??
  106. Your favorite movies list?
  107. Ever had a crush on your girlfriends' mom?
  108. If this guy hadnt hit another car first, I might not be here ?
  109. Ok how about favorite Actors?
  110. October is National Orgasm Month!
  111. What Would You Rather Have?
  112. Fiction story
  113. Who doesn't like...
  114. Get your finger out of your nose...you might poke an eye out!
  115. Getting into the massage therapist
  116. you dont need to spell correctly...
  117. The right thing to do
  118. Beyonce and I don't even know
  119. Most Annoying Song/s?
  120. Cactus Cock
  121. Lovley handjob
  122. Is Dld Crazy
  123. Are you smart enough?
  124. To the B-Boys and Girls: Source Magazine's top 151 Rap Songs of All Time
  125. Now this shit is Ghetto
  126. DLD or Jaz
  127. Whats your Hobby?
  128. ouch...WTF?
  129. TwatTeasers Bar Maid Thread from Thunders
  130. My Cats Head
  131. Date someone with a split personallity (Like DLD)?
  132. Payment Opinion!
  133. anyone from cauliforneeya
  134. DLD and underground hip-hop...
  135. Maybe your dick can be as talented as this!
  136. My halloween plan
  137. Hook up you hoopdy for $30
  138. Val Kilmer as John Holmes says he needs no fake dick!
  139. Speak your mind thread.
  140. Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Photographic Evidence Post
  141. Cheeseburgers before anal sex....hmm.....
  142. Poll, Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Peter North?
  143. Poll...whats this song really about?
  144. What happened to the old smilys
  145. NFL: early Super Bowl picks?
  146. Have a convo with a internet robot!
  147. Where do you guys get your clothes?
  148. Check this out!
  149. Need New Isp Provider
  150. MDMA (ecstacy)
  151. What does "Krunk" or "Crunk" mean????
  152. Big penis
  153. A little rap I wrote for my baby tell me what ya'll think
  154. Sorcerers stealing penises through black magic, oh my!!
  155. Redzulus guide to speeding up ya IE version 4/5/6
  156. When is America going to stand up for itself!?
  157. Fake Ecstasy Study, claims alters Sexual Orientation
  158. The Dorkey Star Wars Kid
  159. Such things as pills to enlarge breast size?
  160. can anyone help with IE
  161. Have court next thursday, wish me luck :(
  162. I swear, if you hate something, God will make it part of your life.
  163. Unhappy with current communications bills???
  164. Never trust a woman
  165. off topic question
  166. I wish my penis was a muscle!!
  167. LIBERATING STRESS! sorry..
  168. Pick your Poisen...
  169. rashes
  170. Posting question
  171. Had court, and everything is fine :)
  172. Metal (any kind you like)
  173. I was just wondering how much porn stars make?
  174. What the Hell was THIS GUY doing???
  175. RB's Fake Arm?
  176. Was this the first BIB?
  177. Hey DoubleLongDaddy
  178. Bidet toiletes, anus hygiene, bleaching of the anus ... anus chat really!
  179. Starting my own business, critique my website!
  180. Boxer Shorts vs Daks
  181. What is industry standard?
  182. Don't believe everything (or anything?) you see!
  183. Blond Joke Thread
  184. bunasser
  185. What Is Racism? Part 1
  186. What Is Racism? Part 2
  187. What Is Racism? Part 3
  188. Confess the good and the bad about yourself here.
  189. Mental Health
  190. Racism 4
  191. Frigid Bitches
  192. Porn stars...name as many as ya can!!!!
  193. Wasnt this in a Marilyn Manson video??
  194. Spirits vs Wine vs Beer vs non-drinker
  195. Dealing with Depression
  196. PENIS HUMOR from Drew Carey...
  197. Funny road signs...
  198. The end?
  199. Confederate flag racist?
  200. Anyone here play cs? or other games?
  201. Use Once And Destroy
  202. Would you leave someone because of breast/ass size?
  203. Fox News lobbying arm for right wing....
  204. Advertising And Marketing Scumfucks
  205. Shy-Bladder
  206. Before The Internet...
  207. Dealing with my disorders...
  208. Your favorite Rock songs?
  209. What is your favorite movies?
  210. Speaking Of New Businesses...
  211. Bunch of Free, fun games...
  212. You can make $500 and hour but here's the catch.....
  213. Got my first client!
  214. Do you feel the porn industry feeds into race stereotypes?
  215. Homework
  216. Anyone using Macromedia Freehand for Windows? Like it?
  217. Rugby World Cup 2003
  218. What Is Your Drug Of Choice?
  219. Drug Lord
  220. GG Allin
  221. Why do so many Lesbians like DILDOS, but NOT MEN??
  222. J.Lo or Beyonce?
  223. JFK Assassination.....
  224. Michael Jackson [Wacko Jacko] is he Guilty?
  225. If you had a second chance with the one you let slip away....
  226. Cheated on
  227. An end to this BS asian shit.
  228. Become an Ordained Minister as easy as "1,2,3"!!
  229. Who here has aim/msn/etc?
  230. Liberal vs Conservative, democrat vs republican
  231. Are You Capable Of Love Anymore?
  232. Ruining It For You
  233. Would you have a "sugar momma"?
  234. Here's a few fun sites for you
  235. Do any of you play instruments?
  236. Size of Eminem's penis revealed....
  237. Do you believe in aliens?
  238. My New Invention That Doesn't Exist And Serves No Purpose
  239. Twisted Goals
  240. Movie or Gun buffs...what's wrong with this picture???
  241. Billboard Music Awards
  242. Best cures for hangovers
  243. Haha, penis art
  244. For Gardenier or, other knife lovers...
  245. Need a favor, quick!
  246. I'm a real outlaw now...banned at cheeky cherry...
  247. Poll: "Free Willy, Where's the beef?"
  248. This is normal???
  249. I have the Paris hilton sex tape!!
  250. Saddam Captured!