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  1. A Run In With The Law
  2. Air Force Wife
  3. Peaches
  4. Spring Break...a 22 year old girls story
  5. The Blowjob
  6. The Girl With The Tattoos
  7. A hot date with JAPP and DLD....
  8. Holiday Fuck Fun
  9. In Robins Jacuzzi
  10. Oral A-DICK-tion
  11. The Workout
  12. Train Sex
  13. GINA IS BACK..WORKING ON A HORSE FARM!: By Dashdeming ******NEW EDITION 1/28/2010****
  14. Fabulous Erotic Story/Picture site...almost 227,000 members!!
  15. Loving Sisters
  16. All Tied Up
  17. she spent the night
  18. The porn arcade
  19. MMF cuck cheat wife
  20. A Visit To The Adult Book Store
  21. Bar Room Gang Bang
  22. Bookstore Girl
  23. Fantasies Cum True
  24. apologize
  25. A Night To Remember
  26. My girlfriend TOLD ME to put this story she wrote up on the site.
  27. Sex addicts anonymous, does it really help?
  28. Link To New Chatroom
  29. My Cum Swallowing Gang Bang
  30. On My Knees, (the stag party)
  31. Wife at the XXX theater
  32. My wife and I
  33. Kay sweet Kay Pt 1
  34. Giants game
  35. My vagina
  36. last night (true story)
  37. wank of my life (so far)
  38. Chocolate Love
  39. Watch Me Papi
  40. A Sexxxy Story...Author Unknown
  41. Camping Out
  42. Saturday Night
  43. Donation drive please pitch in
  44. hi
  45. The Mrs gets it
  46. Carlos gets his bird
  47. Got head from 2 GIRLS same time!!!
  48. Same nightclub next week?
  49. Bi Wedding Party
  50. Hot & Steamy Shower After Hockey
  51. A Beach Story
  52. A Beach Meeting
  53. A Birthday Dream
  54. Guilty Pleasure
  55. Hiking Adventure
  56. Horny Whore
  57. The Babysitter part 1
  58. Offtopic: FUN!
  59. My Best College Years Pt.1
  60. BreakUp Sex 1 of 2
  61. Breakup Sex 2 of 2
  62. Girl From Work
  63. Football Players Wife
  64. What's your Fantasy
  65. True Story. Good Times.
  66. The girl wants the cock
  67. Femme fatale
  68. Hello All
  69. A RUSSIAN SPY Proofed8-)
  70. Playing my sister - True
  71. Plastic cheerleader
  72. Do you have Guts or Balls??
  73. Celeb Masseur: On Call
  74. kim kardashian sex tape
  75. CHeating on your current woman with your ex
  76. Naughty Neighbor
  77. Public fuck turned threesome!!
  78. I got to grab some titties on a superbowl MILF!
  79. 25 year old loses virginity to barely legal teen
  80. All Growed Up
  81. pumping while driving
  82. Help MOS List Higher In GOOGLE!
  83. Phat Polish ass bouncing nurse
  84. Licking Pussy for the First Time
  85. Dreaming of Pussy
  86. MOS reunion last night good but I am pissed at you guys for fucking my girl
  87. Didn't take long for this girl to squirt
  88. The Snake Man's sex life thanks to PE
  89. Her first big cock story
  90. He's
  91. Cocky Latina Princess gets a boom boom big cock splitter
  92. Hard work is rewarded
  93. My first visit to the club
  94. Jane and Dick - A true erotic story
  95. I <3 tumblr
  96. Pumping: my life so far
  97. My Trip to Florida with a 10 Inch Cock
  98. "somebody, somewhere, is tapping that fit ass"
  99. livin like movie hangover hot nights with the babe
  100. Me and Her
  101. Military leave and the big booty jogger
  102. Me and Her - continuance
  103. It has been a while...
  104. At the Beach
  105. DC Hose - Part Number One
  106. Lust can nip you.
  107. A great website full of fantasy erotica
  108. The new guy at school gets extremely lucky (Real story)
  109. Customizable sex stories?
  110. Chicken and Waffles (Naughty Situations)
  111. I watch as my friend fucked my wife
  112. I fucked my friends wife in front of him.
  113. Just a little hardcore story :P
  114. The day I banged my 6 ft friends face to peices
  115. My Aunt My Love Incest
  116. Who is she?
  117. Dennis Part 1: Legs
  118. Thigh Pillow, or what your Son is doing in College
  119. The Adventures of Dennis Part 1: Legs
  120. Girl Talking How She Sucks Cock
  121. (My First Sex Story) [MF] [Real] [Cheat] My Best-Friend's Girlfriend and Me.
  122. Hot sister inlaw
  123. Fucking Sarissa on broken Couch
  124. Dennis cheats on his fwb with a sorority girl, everything goes to shit
  125. Dennis makes a girl say FUCK
  126. Dennis Snippet: The Levels of Thigh
  127. Private erotic stories
  128. Making Myself a MONSTER