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  1. Being an "Authentic" Alpha Male
  2. Phone Blunders, Rules, and Lies
  3. How to Turn A Friend Into A Lover
  4. Monkeys, Domination, Maslow, And Attraction
  5. 3 Tips to Get Phone Numbers w/out Rejection
  6. Simplicity Brings Success
  7. Strike While the Iron is Hot
  8. Is Fear Of Women YOUR "Secret Habit"?
  9. Dating/Seduction Acronymns
  10. Building Your Character
  11. Cocky & Funny
  12. Body Language
  13. Mirroring
  14. Fluff Talk
  15. Speaking in body language.
  16. Approaching - Where to Meet Girls
  17. Approaching - General Guidelines
  18. Approaching Demonstrate Value and Personality
  19. Approaching First Impressions
  20. Approaching - Pace and Lead
  21. Become a Player
  22. wanna go out on a date, but dont know where 2 got
  23. I got shot down
  24. Finding Fun In UK
  25. Seducing the Party Girl
  26. Slow, sensual, deep voice techniques.
  27. Learn How to Dance!
  28. Do you think money,staus, material possessions are very important?
  29. What a good way to handle the Phone?
  30. Pirate Seduction 101
  31. Alright guys, should I call my boyfriend?
  32. How would you deal with this situation?
  33. Do you consider yourself an attractive person?
  34. Dating at 40 and avoid women with kids? Suggestions?
  35. Dirty tactic that works. (Bad if you have conscience)
  36. Help with a chick
  37. How do you get the flirtatious girl?
  38. Any advice?
  39. younger chicks
  40. Link To New Chatroom
  41. What do you think of my situation?
  42. woman
  43. How To Be a Player !!!
  44. How To Be a Player !!!
  45. The Anti-Player
  46. The only way to fully ensure success... Changing Your Reality
  47. Need some pickup lines w/ a girl in class
  48. Help with a situation
  49. The Seven Elements of Charisma
  50. How To Be A True Player
  51. How To Play Women That Play Guys
  52. Playing To A Woman's Ego Attitude + Attitude =ego
  53. Nice Girls: Easy As 1, 2, 3
  54. After Thought: Seduction In The Year 2k
  55. Conversation Dynamics
  56. How To Make Love to a Woman: A Womans P.O.V.
  57. Sex 101: How To Eat Pussy!
  58. MUST READ: I got shot down part II
  59. Seeking out help... again
  60. Dld
  61. Getting qualities in a woman you want
  62. great site
  63. Dispelling the "Challenge Theory"
  64. Discovering that PE is only PART of the equation.
  65. I am freaked out...WTF
  66. I kinda need help with the relationship stuff !!!
  67. online dating sites
  68. Fingering Techniques
  69. Great Way To Get Women
  70. Young Little Twats
  71. palying my cards correct!
  72. How would you approach a woman when she visits your place of work?
  73. I'm concerned about this date
  74. I need some advice on how to get a woman to open up
  75. Some help guys?
  76. Anyone Tried Adult Friend Finder?
  77. Ah help
  78. Player Principles
  79. replying to a compliment?
  80. Smallville
  81. Need some Help Please!
  82. Seudcing while talking on the phone
  83. whats next.
  84. World's Worst Kisser -- Help!
  85. PLEASE: Help with this chick thing/how long should I wait
  86. Double Your Dating Link
  87. My Contributions
  88. Pheromones
  89. So, your girlfriend's girl-friend is after you....
  90. What every successful pick up artist starts with
  91. Reading a Woman's Body Language
  92. How to be Attractive and Irresistible
  93. Donation drive please pitch in
  94. The correct way of eating pussy
  95. Club dancing...
  96. The other night
  97. First time
  98. good pickup/dating thread
  99. I need help with this girl i like
  100. Take a look at this discussion board
  101. More Pussy Eating Lessons!
  102. What is the Best Way to Stimulate the G-Spot?
  103. Question about my first time... Couldn't get off!
  104. best pick up lines
  105. Questions on dating this girl
  106. problem with girl
  107. My girl wants to have a threesome with another girl!!!
  108. g/f has trouble orgasming through oral sex
  109. i need advise
  110. Girlfriend Sex Help
  111. Need help Please
  112. How the fuck do you guys meet girls..
  113. How to convince a religious girl...
  114. short story leading to question
  115. Are there any Girls with small vagina?
  116. Ever date with a language barrier? (Hot Latina likes me)
  117. Funny moment on a date today.
  118. need help
  119. How using an opportunity got me a womans' phone number (true story from today)
  120. Testosterone infusion for sex vacation?
  121. NEW Relationship
  122. Still the stud strikes again!
  123. Anal Question
  124. screwed over by online personals "girl"
  125. How to get a girl to change her mind that "Doesn't want to be tied down"
  126. nederlands meisje gezocht
  127. PLS some advice please
  128. speed seduction vs double your dating, etc
  129. OMFG, I need some good advice, this could change my life.
  130. Valentine's Day Help!
  131. this sucks !!
  132. Need to get a g/f
  133. Got laid last night....
  134. Valentines Day Romance?...
  135. Need help Fast, PLEASE READ IF YOU SEE THIS
  136. Single again
  137. Pheromone Produciton Times
  138. Worried about the height of her last guy..
  139. small penis and a big ass
  140. Blah...
  141. I'm such an asshole
  142. Short dick kept me from geting laid!
  143. Advice needed on woman flirting
  144. I Got Issues...
  145. No longer a virgin.
  146. Signs of interest from a .
  147. breakup
  148. I feel like I'm rehashing old questions but...
  149. AcesHigh's journey of frosty heartbreaks
  150. help me get this girl back
  151. Using Your Tool to Get Women?
  152. my experience with girls, and 'women'
  153. I need a little help here please
  154. Good Cheap Wine
  155. 1 month anniversary!!
  156. How to ask her to lose some weight.
  157. cant finish the job...
  158. going flaccid with condoms
  159. how to dance?
  160. Great site for meeting women
  161. will this woman hook up at bro's wedding
  162. Help Snag a girl for 3 some
  163. Need some Tips for making the first time Special
  164. Came out of retirement
  165. Anyone seen this marriage website?
  166. I want to strip for my girl~
  167. How can i get my ex back?
  168. reject a sms meeted girl
  169. A need for Pick-Up Artists?
  170. Got a dilemna (women)
  171. peoples personal imput would be great
  172. There always has to be a Fucking Problem in my love Life...
  173. I've Got No Game
  174. "I just want to be friends"
  175. My motivation, hatred and anger, all in one!
  176. You're Too Short!
  177. Coworker Pussy - Dilemma
  178. the great pumpkin
  179. Its simple
  180. Best position for sticking it in all the way
  181. "The Game" by Neil Strauss - Online Game
  182. keeping you interested
  183. "sexually intimidated"
  184. Help me out guys
  185. I need some Desperate Help with an EX
  186. unreal
  187. It's Not Cheating Is It?
  188. Relationship advice.....
  189. Well how do you get over "the love of your Life"
  190. Penis law...
  191. Helpful Tips/Advice With Women and Relationships Thread Feel Free To Contribute!
  192. Madonna-Whore Complex
  193. im making myself crazy
  194. 10 months in the life of one stripper's boyfriend
  195. Time to put the ball in her court?
  196. Myspace Continued....
  197. What is deepthroat like?
  198. The double standard with sex and women
  199. Scamming at the Wedding (any advice?)
  200. Cheating
  201. AdultFriendFinder, LavaLife & the like
  202. misery
  203. A girl at work.......
  204. I could use some help
  205. Attracting the wrong girls
  206. Girls vs. Women
  207. The Confessional
  208. Help trying to get the ex back for one last booty call
  209. Screwed up big time...
  210. Saturday fun
  211. Fuck Buddys
  212. Comments about your big cock!
  213. UK guys - how to txt a girl?
  214. Does myspace have antistalker features?
  215. Need Your Honest Opinion On This Guys..Help Please
  216. need someone else's point of view
  217. Do a majority of women have condoms with them?
  218. Guys.. help me
  219. Question to Crazyed or anyone else...
  220. Reviews of Dating/Seduction Products, Please!
  221. College
  222. Is it me or my girlfriend?
  223. Messed up but stimulating
  224. Need advice about this girl and the situation
  225. How many is average?
  226. Where is my Valentine?
  227. Need some tips
  228. Street! opening questions
  229. Is something wrong with me?
  230. Sophmoric?
  231. What does this mean
  232. am i loser?
  233. Getting Her Number
  234. Adultfriendfiner, is it ALL fake?
  235. A Night at Niagara Falls
  236. Offline dating tips.
  237. Ive found a great free place to meet couples you want to fuck or singels
  238. Playing Games or Just Avoidance
  239. wtf is wrong with this girl need opinions
  240. A perfect dating tips...
  241. how do u ask a girl to...
  242. problem with girlfriend virgin.
  243. what does this mean?
  244. Anyone ever been dumped because thier penis was too big?
  245. HOw to make Love to a Man
  246. Any Personal Ad Sites that Work or are Free?
  247. Date Postponed
  248. Visible Buldge through pants
  249. Ten Turn-offs
  250. Ever get tired of women