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  1. The Ultimate ADS - VTLC Tugger
  2. Foreskin Restoration
  3. History of Circumcision in the U.S.
  4. Supra, you still doing foreskin restoration?
  5. Foreskin Restoration and BE and BB only for the next Year
  6. I'm kinda confused about the tlc tugger
  7. Uncircumcise Yourself!
  8. Foreskin restoration
  9. New Pics, Heavy Hangers, ROP and Foreskin Restoration
  10. Amazing Progress from Foreskin Restoration!!!
  11. Foreskin Restoration!
  12. how can I restore my forskin?
  13. New Forum for Foreskin Restoration
  14. More Skin = Faster Gains
  15. Constatly Updated Foreskin Restoration Info
  16. Skin Restoration Questions
  17. Foreskin restoration and PE injury recovery
  18. About restored foreskin sensation
  19. This is how much skin you lose to circumcision!
  20. Someone please help me with my restoration.
  21. ventless tugger
  22. Foreskin retraction
  23. Restorer Role Call! Who's doing it?
  24. question about foreskin restoration
  25. Cut or Uncut? That is the question
  26. Fs Restoration???
  27. Foreskin Restoration -- Theory and Pictures
  28. Restoration (inner, outer)?
  29. Forskin restoration Smell
  30. Foreskin Restoration!!! Start now!
  31. Restoration Cone by TLC Tugger
  32. foreskin
  33. my foreskin restoration
  34. No foreskin
  35. circumcise again after loose circumcision
  36. Should Foreskin Restoration get it's own sub-forum?
  37. Clamping Helps with Foreskin Restoration
  38. why would you want to restore your foreskin?
  39. Foreskin restoration proof! [PICS]
  40. Welcome to Foreskin Restoration!
  41. FR and cockring?
  42. Ok, I'm giving this a shot...
  43. My Big Head
  44. I've Been Experimenting
  45. Homebrew Tug Ahoy!
  46. Why briefs vs. boxers?
  47. FR routine
  48. FR Devices
  49. I made this for FR but I don't get the credit
  50. Tape!
  51. Attitude toward parents?
  52. Does FR make your nuts bigger?
  53. Foreskin Restoration Benefits-- Subjective and Objective
  54. Dispelling the Myth
  55. FR and shaft hair
  56. Cult of FR
  57. Question about warshin'
  58. What Benefits have you experienced?
  59. The Cons of Foreskin Restoration!
  60. question about fr
  61. another question bout fr
  62. Question about the religious hindrance of foreskin
  63. progress? lessons learned?
  64. 2 Birds with 1 Stone
  65. which skin? inner or outer?
  66. Kong's Cheap Ass Homemade TLC Tugger and Progress Shots
  67. Too Many Wrinkles
  68. Kong has a question! Any other tuggers here?
  69. Getting My TLC Tugger
  70. fr and masterbation?
  71. Here is my question.
  72. Kong, how bout a compilation post (sticky), links for devices??
  73. Initial FR Observations
  74. FR qeustion
  75. Hmmmm....
  76. Vimaxextender for FR?
  77. am i making progress?
  78. Some More Circumcision History
  79. i was just thinkin....
  80. How much skin can be gained by stretching.
  81. This is getting rediculous.
  82. raffiki's routine
  83. Does The Skin On Your Shaft Lengthen From Manual Stretching?
  84. hate the smell from fr? got somethin for ya
  85. Got some update pics posted
  86. Is there a "Proper" way to cross tape
  87. Ok...I'm not sure
  88. Foreskin and Condoms
  89. Band-Aid Restoration
  90. Added something new, Unexpected benefit!
  91. Foreskin Routine
  92. Am I fucked for life?
  93. Things My Wife Told Me Last Night
  94. Male Subjugation-- Free Yourselves!
  95. My balls.
  96. A good forum?
  97. Just starting back into this...
  98. ACTUAL STUDY: Do Women Prefer Uncut Cock?
  99. Fathermag says "Don't Cut Your Baby Boy!"
  100. Circumcision "Harmless"? Ask these folks!
  101. Has Circumcision Harmed YOU?
  102. For Swank: Scholarly and Peer Reviewed research!
  103. makin foreskin gains
  104. A Totally Biased Interview With the Wife of a Restoring Man
  105. Another Study: Women Prefer Circumcision
  106. i don't want to do this anymore
  107. A Little More About My Perspective . . .
  108. Love Your Penis
  109. So, what IS the best overall device for FR??
  110. The First Tenet of Foreskin Restoration
  111. Is Foreskin Restoration Right For You?
  112. Kot!
  113. Confused
  114. The Magical Benefits of Foreskin Restoration
  115. Head getting cold wtf
  116. Even I am starting up FR
  117. Stretching
  118. Motivations?
  119. Trapped Penis, PE and Foreskin Restoration
  120. Interesting Article for Intact and Restoring Males
  121. An uncut mans perspective
  122. Take alittle time and read please
  123. Loss of Sensitivity
  124. A Warning To Swank, Skepdick, Shithead
  125. Vtlc Ads
  126. Anti-Circumcision Groups Discussion
  127. In Defense of Kong
  128. Good article on FR and skin regeneration
  129. How will I know for sure?
  130. How many times a week should I pump for foreskin restoration?
  131. Man FR is really making my turkey neck bad.
  132. Good Circumcision Editorial
  133. Psuedo-Bump
  134. Inner Skin...
  135. Request for Kong
  136. Anyone here using a pump and the TLC?
  137. Yep-- It's Bigger.
  138. Got my pump...! And 1st Donut!
  139. gf now prefers uncut
  140. If you want to fight Circumcision:
  141. Pumping for Foreskin-- Pictures!
  142. Heelllpppp Me!
  143. Is there a Difference?
  144. FR sing-a-long
  145. Pumping for Foreskin -- My Report
  146. I've stopped...
  147. Foreskin Restoration Forum and Chat!
  148. Veangence is mine says ratemyschlong
  149. PUD and Vacutrac
  150. It's Starting to Happen!
  151. How are these methods
  152. Restoration plateau?
  153. Restoring at night?
  154. Restoring at night and circulation
  155. Penn & Teller are Intactivists!
  156. Flaccid Pic of Kong-- Update
  157. Cable Clamp Skin Expansion
  158. Uncut Guys-- Need a favor
  159. Restorers-- Keeping Track of Progress
  160. Started restoring, too!!!
  161. ***Very Important New Research*** The Real Key to Maximum Skin Expansion
  162. New stretch method (to me anyway)
  163. Foreskin....a limiting factor?
  164. Definitely Moving On To CI-4
  165. Good shirt
  166. Question about resoration v. cut
  167. Using Wench for FR
  168. Supplements
  169. Going to try Manual Tugging
  170. How were yall circumcised?
  171. Circumcised sex or Natural Sex?
  172. CAT II RO Demo Thread
  173. FR Blooper and some FR Jokes!
  174. New Circumcision-Trend in Europe
  175. Using CAT II PRO
  176. Back to CI-3
  177. Poe
  178. TV show on Foreskin
  179. cross taping?
  180. Where do I start?
  181. Kong's Absense-- Ruptured Spleen
  182. Going Mucosal
  183. Circumcision operation questions
  184. Polls
  185. Circumcision operation questions--the way it should have read
  186. Experiment (gonna take a hit for y'all)
  187. The Difference... So Far
  188. New gf-new convidence
  189. Has Foreskin Restoration Made Your Balls Hang Lower?
  190. Has Foreskin Restoration Improved Your Flaccid Size?
  191. Has Foreskin Restoration Made Your Orgasms More Intense?
  192. effects of circ. on the sexual enjoyment
  193. Problem Circs.
  194. To Priapologist
  195. Started covering... questions and results...
  196. Restoration Product Comparison
  197. Getting Worried-- Going to the doctor
  198. Top Ten Reasons to Get Circumcised!
  199. How many restorers do we have here?
  200. End nontherapeutic male infant circumcision
  201. To TheExecutioner
  202. Good Method
  203. Whats this FR smell about than?
  204. Has Kong Quit or resigned from MOS?
  205. Oooooh, DRAMA?
  206. Ring in the New Foreskin
  207. will this do anything?
  208. Banjo string
  209. 449 famous intact males
  210. foreskins for sale
  211. Reasons Given for Circumcising a Male
  212. miracle skin cream?
  213. What devices are you guys using For FR?
  214. Foreskin Restoration Update Photos-- July, 2005
  215. Forskin Restore Forum, LOOK HERE!!!!
  216. Just Bullshittin'
  217. Cross-tape log
  218. Uneven (IT) Length
  219. Does anyone doForskin Hanging?
  220. Elastin cross-post
  221. Explicit Foreskin Videos
  222. Tight foreskin restoration
  223. Foreballs for FR
  224. I bought the CAT II
  225. New Study - Aids related
  226. Can't get the foreskin over the beginning of my glans: what to do?
  227. Hey Kong!!!!!!!!
  228. FR article and study
  229. I love my Cat II!!!!
  230. Howard Stern needs a lesson in restoration
  231. ANyone seen/heard from Kong?
  232. What is a good tape?
  233. Just Chilling Out
  234. Foreskin Test
  235. Taping Method
  236. Rubbing
  237. shrinkback
  238. Are You Cut or Uncut? Time for some Statistics here at MOS
  239. Frenulum restoration
  240. Foreskin out of control!
  241. TLC Tugger temporarily at Foreskin-Restoration.net
  242. Should I restore?
  243. how to get FR benfites without Fully restoring
  244. The New TLC Packer - no straps
  245. Jesus's Foreskin on ebay!!!
  246. Born a Boy, Raised a Girl - David Reimer story on TLC
  247. Glycolic acid
  248. Two questions...
  249. Anyone Noticed
  250. BBC - Pro-intact documentary January 5th