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  1. ATS [AfterTheShock] Rollers
  2. Cable Clamps
  3. Last Night's Girth Session/Cable Clamp & Clamp Girth Exercise Pics.
  4. Another Cable Clamp Demo Thread From Me
  5. Can clamping/tournequet work for girth mimick Priapism and result in "megalophalous"?
  6. Another Cable Clamp Exercise....Still's Neck Breaker!
  7. Everything you wanted to know about Constrictor exercises!!!!!
  8. New Cable Clamp tutorial I promised RED
  9. Keep your post girth workout pump all day.--->> ADC All Day Clamping
  10. New Cable Clamp Exercise...keep that post workout pump...ADC=All Day Clamping!
  11. Holy shit.. clamping rocks.
  12. Clamping Help
  13. Hose Clamps an Alternitive to Cable Clamps!
  14. Really fucked myself up, be careful when starting back clamping
  15. New girth method - Dash Rap
  16. clamping schedule
  17. Clamping for a newbie...
  18. Any clamping exercises just for head girth?
  19. May Quit Clamping
  20. double clamped horse 440
  21. Clamping the whole package?
  22. Stretching/ Clamping Superset! For optimum gains!
  23. problem with clamping
  24. One more question about clamping
  25. Length from clamping?
  26. Clamping and such
  27. Clamping Pressure
  28. Clamping Question
  29. Does base girth grow with clamping?
  30. Need Advice on Clamping
  31. Fear from clamping effects
  32. Expansion effects of clamping
  33. Clamp problem, please help
  34. Clamping and Length
  35. Why did you try clamping? whats the appeal?
  36. Whats the future for clamping?
  37. Clamping and girth expansion measurement?
  38. Start Clamping today
  39. What kind of experience is needing for clamping?
  40. Clamping is causing major erection problems!
  41. Overnight Clamping
  42. New exercise?
  43. Clamping problem
  44. Clamping, Its wonderous
  45. First MOS post -- clamping for girth
  46. Amazing Clamping Routine
  47. Brianrex's girth regimen log
  48. Brianrex's cockring experiment
  49. clamping with hands????
  50. The Power Of Clamping, question
  51. PC exercises hard to hold after clamping?
  52. Clamping??
  53. clamping
  54. Clamping
  55. clamping?
  56. Clamping: very poor expansion. Am I wasting my time?
  57. clamping with power-jelq
  58. clamping questions
  59. Anyone tried all night clamping?
  60. Different Theories on Clamping
  61. Expect a new revision for the guide soon!!!
  62. constricted pumping...even after 38 hours I'm still thicker
  63. Clamping and Erection Hardness
  64. Clamping Fan!
  65. Please share your clamping advice for a newbie
  66. Clamping !
  67. padding for clamping?
  69. Cable clamping
  70. Looks like clamping took off over at thunders
  71. Clamping and Veins
  72. Fluid buildup when clamping
  73. Clamping Pro's please help
  74. Anyone still using All Day Clamping?
  75. lost lenght gained girth from clamping
  76. Clamping Question??
  77. How Permanent Are Clamping Gains?
  78. clamping and bpel gains?
  79. Jelqing before clamping
  80. Wanna clamp long w/o corpse dick? Don't listen to Thunder guru's!
  81. I bumped up my clamping routine
  82. Clamping And Hanging Help
  83. Jelqing before clamping
  84. Full clamping for a looong time.
  85. clamping n routine?!!!
  86. Fulcrum Clamping. A new breed is born.
  87. How Long Clamping?
  88. clamping and jelqing?
  89. Clamping guide
  90. Low intensity clamping?
  91. Clamping Question
  92. Wanna know about clamping
  93. Clamping with Ice
  94. Warning About Clamping.
  95. **why Should I Jelq? When Clamping Is Way Easier To Do?
  96. is it true that clamping can limit and even stop growth in length?
  97. Clamping?
  98. stretching and clamping - brilliant or a waste of time?
  99. Clamping Exercises?
  100. Clamping
  101. Clamping Deformities!
  102. Anyone else get ALOT longer while clamping?
  103. Effectiveness of ICS's,SSJ's & Erect Bends vs Clamping
  104. clamping
  105. Girth While Clamping?
  106. Why anit there no Clamping forum in here
  107. Clamping and Jelqing for flaccid
  108. Clamping
  109. Clamping problem
  110. Cutting clamping out
  111. Clamping
  112. clamping
  113. Clamping Log/Growin' A LOG!
  114. jelqing or clamping?
  115. YOUR Clamping VS. MY Clamping
  116. Two Clamping Videos, Learn Proper Tech.
  117. started clamping for real
  118. Please explain Clamping
  119. Does clamping help lenght gains?
  120. SWM's Clamping Cd - Where to buy?
  121. MaX-Vac for length? and clamping for Girth?
  122. what is clamping and how to perform it?
  124. Results of 5 weeks of Clamping Everyday with minimal Rest
  125. Clamping Shock Routine
  126. Some questions on clamping and vigRX
  127. clamping aid???
  128. Turn-Key Clamps, the better alternative to hose-clamps.
  129. clamping???
  130. Clamping forum?
  131. Clamping
  132. Clamping with Hose Clamp
  133. Stretch Clamping
  134. Multi-Stage Clamping Experiment
  135. All day clamping and light hanging
  136. Clamping?
  137. DLD, Clamping for Length?
  138. clamping ?
  139. Clamping? cockrings? *girth thread*
  140. Soreness in perineum after clamping sessions?
  141. From a scientific viewpoint, how does clamping work to enlarge your girth and length?
  142. Extreme clamping + colon mass?
  143. How safe is clamping ?
  144. ***where Can I Down Load "reds' Clamping Or Constrictor Guide???**
  145. Why Is There No Clamping Section On This Forum?
  146. All-day "clamping"?
  147. Poll: Clamping Forum
  148. clamping ? re: time of pressure
  149. clamping question
  150. Clamping and Hanging Question
  151. clamping?
  152. Alternative to Clamping?
  153. Ouestion about using pumping with clamping
  154. Clamp alternatives?
  155. clamping mystery
  156. awesome clamping base
  157. Clamping Forum Open
  158. First rule of clamp club
  159. "Set It & Forget It Clamping" AKA "ADC"
  160. Forum With Clamping Vids By Myself
  161. The Official " Post A Picture Of Your Penis While Clamped Thread"
  162. Clamping tightly vs clamping loosely. Which is better?
  163. possible exercise no newbies!!
  164. VK, and anyone else lets explore "mild/moderate" clamping
  165. Hose Clamps
  166. Need cable clamp!!
  167. I am considering Clamping.........
  168. ADC + RoP
  169. clamping advanced exercises
  170. Clamping but not quite
  171. Clamping
  172. Going To Start Clamping Today
  173. i found a great guide
  174. How do I know if I am clamping correctly ?
  175. Clamping Vs. Pumping
  176. The Constrictor Guide version 4.1??????
  177. Reber needs sound advice?
  178. Clamped bends, whole lotta expansion!
  179. Questions for experienced clampers
  180. Length Gained from Clamping
  181. Uneven chambers while clamping,qestion
  182. Erection quality
  183. Training for Clamping?
  184. clamping, controlled priapism, megallophallus discussion thread
  185. Anyone tried the air clamp from peweights.com?
  186. Where: Cable Clamps In Canada?!?
  187. Clamping & Fluid Build-Up
  188. Am I ready to clamp?
  189. convert clamped size to "normal" size
  190. underwater clamping
  191. What do you use to protect yourself while clamping?
  192. Hands
  193. Dick Lips?
  194. stats on gains?
  195. Would this be safe??
  196. Skin irritation
  197. Fluid from ADC?
  198. zip ties for clamping
  199. good cock ring for clamping?
  200. Cable Clamps UK - Where to buy
  201. Clamping vs. manual girth busters, etc....
  202. wich one to buy?
  203. ANC:All Night Clamping
  204. How long did you wait untill clamping?
  205. Link to my classic guide
  206. A new constrictor guide in the makeing
  207. Clamping Works But...
  208. How can I keep a girthy pump throughout the night?
  209. Anyone Ever Tried This? Clamped Paint Roller Compression
  210. Where to buy?
  211. Where can i find clamps in europe?
  212. Cheap Sea Clamp (for UK users)
  213. BJV wall breakers or floor breakers
  214. Penis rings?
  215. Video Game Penis Gain Test
  216. Frequency Theory
  217. Clamping For Head Gain
  218. Clamping for length?
  219. Link to all my clamping vids
  220. Dual Erect Bends?
  221. CTS or TCS clamped stretching
  222. Clamping is the only PE exercise that has every given good results.
  223. How much bigger/thicker is it supposed to be?
  224. RED's Clamping Routine
  225. e's clamping experiment
  226. Pumping then Clamping?
  227. Clamping during sex!
  228. Clamping Lost Length
  229. Clampin' goes so hard!!!
  230. Clamped expansion question
  231. where are cable clamps?
  232. Online clamping guide from Peforums
  233. Clamping question
  234. RedZ Frendo's - For W I D T H
  235. Cable clamps
  236. Clamped Slow Squash Jelp
  237. Clamped bends... WOW!
  238. Has Anyone Gained From ADC ?
  239. Growth But...
  240. New Level of Intensity
  241. Routine:the Day The Girth Stood Still!
  242. Think Im On To Somethin
  243. Clamped vs non clamped ratio
  244. New member!
  245. Baseball Bat Cure
  246. Girth emergency. In need of some size!
  247. 1st post - my all day clamping technique
  248. New(ish) member Perdip progess report
  249. where to buy
  250. First day of clamping - fail, suggestions appreciated