View Full Version : NEW, CUSTOM sized condom line...really!

08-24-03, 05:49 AM
DLD, you got a hand in this? LOL. Anyway guys, this is for those of use who are either too small or, many times too large for whats normally found in stores.


You download a free "fit kit" and, then you place your order. 55 different sizes!!!

09-03-03, 10:35 PM
Wow, Imight have to place an order, thsi is cool.

10-11-03, 09:30 PM
and how is the quality..meaning rubber thickness,lubrication......

01-08-04, 02:47 PM
Maybe in a few years I'll be able to become big enough to not be able to comfortably fit into a MagnumXL...that would make for a great 21st birthday present. That and a 6-pack of Samuel Adams Light.