View Full Version : Second day of using the JES extender / SG

06-17-11, 04:35 PM
I'm on my second day of using my JES extender / SG.
My first issue was my flaccid stretch seemed to be less today. Is this maybe because of the trauma my penis endured yesterday for 7 hours with breaks of course? My second issue is that I ended up having to wrap my penis with ACE adhesive bandage as I could not find the ace without it wanting to stay in place.
I gave up on the comfort strap... and most of the other attachments and am pretty frustrated with how the noose is now. I also have tried an alternative which uses webbing and a thumb lock. My question is this... has anyone else experienced their penis no cooperating with this device even at your normal FSL? I became quite frustrated today with this ADS. It is on now, but how you ever walk with it on without slippage is beyond me. I lay in bed while using it and rarely get up.

Also, when I am in the device, the bars over a period of time go from showing two lines on them to three. Does this mean my penis is relaxing? I know it's not growing that quickly, but could someone please explain. When this happens, I apply more traction, however, as a beginner to using the SG, should I be needing or wanting to add that until I'm a few weeks into the program?

Does everyone else get a burning / stinging / tingling sensation in their shaft while wearing this device?

06-17-11, 06:14 PM
That is all because of fatigue. Nothing to worry about work through it. If soreness becomes too much reduce the tension or use less time until you are ready to go back up.

06-18-11, 01:50 AM
On days when I cannot get to my FSL should I still use the ADS? How is this helping?

Also I keep noticing the bars are constantly adjusting as I'm stretching... does this mean my penis is relaxing and if so how on days when I am past my FSL does this happen? I know that I'm certainly not growing that quickly.

What type of ACE bandage wrap does everyone use?

06-18-11, 01:57 AM
Just got to my FSL. WTF? It took all day. 7 hours of hang time yesterday must've really fatigued my penis. Today was 8 hours.

06-18-11, 11:54 AM
Yeah thats alot of time to be in the SG. In regards to the comfort stap....you should try the velcro Mod. I picked this up after the 1st few times and haven't looked back. I get no slippage. Also, the burning feeling is perfectly normal. Thats what you should feel every time your using the SG...thats how you now ur getting stretched. By the end of my session i am pacing back and forth because of the burning feeling.

06-18-11, 01:31 PM
Velcro strap all the way.

06-18-11, 01:32 PM
You will not be able to get your flaccid stretch, you want to shoot for a bit more than your BPenis EnlargementL.

06-18-11, 03:28 PM
Just play with it and you'll start getting the hang of it. More fatigue it will be more difficult to wear longer time lengths. Less fatigue it will be easier. The more time you have had to learn what works and doesn't work you will get better at it.

06-18-11, 10:39 PM
You will not be able to get your flaccid stretch, you want to shoot for a bit more than your BPenis EnlargementL.

DLD, I do not understand about the length you should go for when your stretching all those hours in the extender. My flacid length is 3.9" and my bpel is 6.5" now shouldent I be aiming for a stretching like in the
8" range? Currently I am stretching to 7" with two large two med and two extra small rods.

Shouldent I be wanting a stretch like at 8", at least? With this way its stretching i'm only going beyond half an inch of my current bpel. Am I doing something wrong or not understanding something?