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05-06-04, 12:20 PM
Hello guys,

I would like to ask if you know someone who is interested to enjoy the sex machine at home, I can resell mine to them. I bought the sex machine from http://www.vrinnovations.com, but I cannot use it because I don't have a private place to play it on the computer when my roommate there. I have shared a big room with my roommate, I like this sex machine, but I cannot do it. I only can do pe in the shower in the bathroom. This sex machine is new and it includes: computer receiver, Software, movies to choose girls to enjoy, cable, mechenicism chamber, lube, anti clean sanitizer, etc. You can tell them to look at the company web site to know info., http://www.vrinnovations.com, then they can email me to let me know at josh8625@yahoo.com

I paid this sex machine $400, they can have this for $119, thank you for your help and I appreciate it.

Ps: I don't know if I can permit to post this thread for someone interests in it do you know?


05-09-04, 01:33 AM
That reminds me of the Fuck-U-Fuck-Me internet "sex drive" for your computer :P. Probably works better though.


I don't know of anyone who has ever bought one, but they've been on the market forever now.