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    Bathmate really works!!! and is great for foreskin stretching

    Bathmate really works!!! and is great for foreskin stretching

    Hi, I am a noob to all this. I purchased the Bathmate when I saw it on Tosh because I felt I needed something of quality to help my uncircumcised penis' health. I did not buy the Bathmate for size extending purposes (though I would not mind) and was skeptical about growth claims via suction devices, etc.

    I wanted something that would help me exercise the penis so I can get better blood flow and harder erections and that was pretty much all I was going for. My penis size is average both erect and flaccid.

    I always had a problem with a tight foreskin and being uncircumcised probably made the erections a little more problematic than they should be. I found that using the Bathmate with the foreskin rolled back exposing the head really stretched the foreskin out. The suction expands the girth and stretches the rolled up foreskin as a bonus. That was a result I saw right off and was very pleased by it. For the foreskin stretching alone the Bathmate was worth the price and it was something that I discovered by accident.

    I don't hear much about the Bathmate in relation to foreskin health on here so I wanted to add that in and hope it helps those with foreskin issues.

    I have been using the Bathmate for about a month now (shower before bed) and today I was wearing jeans and noticed they did not fit as before in the crotch. In a flaccid state my penis is longer and a little thicker. I am kind of a little taken aback by that development - I could actually feel the penis longer/bigger in my jeans - which are not that tight.

    My penis looks normal and not temporarily swollen by the Bathmate suction from last night so I don't think this is a result of swelling.

    Let me know if you have any suggestion for me or feedback.

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    Re: Bathmate really works!!! and is great for foreskin stretching

    I'm about to receive my Bathmate, and I'm always happy to see other people saying positive stuff about it!

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    Re: Bathmate really works!!! and is great for foreskin stretching

    Quote Originally Posted by nekk1 View Post
    i'm about to receive my Bathmate, and i'm always happy to see other people saying positive stuff about it!
    it is fabulous!
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