I've been trying to get used to the X40 for almost a week now and I have a few concerns that need to be addressed. Firstly, I am having a difficult time getting a good pump on. I can't get any suction using the comfort pad and when it's removed I can rarely get to 6.5" because the suction seems to be very inconsistent. It has to be positioned perfectly to get the suction to 6.5" where I start feeling a good stretch. I wish to get to 7" because I believe that's where I will be getting the best stretch for my time. Even stretching at 6.5" doesn't seem to be very productive. I have had better success on the second and third reps because I am bigger and it seems to influence the suction somehow. I am following the directions provided to a tee. Also, is it optional whether the contoured part of the gaitor is pointed up or down? I can get better suction with the contour along the bottom of my shaft as opposed to over my pubic region. Additionally, when I pump water out, sometimes just as much air returns and the suction is not increased. Once I struggle to get a mere 5.5" stretch, half of the water is gone from the pump. I assume this is not a good thing. Should I request a X-40 valve from the company to replace the X40 valve?

Thank You