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    Did I recieve a broken bathmate?


    I just received my Bathmate and I was really excited to try it out.

    I had some problems getting a proper suction from my first try. Since I don't I tub I have to do it in the shower, which I somehow don't think is as good as in the bath ( but what do I know..) Anyway, I got about 80% erection which seemed to be all I could get - since I started doing Penis Enlargement I have a hard time getting it to a 100% because I know I'm not gonna masturbate, does that make sense? Well I filled the Bathmate with hot water and put it in. It was quite uncomfortable but nothing I didn't expect. I pumped a few times until no more water came out, but then after maybe 10 sec. I saw little bubbles in the water getting in from the vent.. I was like WTF? This isn't a vacuum.. I then pumped a few times again until no more water came out.. Then I saw the little bubbles enter again.. I had to do this every 10 seconds to keep a good suction and that doesn't seem to be the way you guys do it.

    I then tried to pull it to see if I could do the length routine, but I just could get enough suction and the thing would come right off even though I didn't pull that hard.

    I then watched the video where the guy tells you how to clean it.. I even tried to do what he did on the wall with a great amount of power.. Then I tried to repeat the routine in the shower and nothing had changed..

    If I try to make it stick to the wall, I can hear how the vent lets air come inside the Bathmate and after 10 sec. or so it falls down. Is that normal or are you able to make it stick to the wall for longer than 10 seconds?


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    Re: Did I recieve a broken bathmate?

    point it upwards abit when you're pumping, i think what's happening is a small amount of water is leaking out and being replaced by air. I had same thing happening with mine but i just made sure when i had the Bathmate angled up when pumping to get rid of all the air bubbles then one i've pumped to a high pressure i don't get the little air bubbles any more.

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    Re: Did I recieve a broken bathmate?

    Okay - I'll try that..

    Are yours able to stick to a wall?

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    Re: Did I recieve a broken bathmate?

    nope, i wouldn't worry about that to much. As long as you can feel the pressure and your penis becomes discolored and red after use you know your penis is being put under pressure and it's working.

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    Re: Did I recieve a broken bathmate?

    Trim the pubes nice and tight an use a bit of vaseline about the seal and you will get perfect vacuum.
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    Re: Did I recieve a broken bathmate?

    Probably its the spring, before filling it with water, press the valve part inside and twist it.

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