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    Re: bathmate flaccid or erect?

    Nice !! Bathmate is more violent than I thought. So your recommendations of 5" Bathmate, 5" jelq (2 or 3 times) seems perfect. For the first sequence, do you put the highest pressure you can endure?

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    Re: bathmate flaccid or erect?

    i maxed out the X-40 in 2 months with max pressure every 2 min pumping!
    3 times a day single session.
    It is always the most you can endure and with every day going a minute up ...

    starting with 3times 5min a day ending up with 3 times 30...
    Pumping all the water you can every 2 min out!
    To the max!

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    Re: bathmate flaccid or erect?

    Try both but if you go in erect try jelqing before and then go in and then repeat. Afterwards get a cock ring or something to attempy cementing gains. I do my girth work at night before I hit the sheets and wake up and go !!! lol.
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    Re: bathmate flaccid or erect?

    Same as jelqing, you want to have about a 90% full erection. You don't want it super stiff.
    Bite me... wait no... don't do that.

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    Re: bathmate flaccid or erect?

    I started going in erect and staying erect. So much better then flaccid In my opinion. You pull out after 20 or 30 mins and it is incredible, Looking in the mirror and seeing the monster that was made is Awesome for motivation and you can boost your gains. And using the Bathmate erect is pulling in more blood and over time your girth is stretched and you gain from it. Also the ring marks that you get from pumping flaccid is cut down like 75 or 80 percent. Went from pumping flaccid at 170mm to 185mm pumping erect.
    Get bored, pull on your penis.

    EL:7, Another inch or so and boom I'm good
    EG:5.2, Wouldn't mind it so much if I wasn't 6'6 and built like a football player with the hands the size of boxing gloves. lol

    Update as of December 1st 2012
    BPEL: 7.8

    Goals: EL:8.5-9

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