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    Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    The hole is so darn tiny! I put it on my Bathmate and tried to put my cock in it with very little luck. It's impossible to get my head through the tiny hole; I only got it in by using some astroglide, but when I did get it in the water had splashed everywhere, plus my erection had died down. I'm only at 5.5 inches of girth at my upper shaft, I cannot fathom how anyone bigger than I can fit his cock down that thing. How on earth do I stretch this thing out drastically?

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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    I've heard of people cutting the sleeve it to make it bigger. Personally, I like this sleeve better. The hole stretches and is WAY more comfortable. The only thing is that it might rip, so buy 2 if you decide to go with that.

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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    I've used 2 types of sleeves and had to cut them both to fit

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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    I've cut teh sleeves but I can't keep good pressure. I keep losing it; I know I'm using enough water because I have an ample amount when I've pumped it a couple of times. Is this a common occurrence?

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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    I have lube still on my dick from y jelqs which helps.
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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    Same for me. The lube on my groin is usually enough to keep the suction, but whatever. I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

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    Re: Can't fit penis through sleeve!

    I cut the sleeve so the hole is big enough for my cock to easily fit through, yet I still fail to get pressure. And the sleeves I am using are the universal pump sleeves, as it says on the box. I think it's best that I just order a replacement sleeve or something, because this latex is giving me zero suction. And yes, I thoroughly lubed both the gator and my groin serveral times with astroglide. :(

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