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  1. Any ideas how??

    I am a quadrapeligic in a wheel chair which has left me unable to move from the chest down. As u can imagine not as easy to satisfy girls when we have sex bein unable to move. So I want to increase my penis size just to make up for some of the lost in movement. I have minimal use of hands. Does anyone have any advice of ideas how I could gain a couple more inches. Thanx for any help
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  2. thepenisbible :section of penis growth

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    right here it goes the supplements need to create the growth are

    choline-choline bitartrate or phosphatidyle choline
    HGH spray
    tyrosine - dopamine
    evening primose-PGE-1 precurser

    ok il startt with choline, the choline is a neurotransmitter, which can greatly improve erections meaning more blood can enter the penis and so more DHT can enter there and help the liver produce
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