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    Make your balls bigger!

    Some of you might have heard about clomid and its ability to make your balls bigger. I am using a PH and found that it also does this. My balls are much bigger than before. The PH is 3beta and it works by limiting the amount of Estrogen in your blood. You have to cycle this just like you would steriods if you decide to try it out.

    You can find 3beta online. Just type in "3beta" or "5AA" in a search engine.

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    stillwantmore Guest
    Can you get it without a prescription? Unlike Clomid? Does it do anything besides make your balls bigger?? Clomid (peter north is rumored to take it) will increase you ejaculation volume because it stimulates whatever it is ( I forget the medical term) in your testes that product semen.

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    Yes you can get it online without Rx. Its a prohormone. I've noticed larger loads as well.

    I have have a few pimples though. Don't know if I am going to continue using it if I don't stop having acne. I'll let you guys know if the zits stop.

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    is the stuff safe?

    Any health problems?

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    No health problems. Those of you that are scared by all the hype about DHT might not want to do it. It converts to DHT but at a low rate.

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    I'd be okay with my balls getting a little bigger. I'm not looking to get huge, for logistical reasons. I've never been a scrotum stretcher, as I've never seen the point of stretching out to get a big sack for my average size balls to hang in. However, I'd be up for an increase in deez nutz.

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    A good DHEA supplement can also help with bigger loads. Also a supp with phytoestrogens can help. They bond to estrogen receptor sites and block the uptake of your natural estrogen but only have 1/1000th the action of actual estrogen.

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    You must be 21 and over to do PH's right?

    I turn 19 on tax day...
    Getting serious into PE, can't wait to get HUGE!!!!

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    I'm pretty sure you can buy it at GNC, health food stores or the internet. It's a dietary supplement so I don't think there are any age restrictions on it. Just remember, only take a LOW dose- 1 to 5mg. Only people with low testosterone levels should take more than that.

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    If any of you use this stuff and get good results, let ME know. Til then'... SEE YA!

    i'm so big... call me juggernaut!

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    i know this stuff but i was asking in a BB forum if u can supplement yourself with that stuff for several years. they answered it is not possible cause u have too much side effects. but they are using this after a steroid cycle and need it in a very high dose I think. so let me know in which dose u supplement yourself how much u incresead your balls and if they stay increased without supplementing with CLOMID

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    where to get these stuff?

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    Excuse the extremely noobish question. But, what its PH?
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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    hey guys im not a member but im an avid reader of these forums. Have listened quite well to all conversations from small to big. Finally registered so you'll see me here more often.

    To add to the Clomid Posts... The place i found that sell The Generic Version for cheap is :

    Happy hunting, And goodluck On your growing

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    Re: Make your balls bigger!

    Anyone know if that site is legit?

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