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    Re: The hormones you need to know

    Quote Originally Posted by HairHormoneExpe View Post
    If you want to grow your penis, you need DHT gel, and maybe IGF1 which is not available. I don't know if these will actually grow your penis, but please read more. I will post links to studies soon, though they are easy to find with google.

    To understand why your penis is not growing now, you must look at what is different between puberty and adult hood. I think the answer is which hormone modifying proteins and which hormone receptors are active in which tissues.
    I spent a few years studying hair loss and how hormones affect it. I then stubbled on some penis studies. The two are interconnected.

    DHT is manufactured in the tissues where it is used. It is not transported in the blood, but rather is quickly broken down in the blood. It is made by 5 alpha reductase types 1 and 2. Type 1 is in nerve cells and oil glands and maybe other tissues. Type 2 is in hair follicles, the penis, the prostate, other places, and maybe even the part of the brain that makes GABA.

    As you get older, androgen receptors and 5 alpha reductase in your head hair and body hair become more active. Your head hair and body hair respond oppositely to DHT. DHT is the androgenic signal in most tissues except your muscles, which respond to just testosterone. Only the DHT made in your scalp affects hair loss. The DHT in the prostate is quickly broken down once it enters the blood.

    Estrogen is good for scalp hair. Estrogen fluctuations cause reversible sheds. Estrogen strongly slows or reverses penis growth. When you inject with testosterone, some tissues with turn it to DHT, and to estrogen, in different proportions depending on the enzyme activities in those tissues. And the receptors will vary too. Extrogen in the penis often overpowers DHT. That is why testosterone gel would not grow your penis.

    Growth hormone might grow your penis. Injecting a little into your penis with a 31g needed (do not use anything bigger) might be more affective. It depends if your penis has the enzyme to convert HGH into IGF1. It is actually IGF1 that does the growing. You can buy IGF1-LR3, but it might now work like IGF1. At least the effects are local since it can't bind to blood proteins. I don't think you can get IGF1 anywhere. Teenagers make up to 12 IU of HGH per day, though 6 IU might be average. Adults are 1-2IU near 25-30.

    You have many HGH IGF1 conversion receptors throughout your body.

    Finally, I'm going to tell you about the products out there I hope they study, and which not to use.

    Proviron and Masteron are like DHT, but are modified so they don't break down fast in the blood. Do not use these! Body builders use them because they think if DHT is stronger than testosterone, maybe it will make their muscles grow bigger. But when they injected with DHT years ago when it was on the market, it just bonded to the enzyme in their blood that breaks it down, HSD3 or something like that. They also don't like sticking themselves every day. So someone modified DHT to not bind to that enzyme, so it could stay in the blood for days and reach every muscle cell. Judging by hairloss effects, it seems it still binds to the androgen receptor well even in it's modified form. You might be tempted to use this for your penis because it is easier to get than DHT. Don't do it. It will go systemic and affect the hormone receptors of every cell in your body. Your body makes DHT in the right cells locally for a reason, so it does not mess up the other cells. We need some scientists to test Andractim on adult penises, or mix DHT into the IGF1 for injection into the penis, or do both. Proviron and Masteron are illegal too. They can cause head hair loss and increase body hair.

    IGF1: no longer on the market. Been off it for decades. If it were available, it would be much better to inject it instead of HGH into your penis. That is assuming of course that there are no side effects. Let the experts do trials first though.

    HGH: still off the market and illegal. If you inject HGH into your belly, it might affect the rest of your body more than your penis, if your penis HGH conversion enzymes are not as active as those in your liver or intestines or muscles. If you inject it into your penis, you increase your chances of it working, but I don't know how the capiliaries and spongy tissue down there work: maybe it would flow through the whole penis and grow it all, or maybe it would go through a capilary at the site of injection, and back down a vein to the heart and not help the rest of the penis. Or maybe your penis would not be able to convert it to IGF1 an it would just flow through and affect the rest of your body instead.

    IGF1-LR3: This is on the market and is illegal. The manufacturer says it can damage your cells. They use it in test tube studies because it is IGF1 that has been modified so it won't bond to blood proteins. This way, researchers can put it in the test tube and see just what the IGF1 dose does right then. Body builders use it illegally for locally building certain muscles. Some say that the modification makes it no longer work like IGF1, and makes it useless. Who knows what effect it would have on a penis if injected there.

    Estrogen receptor blockers like 6-oxo and others: these all go systemic, which you don't want unless you have gyno. They can cause hair loss. All of them, as I read on PubMed one at a time, must first be converted to a different form by the liver before they can do their job, which means a topical would not have a local effect. However, I did not find any such study for 6-oxo, so maybe it works right at the local spot. I searched long and hard for positive proof, and don't remember if I found one stating it does work immediately locally. Making it into a topical and putting it on your penis might help, but the dose is unknown, and you would get some systemic effects, which may be mild considering the oral effects can be mild at lower doses. 6-oxo is OTC. Do not hold me responsible for any decisions you make based on what I think I read somewhere. Make sure you go find evidence to back it elsewhere and base your decision on that, not this.

    Topical testosterone: This gets converted to estrogen, as many body builders know. Estrogen is anabolic for muscle, but also grows breasts. Muscles grow from testosterone, and don't need DHT to grow, so testosterone works for them. Penises need DHT to grow, and estrogen reverses or inhibits their growth. So testosterone topical will hurt your penis growth, not help it.

    Blood dialating pills and topicals: dialating the penis blood vessels might make your erection bigger, but might not make the cells actually multiply to get perminent safe gains.

    Stretching, pumps, etc: These might tell your penis to build itself, but you would probably need IGF1 and DHT down there to help. And less is more. Just like building muscle, if you workout too much, you just tear yourself down. That is why bodybuilders take days off. And we don't know how much or how often is optimal for penis growth. Just make sure you don't injure your very precious orgain. It is better to start very slow and light and gradually increase over many months. I personally don't think it helps much, though I do use a low setting on a penis pump to non-painfully stretch my penis a bit 3 times per week.

    There was a study on penis pump growth: they took maybe 200 men, and had them pump their penis to 10mmHg for 10 minutes, 3x per week, for 6 months. AT the end of 6 months, the average increase was 3mm, and do to the variations and excitement levels and such, they said the 3mm could be a measurement error. Doctors say higher pressure differences can damage your penis so you can'g get it up at all. I've found I start to feel pain around 15mmHg. Some people say 3mmHg for 1 hour would be better. I do 9-12mm Hg for 20-30 minutes, 3x per week. I'm not seeing growth. If you go this route, you will need $100 to get a good pump with a good pressure gauge. Do not inflate fast or slow. Slowly squeeze, and don't squeeze again until you stop feeling a change in the pressure inside your penis, and then slowly release the pressure over at least a minute. And I'm probably leaving out lots of important details, so make sure you visit a medical site or talk to a doctor or something about penis pumps to get the full set of directions, since you can easily destroy your penis in seconds if you do it wrong. The pump make you push blood hard into penis, stretching it to its limit like a balloon. Some of the nerves in there are like cords, and might not be long enough to go as far as the penis can go, and could rip from being pulled. Do not test your limits. Get educated before trying this. And realize that it probably won't do anything for you, at least by itself.

    PC exercises: if you strengthen your PC muscles, you can force blood into your penis with your own blood pressure and penis muscles and blow it up like a balloon without a pump. It is called ballooning. You can read on here. I don't know how big or safely you can go, but you can probably at least get a temporary 1/2 gain by working for it. PC muscles take time to grow, but also let you delay early ejeculation so you can last long enough for her. So worth trying anyway.
    are you recommending some pills , injection or ?

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    Re: The hormones you need to know

    well if you are recommending then have you done it to your self first ????? lol

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