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    How often to do you workout?

    I haven't been to the gym or even broke a sweat in about a year or so. I need to start a new routine to get back in shape. Im thinking about doing cardio 4 days a week, and lifting 3 days a week. Chest, legs and arms.

    How often do you guys workout? Any suggestions to any specific routines?

    Im currently 5'11, 171. Trying to get down to about 160 or so.

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    Re: How often to do you workout?

    3 days a week

    I am not competing in powerlifting anymore and now I am focused on just aging well and longevity.

    I am doing Starting Strength except with no Bench Press at all (only OHP) and Hang Clean instead of Powercleans.
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    Cool Re: How often to do you workout?

    Your main goal is to drop 10-pounds and get in shape.
    What type of shape are you referring to for yourself...?

    Basic rule when beginning a new physical endeavor, whether as a novice or extended long lay-off is "Low and Slow" otherwise, you burnout(chronic fatigue) and become discourage and quit...
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