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    Dorsal Nerve Damage

    I think someone should make a detailed sticky about this. This is undoubtedly one of the most frequent and most serious problems.

    If you don't want to read the rest of this can someone please just post something on how to heal nerve damage and if its permanent and stuff thankyou.

    Also can some people please tell me when their penis is flaccid and they touch things to it, is it sensitive can you tell? How sensitive? Clos your eyes and touch it with some object and see if you can tell imeadialtey when your touching it.

    I have been taking impotence pills, trying herbs and all these different things stressing the hell out and I just realized something I have dorsal nerve damage I think alot of us that have weaker erections do. This also causes the CS not to fill as much. I just closed my eyes and touched my Glans with a pencil and realized in some places i can't even feel it. The glans is supposd to be the most sensitive part on your penis. This injury is from an improper stretching grip. I remember feeling a pain on the top base of my penis I thought it was my ligs so I stretched through it. That was about 5 months ago. I have been doing stretches through college as well just to keep length gains.

    But this is what seems to be the problem I hope this can help some people I have been doing alot of research on it.

    Dorsal Nerve Damage-->Leads to less filled penis depending on how bad you have it.--->Lowered potence leads to Premature Ejaculation(which is a true)

    This is the description of my problem. I didn't know I had dorsal nerve damage. When I have sex I don't get much sensation from the glans and the rest of the penis so it doesn't get as hard. This problem causes me anxiety which causes me to not get hard. When I do get hard with pill like levitra sex is good when I orgasm but i think it should be more enjoyable for me during intercourse. I thought my girlfriend was real loose, but when I finger her its tight and I know my width is almost three fingers and its tight with two. So she isn't that loose i just don't feel it well with my penis. Anyways I forgot to mention the harder my penis is the longer I can last.

    So if I am right
    SO unless you are really really mentally stimulated your less sensitive penis will not get as hard. For me it seems that whenever me and my girlfriend have sex in the light i can get harder easier but then again during the day your testosterone levels are at their highest.

    Well in conclusion to this 5 am rambling people should be aware before they start Penis Enlargement of this problem because it has caused me so many problems.

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    i think i have the same problem

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    Well, if you are cut, then the glans most likely is not your most sensitive part. For me it is the underside at the tip of my penis.

    I once had a case of what I believed was dorsal nerve damage. It was brought on for me by improper hanging techniques. I stoped all Penis Enlargement and all sexual activities for about three weeks, and it improved greatly.

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    can one of the moderators respond to this, i dont want nerve damage and i'd like to know how to prevent it

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    Only times I've seen guys post about nerve damage has been when they have done something ignent. (That's slang for ignorant) Jelquing with your thumb along the top of your penis so that it rubs hard against the nerves on the top ...that can cause nerve issues. So can hanging with a poorly designed hanger, hanging too much weight too soon, etc.

    Otherwise, there should be no reason why most guys should ever have nerve problems as a direct result of Penis Enlargement. I'm 26, in great health and have never had issues. Started this stuff at around 21, and my erections have only been better since day one.

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage


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    DVD Guest

    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    some more mod opionons please

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    I suggest that you lay off all sexual activity for a couple months especially Penis Enlargementing, if after this period you still have same problem go and see a urologist. Better still go see your doctor ASAP, and tell him your problem. Do not leave this condition any longer You may cause further problems

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    Why only mods? I'm telling you what it is. If you damaged your dorsal nerve then you would know before it went numb because you would have great pain. What it is is the head of your dick has put on layers of protective coating. Do FR and they will go away. This is the only way. Period.

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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    I agree with both still and also Jason.
    If you had dorsal nerve damage, well ANY nerve damage you would have PAIN, I mean fuckin pain, than you'd get numbness...but the pain would never go away, at least not for a LONG TIME as nerve damage is SERIOUS and it takes 1 month for nerve cells to heal or grow like 4mm or something like that. Anyway, I dont think its nerve damage....maybe Tendon? also some Pschological? you THINK you have this....who knows, you MIGHT...but dont get carried away mate.
    I would advise you to try the ole HOT/ICE treatmen......get FREEZING COLD water with ICE CUBES and another bucket or whatever with HOT water and I mean HOT, bordering on Boiling. Now dip ya dick into the COLD FIRST, leave for 5 seconds or so than dip into the HOT ONE for 5 seconds and keep going back and two for 15 minutes or so....if you CAN FEEL ANYTHING in your penis afterthat than your nerves are fine down their. I.e pinch your dick, slap it, rub a fether on it ect ect and you should feel it. If you dont, it doesnt mean its DAMAGE, give it say 15 more mins to let the hear or cold where off than try again.....if still nuthin than get to a doctor ASAP.
    But dont worry, like I say sounds like something easy and simple, rather than the dreaded Nerve.
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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    Sounds really annoying, how does it hurt?
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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    I know what you mean about lack of sensation for such an apparently sensitive part of the body. I have noticed in the past that my glans and dick in general isnt all that sensitive, and I am uncut. I think it is sensitive to friction but not to static touch, also pinching (and biting) doesnt really register either. I think Red could be right saying that dont get carried away and convince yourself you have really serious problems when it is possible it could all be phychological. Good luck.
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    Re: Dorsal Nerve Damage

    I must have broke my nerv also, at wednesday in school.
    I sat in my class and got boners after boners, as usual.
    But then my dick got in a bad position, because it was time for a break so I had to like pull it to the left. And it said click and felt a bit strange, and uncomfortable.

    Then couple minues later my dick was like numb. Did barely feel my fingers touching it.
    Well I didnt think much of that, and when later on when time for lunch. I went into the toilet to take a leak, and I tought it seemed fine, not cold or anything.

    Then when I came home, and was about to do my jelq-session. It was hard to get erect, had to smash it, shake it, scream at it. Take paper and rub it, and finally take a ok grip at base. Then kegel blood in, then I could do jelqs. And the day after was about the same but a little better, and today was a little better also. Hopes it goes away, because I Cant get 99% erect because of this. Before i could fill my glanse with kegel, I cant do it know, no blood will get in there without force from fingers.

    Well all I can do is hope for a better tomorrow.
    Aint no fun not to be able to get fully erect, just 85-90%.

    It's so funny, shouldnt it be Penis Enlargement that makes it like this lol. :D
    I have a dream.. that one day my dick will be the size of the washington monument!<br>
    .::Electroconvulsive Therapy::.

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