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    Hydrocele - testicle surgical repair

    Pronounced "hydro-seal." This injury is not related to Penis Enlargement but I thought I would share it with you and see if any of you have had this surgery. Back in 2000, I had a vasectomy and hernia op at the same time. (Hey, I'm a glutton for punisHydromaxent I guess). As a result of the surgery, something in my scrotum sac began producing water which caused an enlarged right testicle. I visited a urologist who said after examining it that I could have the surgery done (referred to as a hydrocele) to stem the flow of water (because simply draining it wouldn't work. It would just refill) or I could leave it alone and do nothing. I initially decided to leave it alone but now (for cosmetic and wanting to be symetrical), I think I've decided to have the outpatient surgery done. Have any of you had something like this done? How much discomfort did you experience post-op? Would you get it done?
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    Re: Hydrocele - testicle surgical repair

    I had a hydrocele when I was a few years old. The right testical didn't drop, which made it smaller, and they had to bring it down and do a hydrocele... at least that's what my mother tells me, it's not like I'm going to remember something from being a few years old. Anyway, as a result of it not dropping it's smaller than the left, and the left has vericocele which makes it bigger and seem like it has a tumor. @_@

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    Re: Hydrocele - testicle surgical repair

    Hello, fellow hydrocelians!

    I had this done when I was five years old. I remember going under and waking up the next morning, no discomfort what-so-ever, the only thing I did was be sick in my breakfast bowl.

    I was just very unlucky, so nothing for you to worry about- in that the only discomfort I ever felt was way after the operation when the disolvable stiches, didn't disolve. I can still picture several nurses/doctors tugging away at the stitches on my bollocks.

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